Tuesday, 30 July 2013


July 30, 2013
Don Bosco High School - Borivili, had the privilege of having the AVEC Team to conduct a Teachers' Value Education Orientation program for seventy two of its teachers on July 29, 2013. The school principal Fr. George Carlos welcomed the speakers and invited the teachers to look at the importance of Value Education in a school environment. Floral tributes were given to Mr. Fernandes and fr. Glenford. Fr. William Falcao, manager of the Institution, once again stressed the importance of Value education. All other subjects can only add value once we have Value Education in place.
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, coordinator of AVEC programs, started by invoking the blessings of the Almighty through an interfaith prayer song 'Sarveshaam, swastir bhavatu'.The teachers were also asked to focus on a spiritual moment of meditation that enabled them to slow down, relax and connect with their past experiences of light and shadow. After the meditation, Mr. Fernandes briefed the teachers on the various activities of AVEC during the course of the year and appealed to them to get more involved with AVEC. Fr. Glenford Lowe was then introduced to them.
'Management By Values' (MBV) is the need of the hour. It transcends the former styles of  Management By Instruction' (MBI) or 'Management By Objectives' (MBO). Fr. Glenford focused on the importance of embracing a new 'perspective change' right from the start. "Yesterday's solutions may not be an answer to the situation of the young people today. Management by values and having the courage to make the necessary value shifts, are the solution for today," he said. The whole program was interactive, spiced with a lot of humour and deep reflective insights too. 
The whole program focused on the 'World of the Young' today and how their attitudes to life can only be altered if they begin to appreciate Values and make the necessary shift too. In understanding the world of the young, the teachers then focused on their own world of 'Words', their 'lifestyles' and their 'alignment of personal and institutional values'. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation and a creative set of handouts, teachers were able to plot themselves on the 'Brian Hall- Benjamin Tonna Value Map'. It took a lot of introspection to realize one's 'Value consciousness' and perception of one's worldview and how it influences one's lifestyle.
Four hours of valued time spent on self and understanding of how to transcend life by making the necessary value Shifts. In the end, Mrs. rose proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the management. A few teachers came forward to write their comments on the AVEC logbook:
"Thank God for people who not only preach but stand for their values" - Mrs. Rose
"Very inspirational and more talks and sessions should be held here" - 
"I felt this session was very practical and I could identify with many situations as parent and teachers" - Mrs. Jacinta Cardoza
"It was excellent and very good" -
"A fruitful session and we promise to begin 'NOW' with our 'WORDS' and not actions. we were fortunate to be part of today's interaction with Fr. Glenn" - Marina
"A very inspiring and educative seminar. thanks Fr. Glenford. All the best and God bless" -  S. Misquitta
"Excellent session conducted by you. You kept we going with your humorous yet knowledgeable insights.  It was very inspiring. Thank you and God bless" -  Roopali
"A very insightful and thought-provoking session. You are a blessing to all the schools of Mumbai. i pray that God may bless you and your institution abundantly" -  Ms. Lynette Sequeira

Thanks to the Staff and Management of Don Bosco High School - Borivili for your very warm hospitality and attentiveness and active participation in this seminar. Be blessed always.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


