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November 27, 2010: Holy Cross High School - Lower Parel

Could we say that today was the best of all?...without doubt, the Students Orientation Program for the students of standard ten at Holy Cross, Lower Parel was outstanding. Right form the word go, the hundred and ninety student conducted themselves as no other school would do. The Principal, Sr. Laila really prepared the students well for this Value Education Orientation program. The students began the session with welcoming the AVEC team with a floral tribute followed by an opening prayer, a song and word of welcome. The Orientation program had to take place in the parish church since the school auditorium was still under renovation.

The Orientation program started with a prayer song that drew the attention of the students to the presence of the God in all of creation. Through a short story and a fantasy meditation, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes guided the students to be more aware of themselves and to have a sacred space within themselves where they can often go in to commune with God and self. The students really took this entire session very seriously. To gift oneself with a sacred space and to spend some quiet time is an investment in living a peaceful life.

Fr. Glenford Lowe challenges the young students to have the courage to reset the clock of their lives and to focus a greater amount of time on things that are more important that that is more attractive. "Honor yourself because you are valuable and lovable," he reminded them. Through a lot of interactive sessions and the use of media, he was able to bring home the message of living life with greater meaning and purpose. It was heart warming to see the young students so very receptive and eager to nourish their lives with this value-based motivational teaching. The two hours just flew past...

At the end, the students found time to express their words of thanks and appreciation. Find below some of the comments of the students the were written in the AVEC logbook:

"Awesome, Superb!!!I guess I cannot find words to express my thanks. It was really inspiring. It was not only beneficial to me but also to all my friends." Nidhi, x -B

"Highly inspirational and beneficial" Karuna X -C

"It was fabulous to have Fr. Glenn and team with us. We are really grateful to them for giving us such spiritual knowledge and sharing their wisdom. We are really thankful for we have made teh foundation of our lives a lot more stronger" - Vasil, X -C

"The seminar has really touched and influenced our tender sensitive hearts. we all know that we would succeed to a great extent if we were to put into practice all your teachings. Really grateful to God for having sent you into our lives especially in this significant year" Sonali Singh X -B

"I liked your seminar very much. I hope my classmates too like it very much. You will be one of those people who made a marked influence on me to change my life. It is my ardent desire that you continue to come to our school every year and enlighten the students of std X. Thanks a lot. Please continue your good work and change the lives of millions of students through these value-based motivational sessions." - Jack Jain

"Thank you Fr, for giving us your guidance and blessings. I am very much inspired by this beautiful session and surely work with your given points in my future life. Thanks a lot Sir." Roja. D. Gajjal X - A

"Thank you Sir, very much for such an inspiring session. I am sure with your guidance and blessings we can cross the ocean of life happily. As my ambition is to be a model and how to work to get that path once again.Thank you" Darshika Jain X-A

Thanks to one and all for making this day a life changing experience for us. Thanks to Mr. Martin D'Souza who joined the AVEC team for this Orientation program.

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