Saturday, 25 September 2010

HOLY CROSS, Lower Parel -Teachers' Orientation Program


The AVEC Team organized a two hour Teachers Orientation Program for the Primary and Secondary Teachers of Holy Cross High School, Lower Parel. Over fifty-five teachers gathered together in the school library to participate in the program. On behalf of the teachers, Ms. Margaret, the Value Education Coordinator, welcomed the guest speakers and introduced the purpose of this Orientation Program.

The program began with one of the teachers imploring God's blessings on the program. An opening prayer song then set the mood for deeper reflection and meaning. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes introduced the session through an awareness exercise by focusing on one's breath. He then took the participants through a very practical session of appreciating their past and focusing on their future.

Fr. Glenn Lowe then began to focus on the need to give value and 'importance' to self and to share this 'value and importance to everyone' around. Change must being with self before it begins with others. Going through a long of personal experiences and clarifying various assumptions along the way, the teachers were able to appreciate their vocation as educators and sought how best to put them into practice.

Some of the Teachers expressed their views and appreciation in the AVEC log book.

"Your Orientation Program was very encouraging and the thing I like most was the invitation to be a 'coach' rather than a 'referee' " Pre Primary Section

"The presentation was very informative and thanks a lot. God Bless." Anthonette Vaz - KG

"The presentation was really enriching. Would like to have more of your presentations." Secondary Section Teachers

The program ended with a word of appreciation and a floral bouquets to the speakers. A sumptuous meal then followed. Thanks to the Principal, Sr. Laila and to all the Teachers for their very active participation and enthusiasm shown all through the sessions.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


For CATHOLIC Students from standard VII - X (junior group) and Jr. College to Working Youth (senior group) organised by the AVEC/DBYS at Don Bosco Youth Services from November 6-7, 2010.

RETREATAINMENT is a youth retreat in a novel way of bringing the Gospel of Jesus to young people through Movies... topics on Forgiveness, Faith, Prayer, Suffering, Hope and Love, Commitment and sacrifice.... Come feel the 'Jesus Difference' in your life

Registration fee: R 50/- only before 31st October 2010

Only Liimited places available.....



The AVEC team organised a two hour orientation program for two hundred and twenty students of Standard Ten from Carmel of St. Joseph, Orlem. Thanks to Sr. Shalom principal of the school, who took the initiative to have this session in Value Education for the students. The students were also accompanied by a number of teachers. After an initial introduction by the principal, Mr. Rochwyn began the session with a prayer song followed by an awareness session through a short meditation. The students took part in this exercise whole heartedly.
Fr. Glenn Lowe then took the students through a 'Twelve point' program in order to motivate the students to begin living their lives more meaningfully; to make a difference in their own lives first and then to 'be' a difference in society too. Using everyday life experiences and short video clips, the students were able to align themselves to cherish and own the values that were being clarified.

The students were deeply moved from within - many committed themselves to make a new start and to live a life of purpose and meaning. Time was too short.... but the message was for a life time. Given below are some of the observations written by the students in the AVEC log book:

Thank you Father for this motivational presentation that will help us in our life further and hope you come again to show us the presentation again to motivate us. Thank you Father once again. Khushboo V. X-B.

This was the best presentation I have seen so far. Thank you for this wonderful presentation. I love the last part, most specially the song of Miley Cyrus, “The Climb” Thank you once again. Megan Sequeira X-B

Thank you Father for helping us learn so much of important skills we need for life. You helped us focus on what is right. Thank you on behalf of all my friends. - Pearl D’Souza X-B.

Thank you Father for giving us 12 important skills for life. It was an eye opener for me because I always look at life negatively and from today I know this attitude of mine will change. Thank you. Louann Colaco X- A.

Thank you Father for coming here and teaching and inculcating various values, the skills for life which help us 10 std for stepping out in the wide world outside. We are sure we will keep all these values in our mind and use them effectively. Conchita Misquith X-C.

Thank you Father for coming here and teaching us the real meaning to live life. Thank you for telling us that we should study with fun. Thank you for giving us the wonderful skills which we will surely inculcate in our life. We assure you that we will surely keep all these values and inculcate them in our lives. Rachel D’Souza X-A.

Thank you Father for doing such great deeds by motivating young students. Thank you for giving us such great and interesting skills and values to face our life after our X- Std. Best of luck for your upcoming deeds. Rutuja Kasbe X-A.

Thank you Father for coming and giving us a good message for all the Carmel lights. As you have given us a new opportunity to life. Thanks for motivating us all .We liked your survey especially the “The Climb” and the 12 points given us by you. Once again Thank you. Parinaz Patel X-A

Thank you Father for this motivational presentation that will help us in our life further and hope you come again to show us the presentation again to motivate us. Thank you Father once again. Khushboo V. X-B.