July 27, 2013
A second day fruitfully spent at Sacred Heart Convent High School - Ahmednagar. Eighty four teachers took part in a one day Value Orientation Program that was organized by the AVEC from Mumbai. The theme for the day was 'Management By Values' (MBV). The opening words of welcome and introduction was given by Mrs. Saji Bhat. Thanks to Sr. Toynette, Principal of the school for inviting us to conduct this program, six months well in advance.
After an introductory prayer song, 'Sarweshaam, Swastir Bhavatu', that set a spiritual tone to the whole program, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, invited the teachers to set aside all their distractions and focus on a fantasy meditation, that involved 'rhythmic breathing' and connecting important moments of one's everyday experiences. By inhaling all that was positive and exhaling all that was negative and toxic, the breathing exercise was really relaxing and life enhancing too. He then made a brief presentation of all our AVEC activities during the last scholastic year and invited the teachers to be connected with AVEC and take advantage of all our Value Resources too. He then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to the teachers. he also made a mention of his noble act of donating his kidney to a fellow Salesian priest.
 Fr. Glenford then took the remaining part of the four hour long session. He started of with a call to embracing a new perspective to life. "Without a new perspective in life, we will fall into the rut of routine and drudgery. Change your perspective of life and change your lifestyle too. Only a 'shift in Values' will help you to change your lifestyle too", he kept reminding them. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation, several personal testimonies, personal moments for reflection and group sharing, Fr. Glenford was able to kept the attention of the teachers all through the session.
 The first part of the session was to make a shift from looking at Teaching as a career and to embrace it as a Vocation. "When teaching becomes a Vocation, then your life becomes more passionate, purposeful and peaceful. It is reflected in your lifestyle that is more happy, healthy and holy too", he said. He then invited the teachers to enter into the 'world of the young today', and to understand their pain points too. Their attitudes in life need to be changed, and this change must first start in their teachers. Once they see these values in their teachers (value guru), then, they too will be ready to make the necessary 'Value Shifts' in life.
 The second part of the session focused on 'Management By Values' (MBV) and the importance of 'Aligning Personal Values with Institutional Values'. The more our Values align, the more effective and wholesome our personal attainment and job satisfaction would also be. Using simple examples, the teachers were able to plot their level of alignment and the necessary shifts that they had to make in order to move to living a more 'significant life'. Through a small 'puzzle' exercise, important values were also inculcated.
In the final part of the Orientation program, the Teachers were invited to plot their Goal values and means values on the 'Brian Hall-Benjamin Tonna Value Map' and to find out where they stand in relation to their perception of the world and how they need to make the necessary shifts to reach a 'Phase IV' level of Value Consciousness. Value Education is an 'Education To Becoming' and it is a life long process. Once we make the necessary value Shifts, we become 'Value Gurus' and only then will these values be caught by our students too.
 At the end of the session, Mrs. Evangeline Makhwan, proposed the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the management. A number of teachers came forward to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation Log Book:
"I am sure it will make a difference in my everyday life as a mother and teacher" -  Mrs. Rao
"Enlightening and wonderful experience. Thanks a lot" - Mrs. Saji Bhat
 "Thank you for making us aware of where we stand and how we can change" - Mrs. Shyala Coutinho
"Father, you showed us how a change can change lives for a better future. Thanks for a very valuable session" - Mrs. Rumana Shaikh
"Thank you father for enriching us with this experience. We would like if you would come and share some practical experiences with the students while imbibing values in them. Your experience will help us too" - Mrs. Azema S. S
"Thank you Fr. for your insightful session. May God bless all your endeavors" - E. Makhwan
 "Thank you father, it was indeed an awesome session. We had a wonderful experience" - M. Mathew
"Thank you Father. It was indeed a wonderful experience. It will surely help make a difference in our lives" - Mrs. Lillian
"Thanks a lot. It was very inspiring. We really needed a turn in our teaching experience and because of your wonderful orientation program, 'it has shifted us towards a new tomorrow'. thanks for a new shift in our life. Thanks and God bless your sacrificial life" - Mrs. ida

Thanks to Sr. Toynette and all the members of the sacred Heart Convent High School for your warm hospitality and attentive participation all through the program. thanks also to Bro. Ramesh Durairaj, sdb for initiating us to the schools in Ahmednagar. GOD BLESS YOU ALL


