Friday, 1 October 2010



For nearly sixty Catholic students of St. Anthony's - Chembur, the day was an opportunity to do a lot of soul-searching and spending 'quality time' with self. Thanks to Sr. Sophie, Principal of the school, for giving an opportunity to all the Catholic students of Std IX and X to have a day's retreat. Fr. Glenford Lowe, from the AVEC team led the students through the reflective process.

Through a lot of interactive moments and sharing on various Gospel Values, the students were able to focus on their lives - their past, present and future and to discover the rich treasures that lie within each one of them. There was never a dull moment. Spiced with a lot of inspirational videos, songs and activities the Catholic students were led to appreciate themselves first and them to make a difference in the landscape through which their lives flow.

The second half of the retreat was spent in the chapel. The students were able to connect with their lives through a lot of creative self-discovery exercises. The 'RIVER ME' handout was the most helpful of all. One could see the seriousness and the attentiveness through which the students went through this exercise. Given an opportunity to internalize it deeper, every student took time off to be with oneself. "This was the best part of today's retreat," said a thankful student.

The students were then given an opportunity to participate in the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Glenford Lowe took time to explain a few parts of the mass and the break the word of God to the students on this First Friday and the Solemnity of the Patroness of the Missions. He challenged every student to be Missionary and to bring the Gospel of Jesus to their fellow companions within their own class and school.

Sr. Olinda assisted the students all the sessions together with their Faith Formation Teacher. Every student took the opportunity to look at their lives a lot more honestly in the light of the gospel. Words of appreciation and a token of love was presented to Fr. Glenford Lowe. Many a students took time to fill in their words of appreciation in the AVEC Chronicle. Given below are a few of the students' comments:

"Today was a lovely retreat. thanks a lot" - Sheril

"It was a lovely session. Thank you for inspiring us" - Cristin

"It was a very inspiring seminar. We thank you a lot" - Navya

"Thank you so much father for the time you spent with us" - Alisha and Lyber

"Thank you Father for this lovely journey which helped us to rediscover ourselves and value our lives" - Amy and Raina

"Thank you father. It was very interesting and enriching" - Catherine

"Thank you father for inspiring us with this lovely retreat" - Rachel

"Thank you father for your advice. we promise that we will imbibe these values you have taught us" - Mary Josephine

"Father, you have really inspired us. thank you for bringing us more closer to God" - Mary and Jovanna

"Father, you have helped us to increase our faith in God and have challenged us to believe in ourselves too. Thank you so much" - Annabel

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