This was the best presentation I have seen so far. Thank you for this wonderful presentation. I love the last part, most specially the song of Miley Cyrus, “The Climb” Thank you once again. Megan Sequeira X-B

Saturday, 18 September 2010



Over Two hundred students of Canossa Convent, Mahim participated in a Two-day retreat which was animated by Fr. Glenford Lowe from September 17-18. The core of the retreat was to enbale the students to make a two fold journey: one an inner journey and an outer journey. Through various reflective moments, personal testimonies, inspiring video clips and challenging questions the students were guided through the daily journey of their lives and to start living more meaningfully.

Given below are some of the comments made by the students:
"The Retreat taught us to live life in a better way. You helped us to discover ourselves and appreciate the beautiful life gifted to us by God. You taught us skills to face life better" - Aiswarya Prabhu X-B

"Thank you Father. You have made us realize how valuable we are. You have guided me towards my goal. I learnt a lot" Juee Mudras X -D

"Thank you fro spending time with us and helping us to appreciate ourselves better. I was challenged by the inspirational movies" Chahat. S. Chavan X-B

"You challenged us to look at our lives through the RIVER MEE and to make a meaningful OUTER JOURNEY. You challenged us to love ourselves too." Saranyaa Shankar X-B

"Father, I cannot my express my feelings in words. Sometimes, we cannot express it sufficiently through words.I can only say a 'Thank you'." Urooj Sayed X-C

"It was inspiring session. Thank you for spending your precious time with us." Kejal Jain X-E

'Thank you Father for such a wonderful session you conducted for us" Shreya Raka X-E

""Thank you father for making us understand more about ourselves and to give more time to spend with ourselves" Akansha Singh X-D

"Thanks to Fr. Glenn from X-B. You made a difference in our lives through the movies, inspirational talks and spending your precious time with us."Smtuhi, Sana, Chandini and Sonam

"Your precious advice to us students will help us a lot. This is the BEST thing a being can do"Kashmira Doctor and Shweta Temkar

"You made us bring out the 'chiefguest in my personality' in each one of us. Thank you.My prayers accompany you."Mahba Shaikh X-A

"Thanks Father for helping us through our INNER JOURNEY and for all the advice" Pravali Shah X-A

"The two days have taught me alot. We, the youth need more of it" Prachi Wankhade X-C

"Extremely thankful for these two days in Value education.I will treasure these value and the Twelve points for life." Krutik a. J .Kotkar X-A

""Thank you Father for these values and teaching us those twelve points. The movies helped me to see life in a better way." Manali C. Vaidya X-A

"Thank you. You have guided me towards my goal. I was inspired by the movies and you taught me to live my life in a better way." Ritika Wankhade X-D

"Your creative sessions will help us to be better and be responsible citizens in the future" Umri Shah X-A

"Thankyou for the enriching session on the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL JOURNEY we need to make. i learnt a lot and will always keep remembering it throughout our lives." Sujata, Manali and Naghma

"Thank you for everything and for this wonderful program. It was a good experience for me and I feel inspired by it."Heena X-E, Nujhat X-C, Farheen X-B

"Thank you for this session. It was very informative and we feel inspired to be better and responsible citizens of India" Kajol, Madhura, Fatima, Safwardh

"Your great efforts to come and give us such valuable knowledge will help us to be more perfect in future" Bhakti Mistry X-C

"The work you do is a difficult one. You did it very well, more than I had expected. There was a lot of 'meaning' in your sessions and they were excellent too. Thanks to you too and continue in this service. It helps us students a lot. God bless you." Sherya X- C

"The whole session was very enthusiastic" Kajal X-D

"Your Retreat that was Value based has helped us teenagers to focus on our lives better. Thank you for the precious time you spent with us" Manasi Todankar X-C

"You enlightened us and given us wonderful tips to lead our lives. The movies and clips were very meaningful too. Thank you" Nazneen and Iqra

"Thank you for the precious time spent with us these two days and for teaching us. Your sessions have helped us to respect ourselves and helped us too." Anam Kapadia X-E

"You challenged us to live life without stress.You have been a guide to us... challenging us through the inspirational movies, songs, etc. Thank you fro teaching us to love and appreciate ourselves." Zara Khan X-E

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

St. Anthony's High School - Malwani, STD X Orientation


One Hundred and Ninety Two students of Standard Ten, belonging to St. Anthony’s High School, Malwani, were today given an opportunity to partake in a Students’ Leadership training program that was organized by the AVEC team.

Breaking up into three groups, the students had a better opportunity to listen attentively and participate effectively all through. Fr. James D’Costa, Principal of the school, welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. Through various interactive moments coupled with PowerPoint presentations and short motivational clips the students were challenged to focus on their lives and to make a difference.

The Leadership session began with a short devotional song that spoke of God’s presence in the beauty of Creation. The students were then taken to a deeper level of self through a breathing exercise conducted by Mr. Rochwyn. Fr. Glenford Lowe then focused on twelve soft –skills that were a necessary ingredient of every leader. Time wasn’t sufficient for further discussions but every student felt that there was enough food for thought and inspiration for living life to the full.

