Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Motivating Lives: St. Anthony's, Versova

3rd August, 2010: St. Anthony's, VERSOVA

Over a hundred and seventy five students of Standards IX and X from St. Anthony's, Versova took time this morning for a two hour session with Fr. Glenford Lowe, on the theme: Living Life with Meaning and Purpose.
The entire session was filled with a lot of interactive discussions, video clips, personal reflections and above all the students were invited to a very creative journey into their past lives and also into the dreams of their future.
Every detail for the two hour session was seen to The hall was well decorated and provided an atmosphere that was conducive for the occasion.
The students showed no signs of fatigue or distraction. The participation was total and the students wished that there was more time. Every student was asked to make a commitment at the end of the day. Using the metaphor of the mountain, the students were asked to identify their place on the mount according to the three categories: quitters, campers, climbers.
All said and done, every student made a personal commitment to love a value-based life and be a peak performer.

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