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September 30, 2010: Sacred Heart - Vashi; TEACHERS' ORIENTATION PROGRAM

Nearly sixty Teachers of Sacred Heart's High School - Vashi participated in a Teachers' Orientation Program that was animated by the AVEC team in the school Audio Visual hall.

The students were given an opportunity to leave school early so that the teachers could devote an entire session to themselves. The AVEC team enlightened the group on its various activities throughout the year and invited the teachers to play their role in inculcating important Values to their students and to create a Holistic Educational environment.

Mr. Aldo welcomed all the participants and introduced the two guest speakers. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes invited to participants to spend some quality time with themselves through an awareness session. A prayer song set the reflective mood instantly. He then spoke to the teachers on the need to live their present lives with a future-bound goal. Through a playful yet reflective session he challenged the teachers to a higher quality of living and serving.

Fr. Glenford Lowe took time to clarify a lot of assumptions and attitudes that would stifle a teacher-student relationship. Through a series of statements and short discussion, the teachers were able to appreciate their teaching profession. "Students don't care how much you know, they want to know how much you care," he kept reminding them. After a short break, the participants were taken through another session that enabled them to see the importance of placing the student at the 'center' of the Educative environment.

At the end of the session, the teachers felt refreshed, renewed and energized to live up to their vocation as a teacher. Thanks to all the teachers and in a special way to the Principal, Sr. Malar Joseph for taking the time to plan and arrange this orientation program. Given below are some of the teachers' comments:

"Excellent! Very good and effective manner of putting forth your views. The infused humor made the seminar very lively. We are sure to change for the better" - Ruby

"It was a wonderful vibrant experience to have this beautiful experience of the 'other-side' of life dealing with our students" - Julie

"It was very though provoking. The concepts and ideas taught will help us not only to be good teachers but good human beings. i will use the ideas taught as a thumb rule in my personal life too. Thank you father" - Mel

"It was wonderful listening to father. I hope to follow whatever he has said. I was reminded of my school days where we had fathers who inculcated good values and have helped me to be a good human being" - Sudalish

"Excellent Fr. Glenn. Hats off!!! Mr. Rochwyn, Thank you. Should be done in every school" Alelo Michael, Supervisor

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