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June 25-26, 2013: Seventy Five Leaders of St. Mary's Convent Secondary High School - Ajmeer, were fortunate to have the presence of the AVEC team in their school to conduct a two day Leadership Training based on the Theme "Leading By Values". The School Principal, Sister Jyotsna, welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to the school and wished the young Leaders be more passionate and committed about their leadership in school. Though the holidays were still on, it was an impressive sight to see the young leaders sacrifice their holidays and make it to the school for the two day Leadership session.
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes took the occasion to begin with a Prayer Song 'Sarweshaam Swastir Bhavatu' invoking God's bountiful blessings on all. He then invited the students to slow down and relax. With the help of a fantasy meditation and a call to be aware of one's won rhythmic breathing,  the leaders were able to get in touch with themselves and connect to the gift of life and time. A brief of the AVEC activities were also presented to the students   
 Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director AVEC then took the students through a whole new perspective of Leadership through his "LEADERSHIFT: Leading By Values". It involved a lot more than mere leadership as a 'call to ensure discipline'. The students were given a battery of activities that were youth friendly and yet at the same time, deeply insightful too. The two day 'Leadershift' Program involved looking at the Call to Self Awareness as the root of good leadershift. Through a 'paper exercise' that focused on one's present, past and future the young leaders were able to take responsibility for the 'Now' and to learn from the past and be focused to the future.
The students took part very attentively and showed a keen interest on what ever was being taught. The biggest surprise was the acumen and caliber of the young students even from standard six. The students were than taken through a variety  of Leadership Skills that is needed for today. Important values like Vision and Focus, Planning, Team work, Creativity, Confidence building, Accountability and Managing Problems and Conflict, the need for Good Communication and Responsibility, the Power of Daily Sharpening the Saw and finally on the need to Leave a Legacy. The two days were highly action packed and insightful too. The students were indeed having an 'aha' experience.
At the end of the two day session, these are the following entries that were made in the AVEC Log book of appreciation:
”The leadership program was enthusiastic and made us realize that our responsibilities and brought out the true person in oneself” – Praharshi Saxena X-A

“The program was really very refreshing and energizing. It made a real difference to my skills and very much to my life. Thank you very much” – Soumya Yadav X-B
“Your program really made us wonder! Thank you very much”- StudentIX
“Your program really sharpened our mind and saw. Thank you very much father” – Muskan Gupta VII-C

“You made me realize the worth of a true leader. Thank you father” – Charul Verma X-B
“The leadership program was very exciting and refreshing and also I learned to remember my responsibilities and tasks” – ­Kanika Agarwal X-C
“The leadership seminar was really very motivational and inspirational that really thought us what a true leader should be like” – Divyanshi Gupta X-B

Dear father, it was really a commendable experience and we all enjoyed a lot” –The Infinites VIII
“It was an awesome learning experience for us that made us realize our responsibilities” –Sargam Bhatnagar X-C
“Dear father, thank you so much for coming. It was a great experience” – Urvashi Bhadana XII-Sc

“It was God’s grace and our good fortune that we got to learn so much and I hope the same for many others. It’s a big world and I hope to see you again!” – Ritupriya Rathore XII-Arts
“Respected father, it was a great and zealous experience. I wish I had such an orientation in my previous years of leadership” – Kanika Verma XII-Com

The vote of thanks was given by Amreen Ayaz XII – arts

Congratulations to all the young leaders and I wish them all the best in their important role as leaders. God bless you all.

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