Tuesday, 30 November 2010



The AVEC team was welcomed again today at St. Francis D'Assisi High School, Borivali by Mrs. Leela Valley on behalf of the school management. Over three hundred and twenty students of standard nine participated in a Value based orientaion program. The students were divided into two batches. Overall, the students were very cooperative and participated in all the activities that were offered this morning.

Through a variety of activities the AVEC team was able to draw the attention of the young students to look at their lives and to spend quality time on themselves in order to live life more meaningfully and to take responsibility for the choices they make. The young minds were invited to stretch their imagination and to focus on self - "You are loved and valued," said Fr. Glenn Lowe. Using a lot of visual aids and small interactive moments the students were able to get a better picture of themselves and to recreate a life of meaning and purpose.

Through these reflective moments coupled with a lot of challenging insights, the students took upon themselves the task of becoming 'light-house' students. You don't need to live as 'wheel-barrow' students who are constantly being pushed around. 'Light -house' students are able to shine their light and make a difference in the lives of others by standing tall and firm as beacons of hope and inspiration.

Over the last two days, through four two-hour sessions, the AVEC team was able to reach the hearts and minds of six hundred and forty students of standard nine. It is our wish and prayer that the seeds of inspiration and values may grow and bear much fruit. Sr. Mary Dhabi proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the school management and students. Thanks to the Value Education coordinators, Mrs. Jacinta Lobo and Mrs. Leela Valley for the initiative they took to invite the AVEC team to address their young students. Thanks to all the students too for their very active participation and eagerness to make of their lives more meaningful and value-based.

Find below some of the comments made by the students in the AVEC log book:

"Father Glenn's teachings were very good. He is excellent and he taught us important values and more" Lenin Rodrigues, IX

"With the help of Fr. Glenn and the AVEC team we can use the teachings on different values and become good persons in life" Gavin Tauro IX

"Fr. Glenn's teachings were very good and it helped me to understand the real work I need to do on myself to be a special person in my life" Jiten Godhania IX

"Thanks Fr. Glenn for your teaching today. The one point I will always put into practice is 'Always tell the truth about money', that was very good" Akash Boradiya IX

"It really increased my love for Values and the whole session was fun. Thanks" Praveen IX

"Superb!!! Heart touching."Avshen IX

"It was very interesting and I feel deeply touched" Joshua IX

"It was truly inspiring and I hope that we all will learn something from it:" Tanay IX

Monday, 29 November 2010



After a lot of planning and correspondence, the AVEC team finally were able to address the students of St. Francis D'Assisi High School, Borivali. Three hundred and forty students belonging to four divisions of standard nine participated in two two-hour sessions. It was remarkable to see the good behavior of the students and the attentiveness with which they participated in the entire four hours. After an initial welcome and a floral tribute the students were invited to place themselves in God's presence and to listen to a prayer song.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes took the two groups through a meditative experience that involved fantasy and awareness of themselves. The seriousness with which most of the students took part was truly rewarding. Boys' schools are often labelled noisy and distracted. But today, the ninth standard students proved all these assumptions wrong. They took up the challenge to be 'light-house' students rather than 'wheel-barrow' students.

Fr. Glenford Lowe then took the two batches of students through an inspirational roller coaster...it was a fascinating ride to make a journey into one's life and to reset the clock. .."Invest your time on what is important in your life and make a difference in the world," Fr. Glenn kept reminding. Through a variety of small exercises and interactive moments and with the use of modern media techniques the students were kept spell bound all through.

Thanks to the two Value Education Coordinators, Mrs. Juliet Lobo and Mrs. Leena Valley for the preparation and creating a conducive atmosphere for the sessions. After the sessions, the students were invited to write their comments in the AVEC logbook. Find below a long list of comments:
“It was really an inspiring and directive program” Aditya Shinde, IX-A

“The concept of how to get up and inspire children’s was really awesome” Tushar Sharma, IX- B

“Awesome section, an inspiring message for us the youths. It was a helping stone for our future. Thank you.” Benoj Mathews, IX-B

“Inspired me a lot how to live our life and was a very inspiring show” Uddhav Surve, IX- B

“It was a very valuable and educative session.” Chirtan Gandhi, IX-A

“An inspiring show, which can help a student to inculcate good values.” Shubham Dalvi, IX- B

“An awesome inspiring message for the youth” Rudal S.S, IX- B

“All the essential advice needed for success: we will keep climbing! “ Reeve Lopez, IX- A

“It is very nice and useful for life” IX-C

“It was an awesome experience, one of the best seminars” IX-D

“It was wonderful” IX- D

“It was very nice and we have learnt something” IX-D

“It was very nice and truly motivating” IX-C

“It was simply wonderful. Had a wonderful value learning” IX- D

“It was a pleasant show teaching us the most important values required in our lives” IX- D

