Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Archdiocesan Value Education Centre (AVEC MUMBAI) 
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Monday, 27 February 2012


February 27, 2012: Today, Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, visited St. Aloysius High School - Bandra and conducted a two hour Value Education session for a hundred and thirty students belonging to Standard Nine. The value based session was conducted from 2.00pm to 4.oopm in the school auditorium. In spite of the time, the students were very cooperative and attentive to the entire session.

 The session began with an invitation to the students to reflect on their present life in the context of their past and the future ahead of them. Through a paper-reflective exercise, the students were made aware of the importance of living their lives with purpose and a value directed life. “Live your life with no excuses attached. Take responsibility for the choices that you make in life and let not your future be lost in one single moment of indecision,” Fr. Lowe repeatedly said. 
 A Prayer song then followed in which the students were made aware of the presence of God in everything. “God is present also in your messed up life, but if we cooperate with the Divine, then our lives become more fruitful and blessed,” he added.
 Through a number of other small exercises, one-to one sharing and also through personal and group sharing, the students were then challenged to look at how their live their life and how they invest their time. Having certain Values as guiding principles in our lives, we will be able to resent our clock or reset our lives to become more meaningful.
 The session concluded with the true life story of Jackie Subarido. One could notice that the students were fully glued to the video clip as it very fittingly, brought together all the points spoken of in the session. At the end of the session, the Value education teacher gave the vote of thanks and invited the students to live the Values they were challenged to in the session. Many a students, while leaving the hall, whispered to me, “Father, please come again when we are in the Tenth Standard. We really enjoyed it to the full.”
 Below are a number of words of appreciation by the students themselves as written in the AVEC Appreciation log book:
“This session was really inspiring. I feel it will change my life and also those who were here with me.” Shweta Bane IX-B
“It was really good. From this session we came to know that life is very precious and we learnt the importance and value of resetting our life and our time.” Pradnya Valanju IX-A
 “We learnt the important value of leaving our past behind us and to take control of the future ahead of us in order to make our life more meaningful and worthy of life.” Olivia Lobo IX-B

“This Value session helped me to learn how important we are in our life and how we can make our life more meaningful.” ­Roveena Dhonde IX- B

 “I have learnt some of the Values given by F. Glenford Lowe. He is a very good person. He gave us some values that will change our life. I liked the video clip on Jackie Subarido and I am proud of her.” Harshal Solakni IX-B

 “I have learnt some of the good values given by Fr. Glenford Lowe.  I thank you for you have given me something that can change my life and make it better. This session has helped me to focus on my future with purpose and direction like the lady Jackie, who, in spite of all her difficulties and tragedies of life is making her life worthwhile to live for. I too am so proud of her.” Hilesh Bamaniyu IX-B
 “We all felt very nice when Fr. Glenn taught us how important we are in our life and also to reset our life. He challenged us to see beyond the present into the distant future and in his words, “What you see, is what you get” Shaikh Hamza IX-A
 “I feel that we must change our lives. We must look better into our future and not keep our past ahead of us. We can always reset our life when we go the wrong way. Thank you” Ankita A. More IX -B
Thanks to one and all for making it a wonderful experience Value based learning and insights. God bless you all and wish you all the best in your examinations.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


February 21, 2012:
The AVEC team today travelled far, all the way to Fatima High School – Badlapur, to conduct two Value- based sessions for the students of standard Nine and Eight. Over two hundred and fifty students attended the session with a lot of attention and openness. Fr. Dominic Gonsalves, the Principal welcomed the guestspeakers and spoke of the importance of Value Education in the life of every student.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, after an initial introduction to the work being done by the AVEC, invited the students to reflect of their personal journey to self discovery. He also skillfully took the students through a breathing exercise to focus on their breath and to calm themselves down.

Fr. Glenford Lowe, through a variety of practical examples, catchy anecdotes and a Powerpoint presentation, invited the students to ‘See Farther’ and to stretch their minds and hearts to think, feel and act better in one’s life. “Let your Values determine the way you live your life and invest in your time”, he said. Taking the courage to reset their lifestyle or their time schedules was another opportunity for the students to live their life more meaningfully.

One really felt that the students today were eager to learn something new and to be challenged to make a meaningful contribution to self, to others and to the world around. “Today is the start of a new day for me,” whispered a very satisfied student.
Floral bouquets were given to the guest speakers as a sign of appreciation. 

