Tuesday, 31 August 2010

St. Teresa's School, Bandra : AVEC Students' Orientation Programram


The Archdiocesan Value Education Centre, today organized a Students' Orientation Program for over 145 students of Standard Eight at St. Teresa's High School, Bandra. Fr. John Mascharenhas, the Principal of the Secondary section welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to thanked them for their invaluable service to the students and staff of their school. This was the third program organized by AVEC for the school. The theme chosen for the students was "Lead with a Difference". The students were divided into two batches to facilitate better animation. An hour and a half was allocated for each session.

The session began with a Prayer song followed by a small session on self awareness through a Breathing Meditation. The students appreciated the prayer song and meditation very much. For many it was a different form of being aware of self and a new way of finding peace in the midst of daily stress and activity.

Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, then spoke to the students on to need to lead the world and oneself by developing soft skills coupled with a visionary leadership style. Through a number of small interactive moments he was able to draw the attention of the students to twelve necessary ingredients to become a better leader. A number of short audio visuals were played in between the twelve points. One could see the eagerness among the students to think differently and to imbibe leadership styles based on human values.
The students participated in the entire program with eager minds and were confident of making a difference in their own lives, their school community, their family and society. "This was something new for all of us in this class. We are happy that Fr. John , our Principal organized this for us," said a grateful student. "We had fun, but we also learnt a lot," said another student. "Come again, we want to have you with us for a longer time," another said with a smile.

At the end of the session, one could sense an atmosphere that was more vibrant and alive. The students of standard eight were all set to begin a new way of leading themselves and others too. "We can all be leaders in one way or another," said

Friday, 27 August 2010

KURLA - NAVI MUMBAI: AVEC Training for Value Ed Coordinators

AUGUST 27, 2010: Value Education Coordinators' Meeting

Don Bosco Youth Services today hosted the final AVEC Training Program for the Value Education Coordinators of the Kurla and Navi Mumbai Deaneries. Twenty Seven teachers from fifteen schools participated in the event. Fr. Wilfred D'Souza sdb, Rector of the Provincial House - Matunga, welcomed all the participants and invited them to join hands on a united front to bring Value Education back into our schools. On behalf of the participants, Ms. Bincy Abraham presented a set of Value Education posters to our guest of honor.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes welcomed the participants and enlightened the participants through a PowerPoint presentation on the responsibilities entrusted to AVEC. One could sense the surprise in the faces of the participants as they could see the growth of AVEC in the last few months. Ms. Sany Joseph, a Business strategist from ASIA BOOK HOUSE then spoke to the Value Education Coordinators on the importance of Value Education in all our schools. She too the opportunity to brief the gathering about their best selling series 'Roadmaps for Good Living' and its relevance for students and teachers of Value Education.

Refreshed after a short break, Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, then invited the Value Education Coordinators to make a sincere journey within themselves and to discover once again their 'first love' as educators of the young. Through a series of small activities and moments of personal reflection, every participant felt that this was indeed a refreshing moment in the daily routine of their lives to slow down and look at everything through a different perspective.

Ms. Sany Joseph was then presented with a set of Value Education posters by Fr. Glenford Lowe. AVEC wishes to thank Ms. Sany Joseph for joining hands with us this year in promoting the cause of Value Education in all our schools affiliated to the ABE. Teachers took time to browse through the books, e-letter and to purchase the new Value Education Posters. The session ended with a group photo.

At the end of the session here are some of the comments written by some of the Teachers:
"Very Informative. Truly praiseworthy" - Kathrine Joshy - H.F.H.S, Chembur.

"Good Presentation. Could have been a little more interactive" - St. Anthony's Girls High School.

"It was thought provoking session and a reflection on our hidden values" - Sacred Heart High School, Vashi.

"It was a good presentation and very interactive" - Holy Cross High School, Kurla.

"It was a very enhancing program which really helped us to imbibe the values in our daily teaching routine" - Fatima High School, Vidyavihar.

