Tuesday, 26 October 2010



The AVEC team were invited by the Convent of Jesus and Mary High School, Khargar for a Teachers' Orientation Program. Thirty four teachers along with their school Manager Sr. Juanita and Sr. Antoinette the Principal attended the inspiring program. In-spite of their busy schedule and examinations, the teachers showed keen interest and participated attentively all through.

After a brief introduction by Mrs. Satelda D'Souza, the Value Education Coordinator, floral bouquets were presented to the guest speakers by Mrs. Yolanda D'Mello and Jyoti Asawale. A prayerful song then followed. The teachers were then invited to take a relaxing posture. Mr. Rochwyn helped the participants to become more aware of themselves through a meditative breathing exercise. The activities of the AVEC were very briefly presented to the teachers.

Through a number of small exercises and reflective moments, Fr. Glenford Lowe drew the attention of the teachers to first 'care for self'. The difference we are ready to make in our lives is essential to trigger the difference we make in others. He challenged the participants to reevaluate their style and attitudes towards their students and profession. Re-framing one's vision to the goals of the Institution is essential for deeper commitment.

Overall, the teachers felt refreshed and highly motivated to respond to their vocation as an educator. After the two-hour session, many of the participants expressed their gratitude. "This session has been meaningful to me as an individual. To bring change in others, I first need to change myself," said Mrs. Sagaya Rani. Mrs. Louisa Peters proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the management and teaching fraternity.

"It was an excellent eye opener, very interesting and good" -Sunita Nair

"It was a very interesting session. It made me realize my own self and my potentials in my life. It truly motivated me to change myself and my children. thanks Fr. Glenn" - Mrs. Filomena Rodrigues

"It was very inspiring for ourselves and specially to help us teach our students better" - Mohana Gaikwad

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