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Feb 18-22, 2013: Thanks to the initiative of their College Principal, Dr. Perpetua Machado, a hundred and twenty Final Year Students were able to have a 'M.A.D' venture at Don Bosco, Karjat. The program was coordinated by Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director DBYS together with a high powered team of Salesians - Fr. Xavier Devdas, Fr. Cleophas Braganza, Fr. Anthony Charles and Bro. Renold Lemos. Fr. Xavier, Director of DB Karjat welcomed the first batch of sixty students and promised them a 'Camp with a Difference'. He introduced all the guest speakers and animators of the various sessions.
Fr. Glenford Lowe began the first session with an invitation to 'set one's perceptions' on what is important rather than what is superficial. "What you see, if what you get", he kept repeating. "Once we adopt a 'perceptive change', only then will we embark on a 'procedural change' too", he added. Through a variety of introspective moments, life changing testimonies and group sharing, the young students were able to see the 'M.A.D' program in a better light and readily launched into it from the very start. 
In the afternoon, the students were taken on an 'Eco tour' by Fr. Xavier. "No one is useless and there is wealth in trash", he insisted. The students got a first hand knowledge on the importance of a sustainable and Eco friendly enterprise and environment in all that we undertake. "The passion of Fr. Xavier, his creativity and his strength of focus is really inspiring", commented a young student who learnt a lot from this two hour session.
The students were in for a total surprise when they were invited to the playground for a round of Baseball and Square ball. The screams and ripples of laughter were clear signs of an enjoyable and relaxed moment together. Thanks to Fr. Charles and Bro. Lemos for initiating this in the program. The setting sun generated a fitting landscape to the close of a wonderful day.
The session that followed 'Living Your Life by a Value Compass' was animated by Fr. Glenford Lowe. Through the use of a PowerPoint program, powerful video clips, inspiring songs and  fascinating role models, he challenged the students to live a meaningful and purposeful life that was directed by a Value compass. Get MAD about your life and time and Make A Difference in all that you do and are. Using his own personal testimony of 'Kidney donation' he inspired the students to make a worthy contribution to society and to leave a lasting legacy.
The 'journey' metaphor was the theme for the entire day. The students were invited to make journeys  into the various landscapes of self, others, the world and God. The 'M.A.D' program brought the spirit of adventure in all....leaving behind their inhibitions of being a 'Quitter' or a 'Camper', the young students ventured to scale the Karjat peak in the early hours of the morning. Breathing in the fresh morning air and accompanied by the chirping of the birds they marched up the peak. "Never had I undertaken anything like this since my school days", exclaimed an excited climber. 
The second part of the day's journey was into the landscape of one's own life - in relation to self, others  the world and God. "The Labyrinth Garden experience was an opportunity of a life time. Thank God I did it well", said an emotional student. Going through the inner journey and the outer journey enabled most of the students to calm down, to take a look at the bustling nature around, to let go of unwanted worries, to forgive the difficult people and experiences of the past, to dwell in the presence of the divine, to look at oneself in a new perspective, to promote life and to leave a prayer of blessing and lasting legacy for all to see. The inner change experienced was worth the silence.
In the afternoon, they took time to do some team building exercises through the sessions conducted by Fr. Cleophas and Bro. Lemos. The students were able to analyse, discuss and work in teams to bring home the values of team building and understanding one another through the daily choices they make. After tea, the students were in for a bigger surprise, they began to pitch tents the scout style!!! In a few minutes, an entire camp site was set up and then... 'too many cooks didn't spoil the broth' was interesting to see the campers get the act together, with limited resources and facilities, they prepared a delicious meal for all.
The day ended with a lively camp fire organized by Bro. Charles and Bro. Lemos. Fr. Glenn took the time to enlighten the students on some 'star gazing' too. Disco time wrapped up the day on a happy note. Thanks to all the facilitators and the staff and students of Don Bosco - Karjat for going out of their way to make this program a truly 'M.A.D' venture for all. Thanks also to the teachers of Nirmala Niketan who accompanied the students all through these refreshing camp days.
 Given below are a few comments by the students about the 'M.A.D' Venture:
"Mad Adventure - a thoughtful presentation" -  Sadaf
"Superb, great experience and the sessions too" -  Kanika
 "We feel great...connecting with all these settings and ourselves think about our past, our present and our future... had a great time" - Laveena S

"The sessions were beautiful and touching and close to the heart and soul. The Value session was amazing! thank you so much for all the sessions" -  Tanvi Jain
 "All the sessions were really nice and adventurous. The labyrinth garden was an excellent one." Nidhi TY HD
"Amazing experience...I got a lot more than my initial expectations...the time given for self reflection and God brought me out of darkness..." - Larrisa DMello
 "MAD experience was really awesome...and the labyrinth experience was just marvellous" - Unnati G. Maru

" MAD was an opportunity to forgive and forget the past in which we suffer... the best of moving forward in life..thank you for all this" -  Sonali R
 "I thought it would be really difficult to see myself in reality..I am glad I found time for my self during the labyrinth garden experience. Thank God I took it seriously or I would have missed out on a great opportunity" - Zoya