"Fr. Lowe and Ms. Sany Joseph were excellent. It was really an inspiring and practical session" - Convent of Jesus and Mary, Kharghar.

"The entire seminar was very well planned, good and interesting" - Mrs. Rosy, Mrs. Zene, Our Lady of Health High School, Sahar.

"Very inspiring and educative seminar" - Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School, Vashi.

"I liked the concluding part of the program where we were taught how to help the students to clarify values. Motivating and definitely a change will come. Thank you" - Ms. Monica Chandhani , Our Lady of Perpetual Succor High School, Chembur.

"A welcome step forward by AVEC on the field of Value Education. Fr. Glenn your very inspiring session will help me to look at Value Education teaching with a difference" - Vijaya Ravi, Our Lady of Perpetual Succor High School, Chembur


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

South Mumbai Deanery: AVEC Seminar

August 25, 2010: Value Education Coordinators' Meeting - South Mumbai Deanery

St. Anne's High School, Fort, today hosted the seventh Deanery level Value Education Coordinators' Meeting that was organised by AVEC. Forty two teachers from twenty three schools participated in the event. Sad to say, five schools failed to turn up in spite of the constant reminders. At the very outset, after a beautiful prayer song, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes welcomed the participants and in a special way invited Sr. Prudence to say a few words. On behalf of AVEC, Michelle D'Souza presented a small token of appreciation to Sr. Prudence for permitting us to use the school premises and facilities for the entire program.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes then started of the session by enlightening the Value Education Coordinators of the various responsibilities entrusted to AVEC. Over the last year, AVEC had many many inroads into the schools affiliated to the ABE, especially in the area of Value Education. He also informed the participants that three dozen Value Education posters were available on sale.

In a very interactive session, Sany Joseph, a Business Strategist from ASIA BOOK HOUSE then presented a talk on the importance of Value Education in our schools . She spoke on 'Roadmaps for Good Living', their best selling series, as a way in which to promote Value Education in the schools.

During a short break, teachers were able to interact with the facilitators and the other participants. Refreshing snack were also served. After the break, Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, invited the teachers to be a salesperson in their own lives. Fr. Glenn started of by saying, "I am here today to sell you to you." When we value ourselves as persons first, we will value others as persons too. Through various exercises and insights, coupled with humor and reflective moments, all the participants made a deeper journey into their lives and profession.

"It was worth it... it was different from all the previous seminars I ever attended," commented a teacher. "At the end of it, there was a new discovery. I feel so different now. I am truly re-born!", said another. Many schools took to opportunity to buy a set of Value Education Posters. A group snap with beaming faces brought the seminar to a close. All the coordinators were invited to be a ROOT and a ROUTE to make Value Education in our schools a possibility.

Monday, 23 August 2010

St. Teresa's School, Bandra : AVEC Teacher Orientation Program

August 23, 2010 : Teachers' Orientation Program

Forty Teachers from the Secondary section of St. Teresa's, Bandra, participated today in a half-day Teachers' Orientation Program that was organized by the AVEC team. Gathered together in the school Audio Visual Hall, Fr. John Mascharenhas, Principal welcomed the two speakers on behalf of the management and the school.

The first part of the morning's session was conducted by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. The session began with a very beautiful prayer song in keeping with the theme for this year 'Care for Creation'. Coming straight from the class rooms after the unit tests, the teachers were taken through a ten minute 'calming down' session that involved a breathing exercise. The main highlights of the AVEC activities for this year were then presented by Mr. Rochwyn. Through a small 'paper' exercise the teachers were invited to take hold of their future and to learn from their past experiences.

Just before the break, Fr. Glenn invited the teachers to 'gift back importance' to themselves. "In placing a 'due importance on self' is the starting point of Valuing our lives better", said Fr. Glenn. Looking at the various attitudes and assumptions of the teachers, one could gauge a better perspective of how one responds to their calling as Educators.

