Saturday, 26 February 2011


February 26, 2011: St. Mary's SSC - VII JCP Animation

Over a hundred students of Std VII at St. Mary's SSC, undergoing the Jesuit Certificate Program spent an entire morning focusing on the importance of 'Spirituality'. At the request of the school Principal, Fr. Baptist, Mrs. Nouella Julian the Value education Coordinator invited the AVEC team to animate the three hour session. In spite of being a Saturday, the students took time to sacrifice their holiday to attend the session. The Teachers conducting the Jesuit Certificate Program for the students were also fully involved in the program of the day.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session by invoking the presence of the Almighty through a powerful Video song. This was followed by inviting the students to a fantasy meditation that helped them to focus on their breath and relax. This enabled the students to focus on what was to come. The theme for the day was 'Spirituality'. Fr. Glenford Lowe began by enabling the students to look at Religion and Spirituality. Both are different and it was important to be more Spiritual people than merely religious people.

Fr. Glenn enabled the students to look at Spirituality as a 'daily way of doing what is more loving'. Religion focuses on 'helping us to do the right thing', Spirituality transcends and helps us to do the 'loving thing'. Through a number of exercises the students were able to see the need to make and live a 24/7 Spirituality. Religion focused on the Cult, the Creed, the Code of beliefs, the Community, the Covenant and the Cultural Setting. Spirituality on the other hand focused on one's way of living the experience of God in relation to the world, neighbor and self.

After a short break, the students were broken up into small groups. During this time, they were able to share with the others their 'Image of God' and their belief and practice of 'Prayer'. The students also looked at the various blocks in prayer. Fr. Glenn then concluded the session on Prayer with a number of personal testimonies and experiences.

All through the session, the students displayed a keen sense of openness and participated whole heartedly in everything. One could notice a sense of quality in the questions that they asked. At the end, the students gave a standing ovation and a 'rain blessing' to the speakers of the day. Congratulations to all the teachers and the students for this beautiful experience. It is my only hope that many more schools introduce topics such as these to the students.

Given below are a few comments by the students of STD VII on their evaluation of the program:

"The session on Prayer was very good and I learnt the importance of it in my life" Sean B. D'Cruz VII

"I never learnt so much about Prayer and Spirituality. Thank you for the knowledge and introducing it to me." - Hamza.S. Arsiwala VII

"I learnt that prayer and spirituality is very important in my life" - Joshua Crasto VII

The AVEC this identified 24 schools in the Archdiocese who participated fully and showed a keen interest in the Care for Creation Competitions. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes presented the 'Appreciation Award' to Mrs. Nouella Julian on behalf of the school principal. We congratulate the school management for the very keen interest in promoting Values among the students.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Don Bosco - NERUL, Students' Orientation


This morning, over hundred and ten students belonging to standards seven to nine were given a road map to living life based on essential Values. At the request of Fr. Vivian D'Souza, the Rector of the Don Bosco institution, the AVEC team visited the school and took a two hour session on Values. The school Principal, Fr. Anthony Fonseca welcomed the guest speakers and ensured that all was well prepared for the session. The students were in for a total surprise....

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes introduced the program for the day and invited the student,through a fantasy meditation, to focus on a 'rhythmic breathing' exercise and to relax in the process. A devotional video clip ushered in the relaxing atmosphere. The students took part in the exercise in a very serious and serene manner. Fr. Glenford Lowe then challenged the students to look at their own life and the way they invest their time in life. "Life has to be lived qualitatively, not just quantitatively. It is not 'how long' but 'how and why' does one live that matters," he added.

Through a battery of small anecdotes, reflective exercises and practical experiences, the students were able to pick up the important points of the session; Focus and care for your self, be the master of your own change, and invest your time fruitfully on what is important in your life. Fr. Glenn challenged the students to have the courage to 're-set' the clock of their life and to really set priorities to what is important in one's life. Taking the Twelve point program of 'Values for the Yatra' he enable the young minds to care for their lives on the level of the 'Body-Mind-Heart-Soul' dimensions.

The students were very cooperative, intuitive and displayed a quality sense of purpose to all that was being spoken to them. Congratulations to the school management and the teachers of the school for the high standards of participation and involvement displayed by the students. Very few schools have displayed such keen interest.

Finally, teacher Daphene proposed the vote of thanks. Two representatives from each class took time to write their observations of the orientation program in the AVEC log book.

Some the comments are given here below:
"Fr. Glenn... the most amazing person I've ever met with" Atharva Saney VII.

"Gets to the heart of all" Divyansh Gautam VII

"The session was not only educative and valuable but also very interesting and full of fun" Nikhita Murdeshwar VIII

"Very educative and fun making. I know myself and life a lot more better" Pooja Sharma VIII

"The session was full of life and Fr. Glenn was like a friend to us. We got a new meaning to our life and learnt to live it worthily" Merin Regi IX

"The session was a wonderful one with lots of ideas and inspiring thoughts and a lot of meaningful activities" Yash Bajaj IX

Fr. Vivian D'Souza, the Director expressed his thanks to the AVEC team in these words: "Thank you for taking the time to animate our students in Value Education. The first of its kind in our school."

