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Feb. 12, 2013: SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOL - WORLI,                                                          STD IX - VALUE ORIENTATION RETREAT
At the invitation of the school management, Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, Director AVEC conducted a day's Retreat for over 200 Standard Nine students from Sacred Heart High School - Worli. The theme for the day was "Making a Value based Difference in Life". Mrs. Veronica Tauro, the Principal of the school welcomed Fr. Glenn to the school. Ms. Alessia, Value Education Coordinator organized the event in the school auditorium for the students..
 The Retreat was the first of its kind for the students. Fr. Lowe briefed the students on the Purpose and Meaning of a Retreat in one's life. The day began with a Prayer song and a challenge to 'Make A Difference' (MAD). He then invited the students to take a 'Holy Dip' into their own Personal River of life and to appreciate its sacredness and also to recognize  its sinfulness. Going through fourteen stages of the RIVER MEE, the students were able to identify, both their moments of grace and darkness, and to be grateful to God for the grace-filled moments and to seek His mercy in moments of transgression. The students really took time to reflect on their own personal journey and to live life more abundantly. A few students took the courage to come forward and to share their personal testimonies of the power of God in their lives.
After the break, Fr. Lowe inspired the students to make Value based choices in Life. "Leading Your Life By a Value Compass' was the theme for the second session. Through the use of a number of personal testimonies, power packed video clips and day to day life experiences in the life of a students, Fr. Lowe was able to bring home TWELVE DIAMOND VALUES that were necessary to 'reset or reconstruct the broken Value Compass'. The students were very participative and attentive all through, in-spite of it being a full four hour session. Thanks to all the teachers who were present during the session too. On behalf of the students, Sanika U. More proposed a Vote of Thanks.
 Many of the students came forward to write their words of appreciation in their AVEC log book:

"I feel very good after this session, and I am surely going to Make A Difference (M.A.D). The session was awesome!!! Thank you Father" - Alisha Ahinale IX-A
 "I just liked the session because it helped me to awaken from my dreams, I must never give up and always try to do my best" - Srushti Patil IX - A

"I loved the session. It was really amazing and I will really try to be MAD. I will follow all the Twelve Points and will never give up. Thank you father, it was awesome" - Srushti Jagadale IX-B
 "I very much enjoyed and loved this session. I was really touched by Father's words and I also hope that all the students who were assembled here really go MAD too. It made good sense. Thank you father Glenn" -  Dhanashri Karki IX

"I never thought that the session will be that good. It was very interesting and it motivated me to live a better future and I hope this session will be conducted every year for other students also" -  Bryson Patil IX-A
 "This session has changed my way of living and thinking about my life. We should always think positive. in life, we should be always ready to face problems and we should be honest. I loved the session. Thank you father" -  Zeeshan H. Mukadam IX-A

"This session was a 'guiding source' for me, at least, I am sure that I too will be MAD in the future. Thank you father for guiding us in such a wonderful way. Our school needed this kind of guidance. I'll try to have and be  a 'best team' player. I even came along to understand deeper topics related to my life' - Thank you Father Glenn" -  Shamika Worlikar IX-C 
 "The session helped me in boosting my confidence and, henceforth, I will start thinking positively. I'd like to thank Fr. Glenford Lowe for creating a 'Winning' attitude in me and all the other students too. I also thank you for helping me see a brighter future. I hope this session may turn to be a turning point in our lives and yes, it is the beginning of getting MAD - Making A Difference!!' Sanika Ulhas More IX-C

Thanks to the Management, the Principal, the Value Education Coordinators and the students of this school for your encouragement and active participation. I wish you all the best in your 'educative journey' and God's abundant blessings on all that you do.

God bless you all - Fr. Glenford Lowe

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