After a hot cup of Tea and a sumptuous plate of snacks, Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn played a small exercise to bring home the important message that it is important to 'enlarge one's paradigm' to give every one their rightful place within the school community. Fr. Glenn then enlightened the teachers to have a change in perspective... "What you see is what you get", he kept reminding them. He kept challenging them to live their profession with a lot more of 'rhythm' rather than by 'routine'.

At the end of a three hour session, Mrs. Jean D'Cunha proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the school management and Teaching staff. "A very good presentation, thanks for everything", wrote Nora in the AVEC log book. Caroline Rebello, a teacher penned it all in one sentence, "thank you for this enlightening experience".

Sunday, 22 August 2010

St. Anthony's, MALVANI - Teachers' Orientation

August 21, 2010: Teachers' Orientation Program

The AVEC team consisting of Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, today organized a Teachers' Orientation Program for the Secondary and Primary sections of the St. Anthony's School, Malvani. In two separate sessions of three hours each, over sixty teachers experienced a new way of looking at themselves, their school and their students.

Fr. James, the Principal of the school welcomed the participants and the guest speakers and thanked them for their service in promoting Value Education in the Archdiocese. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes then began his session with a short exercise in self awareness through a breathing process. He then elaborated the works undertaken by AVEC to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to it by the Archdiocese. "Every program organised by AVEC within the Archdiocese must be seen in the broader perspective and not just as some isolated events tthat fill up the scholastic calendar," he said.

Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, invited every teacher to value themselves, their calling as educators and also to value the students they educate. Through a number of exercises that triggered personal reflection amidst fun and laughter, he brought the teachers to live a life driven by rhythm rather than routine. Value Education is more than just another subject, it ought to be the very bloodline of every educational activity.

Floral bouquets were presented to the two speakers. By the end of the Teachers' orientation Program one could feel a sense of excitement and freshness within. "This is one of the best programs I have attended', commented a teacher. "I know I will be a different teacher now," said another.

The AVEC team is grateful to the Management of the St. Anthony's School for their eagerness to join hands with the AVEC to be along the Valued Path together. We are also grateful to the Priests of the Parish community for the very warm reception and invitation to join them at lunch together. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

Friday, 20 August 2010

THANE DEANERY - AVEC Value Coordinators'

AUGUST 20, 2010

The AVEC Team consisting of Fr. Glenford, Mr. Rochwyn and Ms. Michelle D'Souza organized their sixth Value Education Coordinators' Seminar at St. John the Baptist High School, Thane. Twenty six teachers from thirteen schools from within the Thane Deanery participated in the event.

In spite of being a very rainy day we had a cent per cent representation from all the schools affiliated to the ABE. Mrs. Ida D'Silva, Value Education coordinator of St. John the Baptist did a real good job in ensuring that the school auditorium was well prepared. The meeting began with a Prayer Song in keeping with the theme for this year 'Care for Creation'.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes then briefly presented a short report on how AVEC fulfills the responsibilities entrusted to it by way of animation, formation and creation of resources. "Over the past year AVEC has progressed in leaps and bounds", he said. He then introduced Mrs. Sany Joseph to present her session on the importance of Value Education.
Using the latest transitions in a well prepared Power Point, Sany Joseph struck the right chord from the start. Through various stories, personal experiences and getting the participants involved through an interactive way, she was able to instill the real purpose of stressing the importance of Value Education in Schools. The ASIA BOOK HOUSE through their best selling Value Education series, will surely make a marked difference in the whole educative journey.

Sumptuous snacks were then served by the school canteen. The 'Chinese Somosa' was no doubt the best of all. Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, then invited the participants to never forget that the 'Value' we give our selves is directly proportional to the value we will give to others too. As usual, in his creative and eloquent style, the participants were spell bound all through an hour long session. He gave them a lot of tips to move from the 'Valueless' lives we live to adding more Value in ourselves first, and then in others too.

