Tuesday, 26 October 2010



The AVEC team were invited by the Convent of Jesus and Mary High School, Khargar for a Teachers' Orientation Program. Thirty four teachers along with their school Manager Sr. Juanita and Sr. Antoinette the Principal attended the inspiring program. In-spite of their busy schedule and examinations, the teachers showed keen interest and participated attentively all through.

After a brief introduction by Mrs. Satelda D'Souza, the Value Education Coordinator, floral bouquets were presented to the guest speakers by Mrs. Yolanda D'Mello and Jyoti Asawale. A prayerful song then followed. The teachers were then invited to take a relaxing posture. Mr. Rochwyn helped the participants to become more aware of themselves through a meditative breathing exercise. The activities of the AVEC were very briefly presented to the teachers.

Through a number of small exercises and reflective moments, Fr. Glenford Lowe drew the attention of the teachers to first 'care for self'. The difference we are ready to make in our lives is essential to trigger the difference we make in others. He challenged the participants to reevaluate their style and attitudes towards their students and profession. Re-framing one's vision to the goals of the Institution is essential for deeper commitment.

Overall, the teachers felt refreshed and highly motivated to respond to their vocation as an educator. After the two-hour session, many of the participants expressed their gratitude. "This session has been meaningful to me as an individual. To bring change in others, I first need to change myself," said Mrs. Sagaya Rani. Mrs. Louisa Peters proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the management and teaching fraternity.

"It was an excellent eye opener, very interesting and good" -Sunita Nair

"It was a very interesting session. It made me realize my own self and my potentials in my life. It truly motivated me to change myself and my children. thanks Fr. Glenn" - Mrs. Filomena Rodrigues

"It was very inspiring for ourselves and specially to help us teach our students better" - Mohana Gaikwad

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Our Lady Of Fatima, Vidyavihar IX - X Students' Orientation


The AVEC team today offered an Orientation Program for over six hundred students of Our Lady of Fatima, Vidvavihar. The students were divided into two batches according to their respective classes. The students of standard Ten were first taken through a session on Twelve important Values for the Journey. After an initial problem with the sound system, the students soon got into the session.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session on a firm note. Quite a few students at first showed no signs of interest. The audio wasn't too good either and the projection screen too small. The students slowly got in to the session through an short meditative moment. Fr. Glenn Lowe then took the students through the Twelve Values for the Journey. "You cannot fool all the people all the time and neither can you fool yourself all the time," was a constant refrain that the students kept hearing. "Your life is beyond classroom and academic results, But what you sow today, you will reap for the journey tomorrow," he said.

After both sessions, a number of students took time to come over an seek personal advice on various issues on how to handle stress, refocus on their studies, prioritize their schedules and time and live holistic lives. This was very well appreciated and it reflects on the important questions that students need to clarify. After a four hour marathon session, many of the students came up to write their impressions in the AVEC log book. Given below are some of their impressions:

"It was an enjoyable session. We learnt a lot. We realized that being good in academics is not as important as being good in life. We promise to imbibe the Twelve point Values in our life." - Melnita and Chaitali

"It was very inspirational and useful. Thankyou for coming to our school and helping us cope with various life skills. Hope it works!!! Thank you." - Ankit and group

"It was very good, inspirational and educative. We got to study more about ourselves and our life in general. Thank you to all the resource speakers who instructed us today." - Asfand Shafi Mastan

"It was a very meaningful session. It made me reflect on my life and work. I think it will help me a lot in the future. Thanks a lot for this session." - Akshay Ramesh Nair

"A wonderful and meaningful session. A lot of important messages were received. I got motivated and looking forward to many more such sessions." - Dhulani

"The session was a lot meaningful. It truly inspired me to have a good goal in my future. It truly motivated me and I believe that everyone should attend Fr. Glenn's session. Am sure it would change my future for good." - Maitri Sangoi

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Our Lady of Fatima - Vidyavihar

October 7, 2010: OUR LADY OF FATIMA - Teachers' Orientation Program

In spite of being a holiday, over a hundred teachers of Our Lady of Fatima, Vidyavihar took time out to look into their lives and profession from a new perspective. At the request of the Principal, Fr. Joseph D'Souza,the AVEC team took the opportunity to animate the Teachers on the importance of having a Value based environment to enhance greater learning.

Although quite some time was lost in starting the session, the teachers were engrossed fully into the program. Fr. Joseph D'Souza welcomed the guest speakers and assured them of their total support in the AVEC activities. Mr. Rochwyn began by inviting the teachers to calm down and focus on the present moment through a breathing exercise. Initially, a prayer song added to creating a peaceful environment.

Fr. Glenford Lowe invited the teachers to look at their vocation as Educators who nourish the students holistically. Education is a matter of the Body-Head-Heart- Soul and not just mere academic excellence. Through a lot of life experiences, Fr. Glenn was able to challenge the teachers to be 'mentors' in the lives of their young students. The young students of today need to be guided to make the right choices in life and to be responsible for the consequences of their choices.

Time ran out... leaving little time for discussion and clarification. However, the teachers felt that the session was inspirational enough to set a new passion and commitment to: the Goals and Vision of the school, the teaching profession, the students development and to team work and fruitfulness. many teachers took time to express their appreciation.

