Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Our lady Of Nazareth High School - Bhyandar


October 17, 2012: After a long break, AVEC once again began their animation of schools. Today, AVEC organized Two Value Orientation Programs for over Three Hundred and Eighty five Students of Std IX from Our Lady Of Nazareth High School, Bhyandar.  Thanks to the Principal, Mrs. Castell who took the time to get the program organized for her students. The Theme for the Value Orientation Program was “Live Your Live by a Value Compass”. 

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, AVEC Project Coordinator began the session with a Prayer Song, ‘Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu’ – imploring God’s blessing of abundance, health, peace and life on one and all. This was followed by a ‘fantasy meditation’ that invited the students to focus on their breath of life and to calm down. The students really involved themselves fully into this session. One could see a deep sense of seriousness and participation in the meditation. Mr. Fernandes then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb to the students. 

Fr. Glenford Lowe began by challenging the students to honestly look at their ‘Value Compass’ of life.
“What gives you a meaning and sense of direction in your life?” he kept asking the students.  “Without a ‘Value Compass’ one can barely survive another day. Values give us the direction in life to live beyond mere survival”. Through a number of personal examples and testimonies, interactive discussions, insightful PowerPoint Presentations coupled with heart rendering video clips, the students were challenged to look at their life honestly and to ‘reconstruct their Value Compass’. “No matter how broken your past life was or how battered, torn or abused... you can start afresh. Today is an opportunity to begin anew. Let you choice be for Values”, he insisted.

Fr. Lowe proposed TWELVE DIAMOND VALUES as a means to live life more meaningfully and abundantly. He spoke on important Life Skill Values that are necessary and important to get oneself MAD – Make A Difference! He focused on: the Need of developing a ‘Winner’s Attitude’, to believe in the strength of Team, Communicating Effectively our ‘Happy and Sad’ stories of life, Exuding Confidence, Celebrating Creativity, Learning to Grow from Criticisms, Motivating Self and Leading Others, Multitasking and Prioritizing One’s Time, Being Truthful about Money, Seeing the Big Picture, Living a Balanced Life and finally Living a Life of Abundance. The students responded with rapt attention and interest.

The session ended with a song ‘The Climb’ and a vote of thanks by two student representatives Simren Gomes and Shrey Shoundik and a final word of appreciation by the Principal herself. We owe a special word of thanks to Fr. Anslem, Manager of the School for his kind hospitality and keen interest in the AVEC Program.

After the session, a number of students came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC Log book:

“It was one of the most beautiful sessions I ever attended in my life. I assure you that I will Make a Difference” -  Simren Gomes IX

“We enjoyed the session; It has given us good values for our life. God bless you and continue the good work you are doing” – Rachel Faria IX

“Very inspiring and heart touching session” – Galvin Mendonca IX

“It was pretty fascinating and inspiring. Felt awesome and grateful to be taught some good values about how to live our lives by a Value Compass. Thank you very much”- Raj Kotadia IX

“I enjoyed it very much and liked the concept of M.A.D Make A Difference! And the Twelve Values which reconstructs my Value Compass in life. I will do my best to follow this concept.  Thank you” -  Rishabh Bansal  IX

“I feel very happy and enjoyed it. The session inspired me a lot. From this session I have learnt a lot of values. I will never forget this session. Thank you.” – Akash Bajaj IX

“I enjoyed this session and I like the concept of MAD too. Make A Difference. I will remember the twelve Value Diamonds forever. Thank you Father very much” ­– Trisha Irani IX

“Nice examples, powerful videos and songs too” – Alroy IX

“It was a great session, by attending it I really felt good about it” – Rochelle IX

“Thanks a lot father Glenn for giving us time and giving some good values. By attending this session, I felt that there are many things in me that have to be changed” – Senjuriya IX

“It was a wonderful session. It really brings a change in the life of the students” -  Gauri Kurle IX

“Thanks a lot. This session  totally refreshed our soul and mind too” -  Katoiishka IX

“It was a great session. We thank Fatehr Glenn and Mr. Fernandes for giving us their precious time for us. We will surely Make a Difference in our lives” – Merle, Nicole, Nimisha IX

“It was a wonderful session. It will surely give direction and a compass to see the difference between right and wrong” – AparnaWagle IX

“I take this opportunity to Thanks Mr. Rochwyn and Fr. Glenn for giving us their valuable time and enlightening us on importance of values in our life with a very resourceful audio visual presentations. We will imbibe these values in our lives and and become responsible and resourceful citizens of India”  - Shrey Shoundik (Head Boy)

“Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn, you both are a blessing wherever you go.  Doing a great job of imbibing beautiful values into our students. Thanking you to the fullest” – Ms. Trincia Fonseca (Asst. Teacher)

Congrats to one and all and we pray God's abundant blessings on each one of you. Live life by a value Compass - Fr. Glenford Lowe

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

'Values for the Yatra' October 2012

Archdiocesan Value Education Centre (AVEC-Mumbai)
'Values for the Yatra" October 2012 resources 
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