The AVEC team was really impressed by the high level of discipline, attentiveness and participation given by the students. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Many students took time to pen a few words of appreciation. Given below are a few of their responses:

“We, the students of St. Anthony’s High school, studying in STD X-B, are very grateful to you for showing us this special and interesting program. We have learnt many things from this session. We are very thankful to you for leading our lives towards success. May you all spread this message to all throughout you work in the AVEC” ( Vakar, Stallon, Sunil and Chris STD X-B )

“We the students of St. Anthony’s High School studying in STD X-C are very impressed by the program shown to us by the members of the AVEC, The 12 points given by Fr. Glenn were very useful for the development of our personality. We will change our attitude towards life and make India a loving. peaceful and prosperous nation” (Suraj, Malchis and students of STD X-C)

“We are students of STD X-C and at this crucial stage of our lives we need values which mould and enrich our lives. We are really grateful to the AVEC Team for guiding us through the visual presentation about creating ourselves into better individuals. Congratulations for the good work and best of luck for your future journey.” (The Student Girls – STD X-C)

“”We like the session very much. it gave us a new idea to think about life. We also thank you for coming to our school and motivating us through this wonderful session.” (X-B Girls)

Friday, 3 September 2010



Sixty Primary and Secondary Teachers of Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Kalina participated in a half-day Teachers' Orientation Program which was organized by AVEC. The theme chosen for this orientation program was "Commitment and Values". Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb animated the days proceedings.

While most of the students took time to prepare for the Teachers' Day celebrations, the teachers took time to reflect, to rediscover and enrich themselves with some challenging and thought provoking inputs. A brief opening prayer and an exercise in meditation led to greater clam and self-awareness. Mr. Rochwyn then took time to explain the role and responsibilities of the AVEC in promoting a Value based education and environment in all the schools affiliated to the ABE. The teachers then did an exercise on one's 'Past and Future'.

Fr. Glenn then took over with a session that enabled the teachers to clarify certain assumptions and attitudes. Giving very practical examples from day to day class room management, he was able to take the teachers on to a higher plane of being an effective and fruitful educator. A sumptuous tea break followed. One could sense an eagerness to get back into the school auditorium for the second session.

The second session began with an invitation to look at SELF. Through a lot of different exercises, short personal episodes and deep insightful reflections, every teacher began to see the importance of living a life of greater commitment and to promote values through everything that happens in and out of school. The teachers were attentive all through, there never was a dull moment. "This is the best gift to us before teachers' day," whispered a grateful teacher.

Here are some notes of appreciation that were written in the AVEC journal:
"Very humorous, and communicative.... interesting but thought-provoking too."
"Very informative, a beautiful and interesting session."
"My very first practical based orientation program."
"A very enriching and interesting session."
"A time we will remember as it will and has helped us in our journey of knowledge and value"

Thursday, 2 September 2010

St. Anne's High School, BORIVILI



Over 500 students from St. Anne's High School, BORIVILI, took part today in a three hour session on "Leadership and Values". The AVEC team once again took the opportunity offered to them by the school principal, Sr. Graceline to animate the students of standards Eight and Nine. The school auditorium was packed to capacity. T
he students,though a very big number, were excellent in behavior and very attentive and participative all through.

Beginning with a Prayer song 'Dil Ke Mandir Mei', Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes invited the students to place themselves in the presence of a God who created our beautiful world. The opening hymn was in keeping with the theme 'Care for Creation' too. Through a short story on the 'Woodcutter', the students were invited to make a journey within to discover the rich treasures within themselves.

Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, then took the students of standards eight and nine through a series of deep reflective moments spiced with humor and short video clips. He invited them to live the abundance of life that is our birthright. "Lead yourself and love yourself because you are all Valued and beautiful," he kept reminding the students. Climbers never quit and quitters never climb!!!

No doubt, this was one of the best schools we visited so far. The students were highly motivated and eager to make a difference, first in their own lives, and then with those around them. There was never a dull moment today. One could see life and joy in everyones face. "This was very good. I was once a Camper but now I will make efforts to reach my goals making more efforts to be a Climber," wrote Nikita Vichare of IX Std.

No doubt, this was one of the best schools we visited so far. The students were highly motivated and eager to make a difference, first in their own lives, and then with those around them. There was never a dull moment today. One could see life and joy in everyones face. "This was very good. I was once a Camper but now I will make efforts to reach my goals making more efforts to be a Climber," wrote Nikita Vichare of IX Std.

Towards the end, students lined up to write their impressions on the AVEC log book. Here are some of their impressions:

"St. Anne’s school will be a Climber Always" Poonam Dadhaech VIII B.

"I was inspired and moved by this session, I will always be a Climber and be Fantastic" Krupa D. Shah VIII B.

"I was inspired by the Presentation. It was emotional and beautiful" Risha Gorathi

"It was good and I enjoyed it very much" Alisha Desai "Thank you Fr. Glenn".

"I was very moved by this Session. I have decided to improve myself day by day .Thank you" Patrina Fernandes

" I loved the Values you gave us. Thank you AVEC" Riya Thakkar VIII A.

"Thank you for coming to our School. I am inspired by your words" Sonali Saloskai VIII A.

"This ws a very good Seminar. I was touched. I loved the 12 important Values you gave"

"Thanks for coming to our School" Niriksha