Friday, 18 February 2011

St. Charles Girls' High School, Vakola: Std IX Orientation

February 18, 2011: St. Charles Girls' High School: Vakola

At the invitation of Sr. Jacinta, Principal of St. Charles Girls' High School, the Value Coordinator Beena Suares made sure that all was well prepared for the animation program for the students of standard nine. Two hundred and forty young students had a three hour orientation program. The main focus of the orientation was to enable the young girls to look at life and their growing up problems with regards to relationships, self esteem and self worth.

Sr. Jacinta D'Souza, welcomed the guest speakers. Beena Suares then introduced the speakers to the students. Floral bouquets by Lizelle Fernandes and Ritu Dixit were presented to the speakers. Mr. Rochwyn then briefly introduced the day's program. A powerful video presentation that highlighted God's presence in the whole of creation was then screened. A fantasy meditation then followed in which the students took time to relax and refresh their tired minds.

Fr. Glenford Lowe then invited the students to look at their lives through a new lens; to compare their 'list of importance' with their 'list of daily schedules'. The students were able to see the importance of re-setting their life's clock and to refocus on investing more time on doing what is important. "It is more important to live life qualitatively rather than merely quantitatively", he emphasized. Through a lot of small interactive moments and exercises the students were able to grasp the essence of appreciating one's live as 'Valued and Loved'.

In the next session, Fr. Glenn was able to relate the Twelve Value points in relation to their 'growing up' concerns. He reminded the students that they are all 'Sensual', 'Sexual', 'Social' and 'Sacred' Beings. One need to grow in all these four dimensions in order to live life more fully. Failure to focus on any of these areas would lead to indifference, abuse, exploitation and loss of purpose in life. Through a lot of examples and daily life choices, he challenged the students to make responsible choices especially in their relationships.

All through the sessions, the students were highly attentive and participated actively in all the exercises. After the session, a number of students took time to write their views in the AVEC logbook of appreciation. Some of the comments are written below:

"Fr. Glenn was excellent. One of my best sessions. He made Value education fun and frank" Sayali Sawant IX-A

"The session was very inspirational. He enlightened not only my mind but the mind of everyone. I learnt a lot" Siona D'Souza IX-A

"Fr. Glenford's words were very motivating which made me realize who I am and it helped me to make a perfect character" Madhumati Yadav IX-B

"It was a great session. I am really so inspired by your words. I will do my level best to work on what you have said and improve myself" Rashida Kagalwala IX-D

"Thank you Fr. Glenn for coming to our school and motivating us to learn good values and to make a positive attitude towards our life. It was a wonderful session" Neha Pandit IX-D

"Thank you very much. This is the first time I have observed that the students were actually attentive and enjoyed the session. It was heart touching and the way you tried to spread this message was really wonderful. Thank you once again and we hope to get a chance to meet you once again" Nikita Panchal IX-D

"The session was really enlightening. This is the first time I actually saw my friends paying attention. I am usually lost in my own world ...but today, I did listen with rapt attention. Fr. Glenn is very experienced, insightful and understanding. He is a wonderful priest (though I haven't seen many, for I am a Hindu). He was clear, frank and didn't shy away from talking to us on topics about abuse, relationship with boyfriends. The examples he used made us understand vital values with ease. Thank you father for such a 'different' session! " Sanjukta Shivaji Desai IX -B

Some of the students taking time to write their impressions on the AVEC log book.

Beena Suares, the Value education Coordinator for the school proposes the vote of thanks.

Monday, 14 February 2011

ST. ANNE'S FORT - VIII - IX Students' Orientation

February 14, 2011: ST. ANNE'S GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL - FORT

The AVEC team today visited the St. Anne's High School, Fort and animated over 160 students from standard eight and nine on the importance of living a meaningful and valued life. The session began with a prayer song and a prayer invoking the blessing of God. Fr. Glenford then challenged the students through a number of interactive moments on the importance of moving from living a 'quantitative life' to a 'qualitative way of life'. "It is not how long you live but how one lives that matters", he stressed.

During the session the students had to face the reality of their life and the time spent daily. In a simple, yet powerful way, they were challenged to re-set the clock of their lives on to what is more important in their lives. This session was an eye-opener to many... the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Fr. Glenford took up the 12 point Value based skill for leading one's life more purposefully and meaningfully. With the use of motivating video clips, interactive sessions and time for sharing and reflection, the students discovered a new way of appreciating themselves as 'loved and valued'.

At the end of the two session. Nikita D'Silva proposed a vote of thanks. Later on, on behalf of the AVEC, Fr. Glenford Lowe presented a plaque as a sign of appreciation to Sr. Prudence, Principal of the school, for their active involvement in the promotion of AVEC activities. 24 schools affiliated to the ABE will be presented with these token of appreciation awards.