Certificates of Appreciation were then distributed to all the participants. As a sign of appreciation, on behalf of the Principal, Fr. Nicholas Pereira, a set of Value Education Posters was presented to Mrs. Ida D'Silva. It was really a Valued day for all of us

Thursday, 19 August 2010

North Bombay Deanery Value Coordinators' Meeting

18th August 2010

AVEC conducted it fifth Value Coordinators' Meeting for the North Bombay Deanery at Don Bosco Youth Services on August 18, 2010. Twenty four teachers participated in the event. However, five schools failed to turn up in spite of the constant reminders and letters of invitation. A beautiful prayer song set the mood right from the start.

Fr. Boniface D Souza, Director of the Don Bosco Youth Services DBYS, welcomed the gathering and invited the participants to look at Value education as an opportunity to instill into the school once again the deep Christian Values that give a real identity to our Catholic schools. As a sign of appreciation, he was then presented with a set of Value Education posters by Ms. Michelle D Souza.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, using his first PowerPoint presentation, gave a brief of the responsibilities entrusted to AVEC by the Archdiocese and how the Center is trying to fulfill the tasks entrusted to them through the various activities of Training, Formation and Animation.

Mrs. Sany Joseph, once again in her very eloquent style, presented the meaning and purpose of having Value Education in our educational set ups. "When our Values are deep and personalized, it is not difficult to make the right choices in life," she concluded.

Using a very creative approach, Fr. Glenford Lowe then addressed the gathering of Value Coordinators on the Value of placing 'importance on Self'. "When you become important to you , then everything else will find its due importance. If you don't value yourself, it is not possible to put Value on anything else," he challenged them.

In spite of the very heavy rains, the participants we eager to go back renewed and to spread the message of the AVEC team. All through the sessions, the participants were eager to know more and sought ways in which to be part of the larger picture in giving Value Education its rightful place in all our educative set ups.

Friday, 13 August 2010


13th August, 2010

Another Deanery level meeting for the Value Education Coordinators was organised by AVEC for eleven schools within the Santacruz Deanery. Fr. Vernon, the Dean and Parish Priest of Sacred Heart school welcomed the twenty one teachers from the various schools and wished them well for the day. Mr. Rochwyn thanked Fr. Vernon and his community for hosting the event and for providing the premises, the snacks and the facilities of the hall, projector and sound system. As a sign of appreciation, the AVEC team presented Fr. Vernon with a set of Value Education posters.

Mr. Rochwyn then presented the responsibilities of the AVEC and also gave a brief of the last year's achievements and the plans for this year. He then invited Sany Joseph, from ASIA BOOK HOUSE to present her talk on Values and to brief the participants about the 'Roadmap for Better Living', a best selling Value Education Series for schools.

"What you see, is what you get!!!" said Fr. Glenn as he began his presentation on the need for creating enabling Value based schools in the archdiocese of Mumbai. The Value Education coordinators of the schools were invited to take up the role of being a 'ROOT' and a 'ROUTE' - to set a strong foundation and to set the direction for Value Education in every school. Through a very lively, humorous and participative approach all the teachers took home one message... Building a New Humanity through Universal Values.

Mrs. Pooja, a teacher of Sacred Hearts, Santacruz then proposed a vote of thanks. Mr. Jimmy then presented "Certificates of Participation' to all the teachers. A group photo was taken to freeze this wonderful moment in time.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

St. Paul's Convent, DADAR - Teachers' Orientation

12th August, 2010

The management of St. Paul's Convent, Dadar set aside an entire morning on Thursday, 12th August, to enable thirty five teachers of their school to look at ways in which to set greater standards for themselves and for their students at large.

Mr. Rochwyn and Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb from the AVEC team were invited to felicitate the Teacher Orientation Program for this year. The Orientation program began with a nice prayer song, followed by the lighting of the lamp. Mr. Rochwyn then took the teachers through a session to look at themselves better and to live their lives with greater intensity. An interactive game followed in which the teachers were challenged to broaden their 'paradigm of School' and to give the students their rightful place.