Congratulations to all the students of Nirmala Niketan for participating in this M.A.D Venture, a camp with a difference. I pray God's blessings on your studies and on your future endeavors too.
May your experience at Don Bosco Karjat be the start of a new journey toward wholeness and a meaningful life for all. Fr. Glenford lowe

Friday, 22 February 2013


St. John the Evangelist High School , Marol: STD IX Value Orientation program

Feb 22, 2013: Thanks to Mr. Titus D'Silva and the invitation by the Principal, Sr. Tara, that two hundred and Eighty Nine students from standard Nine were able to attend a full day's Value Education Orientation program for the very first time in their school auditorium. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe, sdb visited the school and animated the Value Education program. Mr. Titus D'Silva welcomed the guest speakers and invited the students to make the best use of the opportunity given to them.
 The day's session began with an orientation by Fr. Glenford on the importance of being a 'Light House Student'. A prayer song  'Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu' enabled the students to get in touch with the Divine. Through the use of an awareness exercise that also focused on one's breathing, the students were able to connect with their everyday life and the breath of life. It was nice to see all the students participate very seriously in this meditation. Mr. Fernandes then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to the students.
In the two sessions that followed, Fr. Lowe was able to invite the students to 'Live by a Value Compass'. He challenged the students to stop being mere 'magic bouncing balls' or 'passive wheel barrows' and to take up the challenging call of being 'Light House students' firmly grounded on a Value based foundation. Through the use of a number of testimonies on the lives of Ryan and Kia Scheer, he asked to students to get MAD; Make A Difference and to contribute to society and self with a more purposeful and meaningful life. His own 'kidney donation' act was another profound example the students found challenging. "Value education is an education to becoming, and it is a life long process", he said.
After the break, the students were taken through a battery of personal testimonies, powerful video clippings, motivating songs and 'meaningful question time' to reflect on the Twelve Diamond Values that would enable one to get on the 'right track' of life. It's not about merely surviving for just another day. Values help one in life to live more meaningfully and significantly. The students took part very actively and responded with a great sense of hope and were ready to accept the challenge of Making A Difference. This was a 'first of its kind experience' for the students of this school. many teachers too participated in the whole event and found it a very useful program for students.
 At the end of the session, the school captain, Pratik proposed the Vote of thanks.

A number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
"Changing Life based on values really made me MAD!" - Shubham Thakur IX -A
 "Fr. Glenn's session was deeply spiritual" Mahesh Solanki IX-B
"It was spiritual and really heart touching too" -  Nikhil DMello IX B
 "Fr. Glenn's program was making us go MAD. We were really touched by the program" - Ankit Parkhe IX

"Father spoke whatever he wanted for the benefit of our personal lives. Thank you father" - Ashmeet Kaur IX
 "Like a nourishing manure to a flowering plant" - Srishti Gaurav IX

"Father spoke about the values and we had a very nice experience. We got to learn new values" - Avril Saldanha IX - B
 "Thanks for this wonderful program. we will definitely strive to Make a Difference in our lives as well as others too" Netanya Pereira IX C

"Thank you father Glenn for your wonderful and heart touching speech. I am truly gone MAD" -  Lynda Noronha IX-D
 "We got to learn new values from Father. Thank you" - Alan Varghese IX- A

"Father's session was just rocking and awesome. His teaching was superb" - Saurabh Sharma IX-C
 ""If anyone present here succeeds in life, it will be because of Fr/. Glenn. Thank you father and I congratulate you for your good work" - Pratik Devnani IX-A

"It's a nice session and I think that all of us can go MAD" - Sunil Prajapati IX-C
"You are very friendly Sir and you have made our hearts go MAD! You are rocking 440 Volts... Keep the good work going" Jugal Bhatt IX-A

Thanks to the management, the teachers and to all the students for this wonderful opportunity to speak to you all this morning. I am deeply grateful and I pray God's blessings on all that you do especially during this important 'educative journey' to becoming the best that God wants you to be.
Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Archdiocesan Value Education Centre (AVEC)
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Twenty one Primary school teachers from St. Blaise High School, Amboli attended a two hour Value Orientation program that was organized by AVEC in the school auditorium. Sr. Cyrilla, headmistress of the Primary school welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe to the school. Fr. Glenford welcomed the teachers to the Value Education Orientation Program and challenged the teachers to be part of an Education system that inculcates Values. "Value Education is an 'Education to Becoming', and it is a life long process. Teachers play an important role in this process", he said.
The session began with a prayer song and a moment of personal silence. An important aspect of this session was the need to reset their  perception and assumptions as teachers. Using Jonathan Reed's U@50 poem as a starter, he challenged the teachers to reset their perception. "What you see is what you get, When you perceive differently, you act differently', he keep telling them. Going through a list of 28 Assumptions, he clarified a number of issues in the light of human values, Don Bosco's Educative method and present day youth situations and needs.  
 The use of creative PowerPoint presentations, powerful video clippings and testimonies from every day situations, Fr. Glenford was able to draw the attention of all the teachers to becoming more passionate in their role as educators of the Young. "You Values determine your Life's Priorities. They are conscious filters that help you make decisions and choices for good", he said.
At the end of the session, Ms. Correen proposed the Vote of Thanks. Sr. Cyrilla too thanked Fr. Lowe for the Value Orientation program and hope that there would be many more such sessions for the teachers and students. Good Teachers become Good Educators only when they move from merely teaching 'Facts and Concepts' and enable the students to personal and draw values form every lesson.
 A few of the Teachers wrote their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
""The presentation was excellent. You are a very good orator. It was very effective and a practical session too on Values. Thank you and keep up the good work" -  Ms. Correen
 "The session acted a s a motivational spirit to all the teachers. We are really grateful and thankful to you for such an inspirational session on Values" - Ms. Saba Naqui
"An excellent session. Keep it up. Great" - Sr. Cyrilla - Headmistress

