Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Loreto Convent High School, Chembur - Students Session

Loreto Convent High School, Chembur

 Students Session 

AVEC  organized a Two day Value Orientation Programs for over Two Hundred and thirteen Students of Std VIIth and VIIIth  from Loreto Convent high school. Fr. Cleophas Braganza Gave a session on peer pressure, social media, adolescence and growing up. The students really involved themselves fully into this session. One could see a deep sense of seriousness and participation in the various activities that were conducted.
After the session, a number of students came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC Log book: 

It was a very helpful and informative. Shreyasi Mhatre

Was very good and made me aware of the dangers of social media.  Chaitrali Deshpande VIII A

This session was really fun, intresting and also really helpful and made us aware about the social media.  Simran VIII A

A very informative and helpful and each part made a deep impact on my life.Made me realize the dangers of social media.  Anjali Prabhakar VIII B

The session was a very creative and inspired each one of us. It had specific deep messages given to us. Vinita VIII B

It was a informative and a helpful session. Thankyou for giving us such tips for achiving something in life. Mansi Malunjkar VIII B

The session was very well handled and was very inspiring and motivating for all of us . Soumya Nair VIII A

The session was very intresting. It was great to attend such a session. We also came to known much about social media.Thanks for conducting such a session . Preeti Chachlani VIII A

The session was really fun. Nisha Patil
The session was very informative and helpful. It helps one know what is the importance of social media and the purpose. Loved it..!!!      Angel George VII A

The session filled us with inspiration and knowledge. Shivani Shetty VII A

This session inspired us a lot. It gave us much information. It taught us the important dimensions of life. Just loved it. Thank you Joanna Jacob VII A

This session was really fun. It inspired us on how we have dimensions in life and we should not use the wrong way of social media. Sejal Patil VII B

This session was very informative and inspiring. It was so nicely explained to us about our life and its purposes. Vaishnavi Patil VII B