Given below are some of the comments by the students in the AVEC log book:
"I loved the session and I learnt how to move ahead in life after falls" Rukaiya VIII

"The session was very nice and it gave us a new motivation to our life" Nikita

"I found the session very enlightening and now I have an ambition in my life which I dream to achieve. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me" Samyuktha VIII

"I found that the real me was always locked inside me. The songs were truly inspiring. Thank you" Tanvi VIII

"The session really opened my heart and awakened me. It was really enriching. Something that should be inculcated in every child on earth." Prutha VIII

"The session today was incredibly enlightening. We thank you for the important values we were taught and the eternal homework given to us which will help us to be good human beings. It was a nice change and we wish you to come back again" Keesha Keshkamat IX- B

"The session today was very inspiring. We indeed had a very different experience today. Thank you for visiting our school and we hope that you come here again and enlighten our minds" Shraddha Mulky IX -B

Sunday, 13 February 2011



February 12, 2011: The AVEC team today spent time at Convent of Jesus and Mary, Khargar to animate a students Value Orientation program for a hundred and ninety students from VIII -IX. Though being a school holiday, the students took time to participate in the program whole heartedly. There was never a dull moment at any time. After a brief introduction by one of the teachers, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes than took over the animation program with a hymn on creation followed by a fantasy meditation.

The students then took time to look at the lives in a more meaningful way. Through various interactive sessions, moments of personal reflection and adding humor to deep insights, Fr. Glenford Lowe was able to guide the students to live lives more meaningfully. "You need to spend your time focusing on what is important in your lives", he emphasized.

After a short break, Fr. Glenford presented the Twelve Values that needed to be cultivated in one's life. Using a PowerPoint presentation, coupled with powerful motivating video clips and songs, the message was loud and clear. The students took time to look at their lives through a new lens. They began to believe in themselves and realized the importance of being loved and valued. At the end of the session, Head girl Laura Miranda proposed the vote of thanks.

Given below are a few impressions by the students in the AVEC appreciation logbook:
"It was a great time to listen to this session. may this encourage all of us the youth and make success follow you. The key to it lies within us..."Roshan std IX

"Value yourself and your life... this is the main theme I learnt today. The re-setting of my life's clock is surely the stepping stone to my success. it was an awesome experience.I was truly encouraged. i have learnt most of the important values of my life.. thank you". Simran Aulakh IX

"I this this seminar surely has made a difference in my life and I am sure that through your 12- point program I will make a difference in my life as well as in others too." Sahana Joshi - X

"I think today we surely found a difference in our life. We will keep each and every word in mind and follow them. We will surely re-set our clock and make a change in our lives. The 12- points motivated us completely. We will keep them in mind. Thanks a lot". Chahana Hedge and Andrea Fernandes - VIII

Some of the class representatives sharing their insights with the group...

Students actively participating in the activities...

Mr. Rochwyn concluding the session by wishing the standard Ten students the very best in their examinations

Monday, 7 February 2011



Thanks to the foresight of Sr. Priya, Principal of Rosary High School, Dockyard that thirty two potential leaders of the school were able to participate in a training program for Leaders. The AVEC team took full advantage of this invitation and enabled to students to understand better the role of leaders and to make responsible shifts in their leadership styles.

Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes conducted a packed program that included a lot of inspiring activity based sessions, lively interactive moments and interspersed with fun and active participation. The new school student leaders were enlightened on the importance of Self Awareness, Vision, Smart Planning, Team Work, Creativity, Responsible Delegation and Accountability, Communication, Time Management, the value of Self-renewal and the power of leaving a legacy.

In spite of being a holiday, the students never found it a waste of time or ever complained. "In fact, it is good for us to be here today, we learnt so much", said a potential leader. Mr. Peter, a teacher was also present for the entire session. There was never a moment when the students showed any signs of fatigue or disinterest.

Some of the comments written in the AVEC appreciation logbook are:
"We learnt a lot on how to be better leaders. Through the sessions on time management and other important values we learnt to become better and smarter leaders. From today, I am gonna be a better leader because of this leadership program" Sarwat Dandekar

"We are very thankful to you for teaching us so many wonderful things. We promise to use it in our day to day life as leaders. Thanks you for the inspiring messages and the song 'Climb' by Miley Cyrus. From everyone here we say, 'Thank you Father Glenn and to Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes" Sadaj Salim Khan
"We learnt a lot today and how to be good leaders and to manage our time, to be responsible, to plan our life and ourselves and to be smart. We thank you very much" Melvita Gonsalves

Good leaders know to differentiate between their place of Work, and their place of rest....

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes conducting a fantasy meditation for the leaders

Students trying out their one of the group building exercises.

Students expressing their thanks to Fr. Glenn Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes through a song.
The 32 Budding Leaders of Rosary School, Dockyard who participated in the Leadership Seminar