Thanks to the Management, the Teachers and Staff of St. Blaise High school - Amboli for having invited us to your school for this Value Education Orientation Program.  I pray God's abundant blessings on you all. Thank you once again - Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, AVEC Director

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Feb. 12, 2013: SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOL - WORLI,                                                          STD IX - VALUE ORIENTATION RETREAT
At the invitation of the school management, Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, Director AVEC conducted a day's Retreat for over 200 Standard Nine students from Sacred Heart High School - Worli. The theme for the day was "Making a Value based Difference in Life". Mrs. Veronica Tauro, the Principal of the school welcomed Fr. Glenn to the school. Ms. Alessia, Value Education Coordinator organized the event in the school auditorium for the students..
 The Retreat was the first of its kind for the students. Fr. Lowe briefed the students on the Purpose and Meaning of a Retreat in one's life. The day began with a Prayer song and a challenge to 'Make A Difference' (MAD). He then invited the students to take a 'Holy Dip' into their own Personal River of life and to appreciate its sacredness and also to recognize  its sinfulness. Going through fourteen stages of the RIVER MEE, the students were able to identify, both their moments of grace and darkness, and to be grateful to God for the grace-filled moments and to seek His mercy in moments of transgression. The students really took time to reflect on their own personal journey and to live life more abundantly. A few students took the courage to come forward and to share their personal testimonies of the power of God in their lives.
After the break, Fr. Lowe inspired the students to make Value based choices in Life. "Leading Your Life By a Value Compass' was the theme for the second session. Through the use of a number of personal testimonies, power packed video clips and day to day life experiences in the life of a students, Fr. Lowe was able to bring home TWELVE DIAMOND VALUES that were necessary to 'reset or reconstruct the broken Value Compass'. The students were very participative and attentive all through, in-spite of it being a full four hour session. Thanks to all the teachers who were present during the session too. On behalf of the students, Sanika U. More proposed a Vote of Thanks.
 Many of the students came forward to write their words of appreciation in their AVEC log book:

"I feel very good after this session, and I am surely going to Make A Difference (M.A.D). The session was awesome!!! Thank you Father" - Alisha Ahinale IX-A
 "I just liked the session because it helped me to awaken from my dreams, I must never give up and always try to do my best" - Srushti Patil IX - A

"I loved the session. It was really amazing and I will really try to be MAD. I will follow all the Twelve Points and will never give up. Thank you father, it was awesome" - Srushti Jagadale IX-B
 "I very much enjoyed and loved this session. I was really touched by Father's words and I also hope that all the students who were assembled here really go MAD too. It made good sense. Thank you father Glenn" -  Dhanashri Karki IX

"I never thought that the session will be that good. It was very interesting and it motivated me to live a better future and I hope this session will be conducted every year for other students also" -  Bryson Patil IX-A
 "This session has changed my way of living and thinking about my life. We should always think positive. in life, we should be always ready to face problems and we should be honest. I loved the session. Thank you father" -  Zeeshan H. Mukadam IX-A

"This session was a 'guiding source' for me, at least, I am sure that I too will be MAD in the future. Thank you father for guiding us in such a wonderful way. Our school needed this kind of guidance. I'll try to have and be  a 'best team' player. I even came along to understand deeper topics related to my life' - Thank you Father Glenn" -  Shamika Worlikar IX-C 
 "The session helped me in boosting my confidence and, henceforth, I will start thinking positively. I'd like to thank Fr. Glenford Lowe for creating a 'Winning' attitude in me and all the other students too. I also thank you for helping me see a brighter future. I hope this session may turn to be a turning point in our lives and yes, it is the beginning of getting MAD - Making A Difference!!' Sanika Ulhas More IX-C

Thanks to the Management, the Principal, the Value Education Coordinators and the students of this school for your encouragement and active participation. I wish you all the best in your 'educative journey' and God's abundant blessings on all that you do.

God bless you all - Fr. Glenford Lowe