Tuesday, 14 September 2010

St. Anthony's High School - Malwani, STD X Orientation


One Hundred and Ninety Two students of Standard Ten, belonging to St. Anthony’s High School, Malwani, were today given an opportunity to partake in a Students’ Leadership training program that was organized by the AVEC team.

Breaking up into three groups, the students had a better opportunity to listen attentively and participate effectively all through. Fr. James D’Costa, Principal of the school, welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. Through various interactive moments coupled with PowerPoint presentations and short motivational clips the students were challenged to focus on their lives and to make a difference.

The Leadership session began with a short devotional song that spoke of God’s presence in the beauty of Creation. The students were then taken to a deeper level of self through a breathing exercise conducted by Mr. Rochwyn. Fr. Glenford Lowe then focused on twelve soft –skills that were a necessary ingredient of every leader. Time wasn’t sufficient for further discussions but every student felt that there was enough food for thought and inspiration for living life to the full.

The AVEC team was really impressed by the high level of discipline, attentiveness and participation given by the students. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Many students took time to pen a few words of appreciation. Given below are a few of their responses:

“We, the students of St. Anthony’s High school, studying in STD X-B, are very grateful to you for showing us this special and interesting program. We have learnt many things from this session. We are very thankful to you for leading our lives towards success. May you all spread this message to all throughout you work in the AVEC” ( Vakar, Stallon, Sunil and Chris STD X-B )

“We the students of St. Anthony’s High School studying in STD X-C are very impressed by the program shown to us by the members of the AVEC, The 12 points given by Fr. Glenn were very useful for the development of our personality. We will change our attitude towards life and make India a loving. peaceful and prosperous nation” (Suraj, Malchis and students of STD X-C)

“We are students of STD X-C and at this crucial stage of our lives we need values which mould and enrich our lives. We are really grateful to the AVEC Team for guiding us through the visual presentation about creating ourselves into better individuals. Congratulations for the good work and best of luck for your future journey.” (The Student Girls – STD X-C)

“”We like the session very much. it gave us a new idea to think about life. We also thank you for coming to our school and motivating us through this wonderful session.” (X-B Girls)

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