Friday, 3 September 2010



Sixty Primary and Secondary Teachers of Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Kalina participated in a half-day Teachers' Orientation Program which was organized by AVEC. The theme chosen for this orientation program was "Commitment and Values". Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb animated the days proceedings.

While most of the students took time to prepare for the Teachers' Day celebrations, the teachers took time to reflect, to rediscover and enrich themselves with some challenging and thought provoking inputs. A brief opening prayer and an exercise in meditation led to greater clam and self-awareness. Mr. Rochwyn then took time to explain the role and responsibilities of the AVEC in promoting a Value based education and environment in all the schools affiliated to the ABE. The teachers then did an exercise on one's 'Past and Future'.

Fr. Glenn then took over with a session that enabled the teachers to clarify certain assumptions and attitudes. Giving very practical examples from day to day class room management, he was able to take the teachers on to a higher plane of being an effective and fruitful educator. A sumptuous tea break followed. One could sense an eagerness to get back into the school auditorium for the second session.

The second session began with an invitation to look at SELF. Through a lot of different exercises, short personal episodes and deep insightful reflections, every teacher began to see the importance of living a life of greater commitment and to promote values through everything that happens in and out of school. The teachers were attentive all through, there never was a dull moment. "This is the best gift to us before teachers' day," whispered a grateful teacher.

Here are some notes of appreciation that were written in the AVEC journal:
"Very humorous, and communicative.... interesting but thought-provoking too."
"Very informative, a beautiful and interesting session."
"My very first practical based orientation program."
"A very enriching and interesting session."
"A time we will remember as it will and has helped us in our journey of knowledge and value"

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