Below are a number of impressions by the students as written in the AVEC Appreciation Log Book: 

“This morning’s session was very valuable for all the students present here. I got a lot of knowledge. I got to learn that self-worth is very important in my life for today and in the future too.” Sharvari Dilip Jadhav IX-A Cultural Minister 

“This session was very precious as it gave us the much needed values for our daily lives to improve ourselves.” Aishwarya Vinayak Raja- IX A Vice CaptainYellow
“We got an actual insight on how we should lead our life and value ourselves as a sacred person.” Pradnya Salian (Head Girl)

“The session was mind changing and my words really cannot express the feelings in words to describe this Value session.” Sandesh Satish Singh IX – B

“We we really enlightened by your session. You were a ray of sunshine to come into our hearts. I am definitely sure that I will change within myself. Thanks a lot Fr. Glenn for this inspirational session.” Deepika D Sharma IX – B


“This Value session was really wonderful; and it cannot be described. We can change ourselves in our coming future and it will help us in our morals and values towards ourselves.” Shivram Sanjay Singh IX-B

“By participating in this session, I feel the presence of God in everything. The session was very nice and I also understood the value of my life and to love it.” Jatin N. Jain VIII – A

“I feel that after listening to his session, the values of my life have been changed and have become more dynamic. I will spread this message to all my friends and feel better as I become an enlightened person.” Ankita Ajay Biswas VIII – A

“What I feel is that the beautiful message I received and the new values that I learnt were too good. This has changed not only my life; but everyone else’s. May God always bless you and hope we get a change to become better persons.” Vaishnari Poojari VIII-B

“I feel that after this session, I will work towards my goals in sincerity.” Zaid Shaikh VIII –B

Thank you to the Management, the Staff and Students of Fatima High School, Badlapur for offering us this chance to speak to you. God bless you all and keep you fruitful in all that you strive for.

Monday, 13 February 2012

February 13, 2012: At the invitation of Fr. Philip D’Souza, the AVEC team today visited Padua High School, Mankhurd for an Orientation Program for the students of standard nine. In all, one hundred and forty three students attended the three sessions that were conducted in the school audio visual hall. 

 After a brief introduction by the deputy Principal, Mrs. Prudence Green, the students were initiated into the purpose and importance of Value Education in one’s academic journey. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes very ably invited to students to get into the right ambient by an awareness session; that also included a fantasy meditation. The students of all the three divisions, very attentively, participated whole-heartedly in the entire program.

 Fr. Glenford Lowe, then, took the students on a journey of self discovery and self worth through a few exercises and a PowerPoint presentation. The students were challenged to take an honest look at their personal life and the way they invest their time on what is important in their life. “Take the time to focus on a better self, and you will have a better world too,” said Fr. Lowe.
 Though the time was extremely short, the students did benefit a lot from today’s session. Mrs. Green summed up the day’s program with a word of appreciation. After the session, the AVEC team spent a few minutes with the manager, Fr. Patrick D’Mello. The students were extremely well behaved and receptive. We congratulate the school management for this.
 Below are a few comments by the students of standard nine:

“We learnt a lot today and the need to focus on Self first and then on others. When we value ourselves first, we are also able to value family and friends. We are very thankful to Fr. Glenn who inspired us with the importance of values in our life.” Pallavi Rai IX – A

 “I am a Catholic boy and I have attended many seminars, but this one was different and heart-touching than any other seminar I have attended. I was taught the importance of Self and that I am loved and valued. Thank you Fr. Glenn, for instilling these important values to us in a very friendly and understandable way. Thank you and God bless you” Joe Thomas IX – A

 “It feels better to improve our values, to be a better person and to be important in the whole world” Hrishikesh Patekar IX-B

 “After this session, Self respect will increase. I will be a better person in my life and in the lives of others too.´Shumayla Baig  IX – B

 “We learnt that we must first give the due importance to ourselves and then the rest will follow for our parents as well. We are invited to improve our attitudes and be a better person.” Priti Gohil IX – C
 “My fellow companions and I learnt a lot today. We need to respect ourselves and then the rest will come too others also. We will try our best to be Valued always.” Maroof Mapari IX - C 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Value Orientation for Students of St. Elias, Bandra:
February 6, 2012:
At the invitation of Sr. Philomena, the AVEC Team visited St. Elias High School, Bandra for a Value Education Seminar for the nearly 160 students of standard eight. The session began with the Principal, Sr. Philomena giving the words of introduction and welcoming the guest speakers.

 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session with a prayer song followed by a short meditation that invited the students to moments of personal silence and awareness of one's own breath of life. Silence at times can be most disturbing, especially when one is not used to it. The students did take time to get into this session.              
 Fr. Glenford Lowe then took the session on defining self and creating space in one’s life to appreciate and value self. The focus was on looking at one’s life and one’s time and trying to create sync between the two. Once we value self, then we begin to value everything around us too. 

For the young students today, who are caught up in so much of turmoil, noise and insecurity, the need to dwell on higher values is difficult and not easy to imbibe. Value Education is basically an ‘Education to Becoming’ and greater need is felt to make this education available to the young today in all our schools.

Some of the students took time to write their impressions in the AVEC log book of appreciation:

"I liked the program very much. It helps me to change my life" Sharan VIII A

"I liked the session and from this I have learnt many values. From the song I have learnt that God is everywhere and in my heart too." Aniket VIII -A

"I liked this Value Education session and I will try to change my life and also try to tell others about this" Jeetal VIII - A

"By attending this program I felt refreshed and observed that we must have value in our life. We mus recognize that we are Valued and I must spread the message of peace" Kashmira Anil Dubey