Friday, 10 December 2010

St. Jerome's High School, MIRA ROAD

December 10, 2010: St. Jerome’s High School, Mira Road: Students’ Value Orientation

The AVEC team visited St. Jerome’s High School, Mira Road at the request of their principal Sr. Nisha. Over ninety students from standards nine and ten participated in a three hour Value Orientation session. Being a new school, the students were really excited for their first seminar. After an initial welcome by the Principal and the school Head boy and Girl, the session began with a prayer song.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes then engaged the students in a fantasy meditation by enabling them to focus on their breath. Mr. Rochwyn invited to students to focus on their past and present moments of their lives and to see into the future. “Never let you past continue to remain your future,” he said.

After a break, Fr. Glenford took the students through a twelve point Valued program. Through these twelve Value based principles he challenged the students to have the courage to reset their goals, create new visions and add greater meaning and quality to one’s way of living and doing.

Given below are some of the comments by the students in the AVEC log book of appreciation:

"This session was excellent and very interesting. Through this value session we got a lot of information about the world and how to be ready to face it. Thank you very much" Milton Menezes - IX

"Excellent, Please do come again" Shiron Castellino IX

"This session was very valuable from the educational point of view, and it helped me to live a good life in the future. It was fun having to learn so many new things and to put it into practice" - Inderjeet Bhumrah X

" This was a very good experience and a memorable one. It included important values which will be remembered and used in various tracks of my life" Om Lad X

After the session, many students came to clarify certain doubts and one could see a new desire to add greater meaning and purpose in one's life. The session ended with a vote of thanks and a prayer.

This is the last session that will be conducted by the AVEC team for this year 2010. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011. God bless you all. It was a privilege to come to all your schools and animate the students and teachers in Values.