Monday, 7 February 2011



Thanks to the foresight of Sr. Priya, Principal of Rosary High School, Dockyard that thirty two potential leaders of the school were able to participate in a training program for Leaders. The AVEC team took full advantage of this invitation and enabled to students to understand better the role of leaders and to make responsible shifts in their leadership styles.

Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes conducted a packed program that included a lot of inspiring activity based sessions, lively interactive moments and interspersed with fun and active participation. The new school student leaders were enlightened on the importance of Self Awareness, Vision, Smart Planning, Team Work, Creativity, Responsible Delegation and Accountability, Communication, Time Management, the value of Self-renewal and the power of leaving a legacy.

In spite of being a holiday, the students never found it a waste of time or ever complained. "In fact, it is good for us to be here today, we learnt so much", said a potential leader. Mr. Peter, a teacher was also present for the entire session. There was never a moment when the students showed any signs of fatigue or disinterest.

Some of the comments written in the AVEC appreciation logbook are:
"We learnt a lot on how to be better leaders. Through the sessions on time management and other important values we learnt to become better and smarter leaders. From today, I am gonna be a better leader because of this leadership program" Sarwat Dandekar

"We are very thankful to you for teaching us so many wonderful things. We promise to use it in our day to day life as leaders. Thanks you for the inspiring messages and the song 'Climb' by Miley Cyrus. From everyone here we say, 'Thank you Father Glenn and to Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes" Sadaj Salim Khan
"We learnt a lot today and how to be good leaders and to manage our time, to be responsible, to plan our life and ourselves and to be smart. We thank you very much" Melvita Gonsalves

Good leaders know to differentiate between their place of Work, and their place of rest....

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes conducting a fantasy meditation for the leaders

Students trying out their one of the group building exercises.

Students expressing their thanks to Fr. Glenn Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes through a song.
The 32 Budding Leaders of Rosary School, Dockyard who participated in the Leadership Seminar


  1. a student from rosary high school
    "we loved the seminar we had in our school. thank you for giving us such a wonderful time. we will never forget the thing which we learnt in this seminar. and looking forward to have another like this."

    -Sadaf Salim Khan

  2. d day was very exciting & we all learnt very much
    we knew how 2 b a responsible leaders.....
    we all would never forget that day thanx alot
    4 d wonderful day...:)