Given below are some of their responses to the day's program:

"It was truly inspirational" - Navita Divakar

"It has given me an opportunity to move from routine to more rhythm in my life" - Soniya Abraham

"It has given me many new insights... 'See what all see, but think what no one else thinks" - Cinderella D'Souza

"It was excellent session on Values and how we change our lives. Issues discussed were good. We look forward to such seminars to educate and change ourselves." - Sylvia Nazareth

" Thanks for coming up and giving us this valuable session. My goal, vision and outlook has changed. Now my 'root' and 'route' will be different since I know I will move from Routine to a more Rhythmic lifestyle." Lynnette Vaz

"It was a wonderful session. It triggered our thoughts, freshened our minds and awakened our souls. I really commit myself to follow the many insights and be driven more by rhythm" - Pushpa K. Pandey

"It was a refreshing session and make me aware about how we can make ourselves better first and then to make a difference in others too." Cicilyn Moraes

Friday, 1 October 2010



For nearly sixty Catholic students of St. Anthony's - Chembur, the day was an opportunity to do a lot of soul-searching and spending 'quality time' with self. Thanks to Sr. Sophie, Principal of the school, for giving an opportunity to all the Catholic students of Std IX and X to have a day's retreat. Fr. Glenford Lowe, from the AVEC team led the students through the reflective process.

Through a lot of interactive moments and sharing on various Gospel Values, the students were able to focus on their lives - their past, present and future and to discover the rich treasures that lie within each one of them. There was never a dull moment. Spiced with a lot of inspirational videos, songs and activities the Catholic students were led to appreciate themselves first and them to make a difference in the landscape through which their lives flow.

The second half of the retreat was spent in the chapel. The students were able to connect with their lives through a lot of creative self-discovery exercises. The 'RIVER ME' handout was the most helpful of all. One could see the seriousness and the attentiveness through which the students went through this exercise. Given an opportunity to internalize it deeper, every student took time off to be with oneself. "This was the best part of today's retreat," said a thankful student.

The students were then given an opportunity to participate in the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Glenford Lowe took time to explain a few parts of the mass and the break the word of God to the students on this First Friday and the Solemnity of the Patroness of the Missions. He challenged every student to be Missionary and to bring the Gospel of Jesus to their fellow companions within their own class and school.

Sr. Olinda assisted the students all the sessions together with their Faith Formation Teacher. Every student took the opportunity to look at their lives a lot more honestly in the light of the gospel. Words of appreciation and a token of love was presented to Fr. Glenford Lowe. Many a students took time to fill in their words of appreciation in the AVEC Chronicle. Given below are a few of the students' comments:

"Today was a lovely retreat. thanks a lot" - Sheril

"It was a lovely session. Thank you for inspiring us" - Cristin

"It was a very inspiring seminar. We thank you a lot" - Navya

"Thank you so much father for the time you spent with us" - Alisha and Lyber

"Thank you Father for this lovely journey which helped us to rediscover ourselves and value our lives" - Amy and Raina

"Thank you father. It was very interesting and enriching" - Catherine

"Thank you father for inspiring us with this lovely retreat" - Rachel

"Thank you father for your advice. we promise that we will imbibe these values you have taught us" - Mary Josephine

"Father, you have really inspired us. thank you for bringing us more closer to God" - Mary and Jovanna

"Father, you have helped us to increase our faith in God and have challenged us to believe in ourselves too. Thank you so much" - Annabel


September 30, 2010: Sacred Heart - Vashi; TEACHERS' ORIENTATION PROGRAM

Nearly sixty Teachers of Sacred Heart's High School - Vashi participated in a Teachers' Orientation Program that was animated by the AVEC team in the school Audio Visual hall.

The students were given an opportunity to leave school early so that the teachers could devote an entire session to themselves. The AVEC team enlightened the group on its various activities throughout the year and invited the teachers to play their role in inculcating important Values to their students and to create a Holistic Educational environment.

Mr. Aldo welcomed all the participants and introduced the two guest speakers. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes invited to participants to spend some quality time with themselves through an awareness session. A prayer song set the reflective mood instantly. He then spoke to the teachers on the need to live their present lives with a future-bound goal. Through a playful yet reflective session he challenged the teachers to a higher quality of living and serving.

Fr. Glenford Lowe took time to clarify a lot of assumptions and attitudes that would stifle a teacher-student relationship. Through a series of statements and short discussion, the teachers were able to appreciate their teaching profession. "Students don't care how much you know, they want to know how much you care," he kept reminding them. After a short break, the participants were taken through another session that enabled them to see the importance of placing the student at the 'center' of the Educative environment.

At the end of the session, the teachers felt refreshed, renewed and energized to live up to their vocation as a teacher. Thanks to all the teachers and in a special way to the Principal, Sr. Malar Joseph for taking the time to plan and arrange this orientation program. Given below are some of the teachers' comments:

"Excellent! Very good and effective manner of putting forth your views. The infused humor made the seminar very lively. We are sure to change for the better" - Ruby

"It was a wonderful vibrant experience to have this beautiful experience of the 'other-side' of life dealing with our students" - Julie

"It was very though provoking. The concepts and ideas taught will help us not only to be good teachers but good human beings. i will use the ideas taught as a thumb rule in my personal life too. Thank you father" - Mel

"It was wonderful listening to father. I hope to follow whatever he has said. I was reminded of my school days where we had fathers who inculcated good values and have helped me to be a good human being" - Sudalish

"Excellent Fr. Glenn. Hats off!!! Mr. Rochwyn, Thank you. Should be done in every school" Alelo Michael, Supervisor