In the next two sessions that followed, Fr. Glenford Lowe invited to teachers to look at their basic attitudes and assumptions as teachers and to develop greater Teacher-Student relationships. One had to first 'Reach' in order to 'teach'. Through a number of small, yet creative exercises, the teachers were able to understand the importance of 'seeing things differently' in order to start 'living and being different'.

Floral bouquets and words of appreciation flowed abundantly. "Four hours this morning would seem like just a small moment in time, but surely they will enable us to be better Educators for life long", commented a teacher.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


11th August, 2010:

Fourteen schools from the Borivili and Bhyandar Deaneries participated in the Value Education Coordinators' Seminar that was organized by the AVEC team at Don Bosco Multipurpose Hall on Wednesday, 11th August, 2010. Fr. Ronnie Menezes, Rector and Parish Priest of the institution welcomed the 24 teachers on behalf of Fr. Bartol the dean of Borivili.

In spite of the heavy rains, all the schools were represented. The participants were welcomed by a song and then Fr. Ronnie spoke a few words of wisdom to begin the the right perspective. On behalf to the participants, Michelle D'Souza handed over a three-dozen set of Value Education Posters as a sign of appreciation to the Institution for hosting the event.

Sany Joseph, a business strategist from ASIA BOOK HOUSE, a 'Business with a Heart' publishing company, then took the participants through a session on the importance of Value Education and invited them to see how their books 'Roadmaps for Better Living' could be used by the students in their respective schools.

Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, then took the Value Education teachers through a new way of seeing Value Education more as an Educative Environment rather than a syllabus to be merely taught. He explained the difference between Moral Science, Community Living and Value Education and invited the Coordinators of the schools to be 'Root' and a 'Route' in ensuring that Value education be given a firm foundation and Direction in the schools within the Borivili Deanery.

Certificates were then distributed to the various participants. Thanks to Fr. Allwyn Misquitta, the administrator of Don Bosco for making all the necessary arrangements and going out of his way to make our seminar a success.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Bandra Deanery _ Value Coordinators' Meet 2010

6th August, 2010
Once again, the AVEC team ventured out... this time to the Bandra Deanery to animate twenty for Value Coordinators of the twelve schools in the Deanery.
The Value Education seminar was held at St. Andrew's Bandra from 9.30 am - 01.00 pm. Mr. Robert Lopez, the Value Ed. coordinator of St. Andrew's school welcomed the participants while Fr. Magi Murzello, the Principal welcome Fr. Glenn Lowe with a floral tribute.
Mrs. Sany Joseph from Asia Book House took the participants through a well prepared session on the importance of Value education in our educational process. Through her profession as a Business strategist, she enlightened the participants on the books published by them. 'Roadmaps for Better Living' was proposed a a textbook that could be followed in schools.
Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb once again challenged the participants to make our schools Value based environments for a better society. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Ms. Michelle D'Souza helped the participants to get in touch with the working of the AVEC and invited them to collaborate more proactively with all the activities of the AVEC.
None can deny that the managements of St. Andrew's, Bandra did a splendid job in hosting the event. Thanks to Fr. Magi and Mr. Robert and Ms. Jesse for making all the necessary arrangements: the audiovisual hall, the snacks, the warm reception and creating an environment conducive for the seminar.