“Pleasant time” IX-D

“It is applicable for our whole life. And next time keep the show for 3 hrs” IX- D

The AVEC team looks forward to being with the remaining students tomorrow.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


November 27, 2010: Holy Cross High School - Lower Parel

Could we say that today was the best of all?...without doubt, the Students Orientation Program for the students of standard ten at Holy Cross, Lower Parel was outstanding. Right form the word go, the hundred and ninety student conducted themselves as no other school would do. The Principal, Sr. Laila really prepared the students well for this Value Education Orientation program. The students began the session with welcoming the AVEC team with a floral tribute followed by an opening prayer, a song and word of welcome. The Orientation program had to take place in the parish church since the school auditorium was still under renovation.

The Orientation program started with a prayer song that drew the attention of the students to the presence of the God in all of creation. Through a short story and a fantasy meditation, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes guided the students to be more aware of themselves and to have a sacred space within themselves where they can often go in to commune with God and self. The students really took this entire session very seriously. To gift oneself with a sacred space and to spend some quiet time is an investment in living a peaceful life.

Fr. Glenford Lowe challenges the young students to have the courage to reset the clock of their lives and to focus a greater amount of time on things that are more important that that is more attractive. "Honor yourself because you are valuable and lovable," he reminded them. Through a lot of interactive sessions and the use of media, he was able to bring home the message of living life with greater meaning and purpose. It was heart warming to see the young students so very receptive and eager to nourish their lives with this value-based motivational teaching. The two hours just flew past...

At the end, the students found time to express their words of thanks and appreciation. Find below some of the comments of the students the were written in the AVEC logbook:

"Awesome, Superb!!!I guess I cannot find words to express my thanks. It was really inspiring. It was not only beneficial to me but also to all my friends." Nidhi, x -B

"Highly inspirational and beneficial" Karuna X -C

"It was fabulous to have Fr. Glenn and team with us. We are really grateful to them for giving us such spiritual knowledge and sharing their wisdom. We are really thankful for we have made teh foundation of our lives a lot more stronger" - Vasil, X -C

"The seminar has really touched and influenced our tender sensitive hearts. we all know that we would succeed to a great extent if we were to put into practice all your teachings. Really grateful to God for having sent you into our lives especially in this significant year" Sonali Singh X -B

"I liked your seminar very much. I hope my classmates too like it very much. You will be one of those people who made a marked influence on me to change my life. It is my ardent desire that you continue to come to our school every year and enlighten the students of std X. Thanks a lot. Please continue your good work and change the lives of millions of students through these value-based motivational sessions." - Jack Jain

"Thank you Fr, for giving us your guidance and blessings. I am very much inspired by this beautiful session and surely work with your given points in my future life. Thanks a lot Sir." Roja. D. Gajjal X - A

"Thank you Sir, very much for such an inspiring session. I am sure with your guidance and blessings we can cross the ocean of life happily. As my ambition is to be a model and how to work to get that path once again.Thank you" Darshika Jain X-A

Thanks to one and all for making this day a life changing experience for us. Thanks to Mr. Martin D'Souza who joined the AVEC team for this Orientation program.

Friday, 26 November 2010


November 26, 2010: St. Jude's High School - STD X Orientation

The AVEC team found themselves in a difficult situation right from the start they entered the school. In spite of all the prior communications, little seems to have been prepared. Finally, we were given the students from Standard Ten at the last moment. 'Proper preparation prevents poor performance'... the session began on a very very noisy note.....couldn't blame them... they never even knew why they were there!!! Finally, some sort of silence was attained and the sessions could begin. With no one to officially introduce us to the students, we took the task upon ourselves.

The students were invited to listen to a prayer song and to reflect on the presence of God in creation. Mr. Rochwyn introduced the days program and took the students on a fantasy flight... making them aware of the Divine space within each one and the need to be connected with that space. The students took this part of the session very seriously. They now seemed ready for the remaining part of the program.

Fr. Glenford Lowe began his part of the session with a story that helped the young minds to focus on what is really important in life. "You cannot cheat all the people all the time, and you cannot cheat yourself anytime," he said. Working through a reflective session the students were able to look at their personal lives a lot more honestly and to see what is important to them and to reset the clock of their lives to spend more time on areas that are important to them. One ought to place greater importance on self and spend more time in caring for self...

