Saturday, 17 March 2018

St. Thomas Academy, Goregaon

St. Thomas academy
Session for Teachers

Fr. Leon Rodrigues sdb, the director of AVEC, conducted a session for the teachers of  St. Thomas academy. 

When we work we need to do so in unison, understanding the ideals of the organisation where we toil; we need to respect it's culture and ethos. This session was about 'building a sense of belonging' among the teachers that work in the esteemed institute at St. Thomas Academy, Goregaon.

As the session began, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, firstly briefed the teachers on the purpose of the animation program and then invited the teachers to relax through an awareness-breathing exercise. Later Fr.Leon facilitated the teachers through an interactive session wherein through games and modules the teachers understood the importance of team work and group building. The teachers attended the session with a lot of seriousness and participated very attentively all through.

The session ended with a vote of thanks.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

St. Mary's High School(S.S.C), Mazgaon

St. Mary's High School(S.S.C), Mazgaon
Session for Leaders

The Avec team organized a session for the Leaders of St. Mary's High School(S.S.C), Mazgaon.
The theme for the session was Leadership towards a better future.

Over the length of two powerful sessions Fr. Leon Rodrigues sdb and his team engaged the leaders of St. Mary's Mazgaon into helping them understand the nuances of leadership.

On the first day (28th Feb 2018) the session was on discovering oneself. A good leader is one who knows himself - his good and his not so good qualities. The students through games and modules were into understanding themselves better.

The second day (15th March 2018) saw the facilitator, Rev. Fr. Leon, speak about Steven Covey's 7 habits for highly effective people. He helped the students understand that leaders use these 7 principles in their daily dealings and that these principles are a pathway to success.

The two days of learning ended with a short vote of thanks.

Monday, 26 February 2018

St. Charles High School, Vakola

St. Charles High School, Vakola
Session for students

Fr. Leon Rodrigues, the director of the AVEC, conducted a two day value orientation session for the students of Std VIII of St. Charles High School, Vakola. The theme for the session was Love and Relationships

The session began with a short prayer service followed by a short meditation. Later Fr. Leon spoke on what it means to be in a relationship. He started his session by highlighting to the students that one needs to focus more on one's heart rather than one's body in order to be truly successful in life. He helped the students understand their true worth by stressing the importance of talents and the proper utilization of these God given gifts. Then he delved into the topic of Love and relationships. There were various activities also organized for the students in between the sessions. The students enjoyed the session thoroughly. Ms. Pearl D'Souza also one of the spoke persons for the sessions. 

The session ended with a short vote of thanks.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

St. Mary Immaculate School, Kalina

St. Mary Immaculate School, Kalina
Retreat for Catholic Students

Fr. Leon organized a Lenten Retreat for the Christian students of St. Mary Immaculate Girl's School, Kalina. The topic for the session was 'God's Love is so wonderful'.

The session began with a brief introduction and a prayer song that invited all the students to participate in praying for God's abundant blessings. A very youthful and colorful PowerPoint presentation was shown to the students which helped them understand the true meaning of Lent. Videos and games were organised to help the students understand the Lenten message. The 79 girls truly enjoyed themselves while learning a lot about their faith. They learnt that they are called to come into a deeper relationship with their God this Lent.

The session ended with Holy Eucharist. As mass ended many students came forward to express their sentiments of gratitude for a session well conducted.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Loreto Convent School, Chembur

Loreto Convent School, Chembur
Retreat for Christian Students

Fr. Leon Rodrigues sdb conducted a Retreat entitled 'Friendship with God during the season of Lent' for the students of Loreto Convent School, Chembur.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, AVEC Project Coordinator, began the session with a short prayer service wherein he helped the students to get in touch with their inner beings. He helped them concentrate on their 'breathe' so that they understood that God gives them his grace everyday of their lives.Thereafter Fr. Leon began his session.

Through an attractive and colourful powerpoint, games and different modules he helped the students understand that God is their special friend who wants to come into their hearts this season of Lent. He wants to be their special friend. The session was very interactive and fun-filled.

The session was very interactive and it was concluded by a vote of thanks.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Sacred Heart Boys School, Santacruz

Sacred Heart Boys School, Santacruz
Retreat for Christian Students

40 Christian boys from Sacred Heart Boys School, Santacruz attended a Retreat conducted by Fr. Leon Rodrigues sdb on 'Finding one's inner calling - Theology of the Body'.

The Retreat began by invoking God's blessings. Fr. Leon conducted a meditation wherein he helped the students understand the meaning and value of life and the gifts God grants us. The session then focused on the talents we possess as individuals and how we take these blessings for granted. He stated that we need to understand that we must first love ourselves in order to love others better.
Fr. Leon then helped the students understand the meaning of getting into a relationship (firstly with God and then with others) through videos, games and modules.

The session was very interactive, one could sense this through the quality of questions that the students were asking.

The session ended with a vote of Thanks.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Don Bosco High School,Matunga

Don Bosco High School,Matunga
Session for Students

Fr. Leon Rodrigues conducted a Personality Development session for the students of  Don Bosco High School, Matunga. 180 students from four different divisions attended the session.

The session began with a short prayer service followed by a talk give by Fr. Leon on the meaning of life and how does one grasp life. He stated that life can be successful not by developing one's body (the growth of the body is essential for development)but through the development of one's heart and mind. He further stated that the development of one's God-given talents are essential to this end.

All through the session, the students displayed a keen sense of openness and participated well in the games and in the modules that were presented.

The session ended with a short thanksgiving prayer and a vote of thanks.