Thursday, 5 August 2010


5th AUGUST, 2010
Through the kind invitation of Sr. Graceline, the Principal, the AVEC team conducted an orientation program for forty five teachers of St. Anne's, Borivili. Fr. Glenn Lowe sdb, challenged the teachers to look at their calling as Educators who journey along with the young everyday.
Using the song, 'India, I Cry' as a starter, the teachers were challenged to look at the bleak future that their students face in India. "What is it that you and I can do to put a Smile of the face of Mother India?" asked Fr. Glenn.
Earlier, at the start, Mr. Rochwyn took the teachers through a whole process of calming down and re energizing oneself. Through the song, 'Teacher, Teacher', the participants were asked to reflect on how they make a difference in the lives of the young students and how it was important first to 'reach them' in order 'to teach them'.
Teachers had time to clarify doubts and change their attitudes towards their teaching profession. "What you see, is what you get!!!" they were told.
Involving the students in the life of the school was no easy task. They are the centre of all that happens. To ignore them is to fail completely. To involve them results in a bigger paradigm and makes them more responsible to be agents of transformation in the world and society by being more valued based persons.
The teachers at the end of the Orientation program felt more motivated and committed to make a Valued difference in the lives of their students and to make St. Anne's a school that would indeed be a 'second home' for every student.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Andheri Deanery- AVEC Training

4th August, 2010: Andheri Deanery - Value Coordinators' Meeting

St. Dominic Savio' High School today hosted the first ever AVEC meeting on Deanery level for thirteen schools. Twenty four Value Education Coordinators met together with the AVEC team this morning for over four hours to understand better the workings of the AVEC and to plan for the future together.
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes welcomed the participants and in a special way thanked Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, Rector of Dominic Savio and Fr. Crispino D'Souza, Principal for hosting the Value Education Coordinators' meeting. Ms. Michelle D'Souza presented a set of three dozen AVEC posters to Fr. Godfrey as a memento.
Mrs. Sany Joseph, from ASHA Book House presented a talk on the importance of Value Education in all our schools and invited the participants to have a look at their 'Roadmaps to Living' as a resource book for their schools.
Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, director of AVEC then addressed the participants on how each one of them could be 'deep roots' for the AVEC and to nourish the dreams and plans of the AVEC for the future.
How "Value Education" is different from Moral Science and Community living was well explained.
The participants had time to interact with one another and took time to go through all the available resource material and promised to take greater interest in the future.
Tasty snacks were also provided by the schools for all the participants.
Mrs. Vidya from, Dominic Savio's presented the vote of thanks.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Motivating Lives: St. Anthony's, Versova

3rd August, 2010: St. Anthony's, VERSOVA

Over a hundred and seventy five students of Standards IX and X from St. Anthony's, Versova took time this morning for a two hour session with Fr. Glenford Lowe, on the theme: Living Life with Meaning and Purpose.
The entire session was filled with a lot of interactive discussions, video clips, personal reflections and above all the students were invited to a very creative journey into their past lives and also into the dreams of their future.
Every detail for the two hour session was seen to The hall was well decorated and provided an atmosphere that was conducive for the occasion.
The students showed no signs of fatigue or distraction. The participation was total and the students wished that there was more time. Every student was asked to make a commitment at the end of the day. Using the metaphor of the mountain, the students were asked to identify their place on the mount according to the three categories: quitters, campers, climbers.
All said and done, every student made a personal commitment to love a value-based life and be a peak performer.

Monday, 2 August 2010

AVEC Teachers' Orientation: St. Anthony's VERSOVA

AVEC, Mumbai 2nd August 2010.

Thirty one teachers of St. Anthony's, Versova, spent an entire morning focusing on their attitudes and assumptions as teachers.

Animated by the AVEC team, comprising of Fr. Glenford Lowe SDB and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, the teachers took time to look at themselves more honestly and to appreciate their calling as educators of the young. After a brief introduction and a ten minute quiet time in meditation, the teachers began to see their profession as a special calling. Fr. Glenn helped them to 'Discovering their true priorities in life' and their assumptions and attitudes as a teacher.
After a quick snack, the teachers were back to look at their level of COMMITMENT to their Management, Profession, Students and Team. A short explanations on the Psychological environment that is necessary for deeper commitment was also stressed upon.
Through an interactive session the teachers were made aware of the need to create space for the students in their lives. At the end of the day, many a teacher felt renewed and took responsibility for creating a better educative environment in the school.Thanks to Fr. Francis Mascarenhas, the manager of the school for making the necessary arrangements for this Teachers' Orientation Program