Spending a brief period of time on each of the Twelve points that are essential to living a life with a purpose, Fr. Glenford was able to capture the hearts and minds of the young students to make something worthwhile of their lives and to be Value-based in all that they do and are. Using various means of animation through PowerPoint presentations, use of video clips and youthful songs and interactive moments, the young students challenged themselves to start living the Twelve point program in right earnest. The head girl, Nehal Dwivedi then proposed the vote of thanks at the end of the session.

Swathy, a student of Std X, expressed her appreciation in the AVEC logbook in these words: 'It was a very beautiful presentation. It enriched my mind and it gave me a new perspective on how to be more successful and to value our lives better. It challenged me to make a positive contribution in our world."

"It was a very eloquent session for us. It inspired and motivated us to become better people in the future." : Students of Std X - Ashwini, Nehal, Lavina, Shweta, Lovina, Nihal

Wednesday, 24 November 2010



The AVEC team was today welcomed at Convent of Jesus and Mary, FORT to conduct a two hour Value Orientation Program for ninety seven students of Standard VIII. After a brief welcome by the Principal, Sr. Arian, the students had an experience that was different from all the other seminars that they had attended.

The Value Orientation Program began with a prayer song that guided the young students to experience God in the beauty of Creation. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, guided the students through a short meditation that helped them to relax and focus on themselves. The students immediately immersed themselves into the fantasy meditation with all seriousness.

Fr. Glenford Lowe began his session with a famous African proverb, "I pointed my finger to the stars, and all you saw was the tip of my finger," he said. He challenged the students to stretch their minds and look at life differently. Using a short story of a boy with a problem, the youngsters were invited to find a solution to his problem. The students were able to start off on the right note.. it is important to perceive correctly in order to achieve the right results.

Using a TWELVE POINT Value based insights, Fr. Glenford was able to draw the attention of the students to have a 'Winner Attitude', to be a TEAM player, to Communicate Effectively, to exude confidence, to hone creativity, to learn from criticism, to multi task and prioritize one's schedule, to see the 'Big Picture', to tell the truth about money, to live a balanced life and to Live a life of Abundance.

Time flew quickly. Through the various interactive sessions, discussions, the various insights and the Twelve point value based program the students felt that they were sufficiently nourished for a life time. Speaking of behalf of the students, Zaynah Siddique expressed her thanks and mention that they had attended a lot of programs in the past but this one really made an impact on them.

A group of students then expressed their sentiment in the book of appreciation. On record we read: The message conveyed by Father Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn made us think about the brighter side of life. It was very inspiring for all of us students of the Fort. We know and are sure that it will help us to be better and successful citizens of tomorrow. (Sangeetika Sinha, Fatema Patrawala, Zaynah Siddique and Almina Tapal)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


With the schools re-opening after the long Divali vacation, the AVEC team once again found itself at the center of animation. Twenty Six teachers of Rosary School, Dockyard , including their Principal, Sr. Priya attended a five hour Teachers' Orientation Program at the Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga on November 23, 2010. This was indeed an opportune time for the teachers of the secondary school to take time to rejuvenate and commitment themselves whole heartedly to their calling as educators of the young.

The three sessions that followed were animated by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe. Through a prayer song that provided an opportunity to attune with the wonders of creation, Mr. Rochwyn then guided the participants to a few moments of self awareness and calming down through a short fantasy meditation. He then briefed the participants about the responsibilities of the AVEC. The teachers were then taken through an exercise of deeper awareness of their past, present and their future. "let your past direct you, not disturb you," and "let your future invite you to make something meaningful and purposeful of your lives," he said.

Fr. Glenford Lowe invited the teachers to take a 'new perspective' starting with themselves. New Perspectives trigger new procedural changes. We can think differently only if we see things differently. Often our old attitudes and assumptions prevent us from living our lives with a deeper spirit. We become victims of routine and stagnate in our age old assumptions. Using a lot of practical and everyday experiences of the class room, he was able to clarify a lot of preconceived notions.

The next session on 'Commitment' crowned it all. Without a 'personal resource' in all that we undertake and without the necessary 'psychological environment' there is very little that one can do to be more passionate. The teachers showed a keen interest in the sessions and found it extremely useful at the start of this new semester.

Beena Wadhwa proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the school management. In the book of appreciation, she writes, "Very enriching program that brought about a lot of self-realization and awareness. Rich learning experiences and included very many thought provoking activities".

Geraldine Rodrigo expressed her thanks by stating that it was extremely interesting and was an eye opener in relating better with the students in these changing times. At the end of the five hour session, the teachers felt refreshed and pledged themselves to be more passionate and committed in their role as educators in Value clarification. the goal of Value Education is BECOMING. We are all 'being in process' and creating value based environments nurture the young students to become all that they are always meant to be!!!