Tuesday, 8 September 2015

St. Thomas Academy - Leadership Session

St. Thomas Academy
Leadership Session

The leaders of St.Thomas Academy attended a leadership session. The session with the students was very interactive and was very revealing, refreshing and one could sense a deep sigh of relief and new vigor to pick up their life and march on with meaning and significance too. At the end of the session, many of the students came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:

It was an enlightening session for everyone present here.The fact that we do so many things using our sklls was amazing.I thank you again. Prathana

It was a very helpful session and will surely help us alot in future. while managing in the future. Sanskruti

The session was really very inspiring for us, and we are surely going to follow the advice of father. Thank you. Gauraangi

The session inspired us so much it will surely help us after the session of mind, body, soul and heart. I started loving myself. Thank you. Vaishnavi

Thank you sir for for this wonderful session and for making us believe in our selves. We really appreciate it. Aditi

Thursday, 3 September 2015

St.Peter's High School, Mazgaon - Leadership Session

St.Peter's High School, Mazgaon 
 Leadership Session 
Forty Five Students, belonging to St.Peter's High School, Mazgaoni, were today given an opportunity to partake in a Students’ Leadership training program that was organized by the AVEC team.The privcipal Mr. Eugene welcomed everyone present. Through various interactive moments coupled with PowerPoint presentations and short motivational clips the students were challenged to focus on their lives and to make a difference.Many students took time to pen a few words of appreciation. Given below are a few of their responses:

Being a perfect,it obviously touched my heart and the explanation about leadership qualities Was heart touching. Saurva

Extremely impressive – The presentation was superb. Every point was very nicely explained, I feel that when i will go out of this room, I’ll be going out as a better leader, more than a better leader a better human. Rushda

It was highly motivating. The explanation was superb. It really touched our heart especially the story of Nick that he never falls. Ayesha