Thanks to an early booking, over six months ahead, by the school principal, Sr. Toynette, that over five hundred and ninety students were able to participate in a day's Value Orientation Program. Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes animated the sessions ' Living the Life you Love' and 'living by a Value compass' for two hundred and eighty five students of STD X and the three hundred students of STD IX respectively. On behalf of the school management, Mrs. Saji Bhatt welcomed and introduced the guest speakers. Present also were two Argentinian Voluntary doctors Mr Lito and Mrs. Belen. Floral bouquets were presented to the guests by various students. 
Both the sessions began with a Prayer Song 'Sarweshaam, Swastir Bhavatu'. The prayer of blessing over all was really welcome - a blessing for peace, health, joy, happiness and auspiciousness too. After the prayer song, Mr. Fernandes took the students through a moment of prayer meditation, that also incorporated moments of rhythmic breathing and  connecting with the 'lights' and 'shadows' of one's daily student life. It was an opportunity to slow down and relax too. He then briefly presented the works undertaken by AVEC. Mr. Fernandes also introduced Fr. Glenn and praised him specially this day as he marked the second anniversary of his kidney donation.
 Fr. Glenford Lowe, then took over the Value Orientation program. He challenged the students right from the start to value their life and their gift of time and to live a meaningful life and make a worthy contribution to society. Through the use of a PowerPoint presentation and connecting with everyday examples, personal testimonies, group reflections and sharing, he was able to challenge the students to start living a life guided by a Value compass. "Direction in life is more important than velocity. It is not how fast you run, but whether you are on the right track. Reset or reconstruct your value compass today and go M.A.D - make A Difference", he advised them.
Both the students of STD X and STD IX really took part in the whole program very attentively. One could sense an atmosphere of serenity and a shift in attitude to life among the students. Taking the students through number of Diamond Values, Fr. Glenford was able to spell bound the students attention for over two and a half hours each. On behalf of the students, Additi Fulari and Saurabh Nachan proposed the vote of thanks.
A number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation log book. 
"We would always like to meet you in future. Your counselling will help us to become good citizens in the world. Thank you so much" - Yash Mhankale X-A
"Thank you Father. we were really happy to see your guiding spirit for us. We would be happy to see you in future and accept your words of advice" - Karan Patil X-B
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn. One important thing that I have learnt today is to value our parents. god has chosen them for us and we should learn to accept them and love them" - Akash Somoni X-C
"Thanks Father. Excited and jubilant to get a new path towards life and meaningfully too. Our parents are our platinum. This has become clear to us. God has a plan for us and we have to find it. thanks once again" -  Yash Jaggi X-D
 "It was a very great session for us. The most important value I learnt today is that we are born, not only for ourselves, but in fact for others. It would be great father, if you come again" -  Bhandari Pooja X-A
"It was truly a wonderful and exciting session. Thank you Father. the values cultivated by you will help us in our future to bloom in life. the day will be memorized and stored in our minds forever. thank you" -  Shivani Devi X-D
"Father Glenn, I really was touched by all the values and facts that you have shown us. I will never forget the important value of forgiveness in my life. I was lucky enough today to be present for this session. My parents used to tell me that 'a kind heart is a fountain of gladness' and so is your heart. Thank you for being with us, to touch us with these values which will definitely help us in our future. Thank you" - Mehwish Shaikh Sohail X-B
 "It was a great session. Thank you Father for sharing your great experience and time and we wish that you come again to sacred heart School and share your experience" - Samuel Sonawae, Anish Jaggi amd Darsha Gandhi IX-A
"It was an effective orientation which would really bring a change in ourselves. We are ready to Make a Difference and put all these values in place" -
 "Thank you for enlightening our minds and for me it was a great session" -  Mrukaan C. Talreja IX D
On behalf of the students of STD IX, I would like to t\hank you Fr. Glenn for guiding us on the path of life" -  Supriya IX-D
"It was a great experience, very good points were discussed and delivered, we want to that you for your great speech" - Preksha Jain IX - C
 "It was really mind blowing session. Thanks for giving us more information and encouraging us" - Manali Bora IX -C
"Thank you for conducting these sessions, 'cause it helped me to discover myself and who I am. It truly inculcated many values in me. Thank you" -  Sayyed fatima IX-C
 "Thanks for this relaxing and good lecture." - Reena IX C
"Thank you Father for this awesome session. We can't describe it in words. It taught us the meaning of life" - Shraddha Pawar IX-A
"Thank you Father Glenn. It was really an inspiring session. we will try to practice all that we have learnt today. thank you once again" - Sucha Chobhe IX - A
"Thanks for this session. We really enjoyed it every much and we have learnt many values from it" -  Neha Sareen IX A

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


July 24, 2013: For seventy four students, today's program 'LEADING BY VALUES' came as a total surprise. AVEC organised the 'Leadership or Leadershift' session in the school hall. The program was conducted by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe. The school principal, Fr. James D'Costa, welcomed and introduced the guest speakers and invited the students to participate in the program wholeheartedly. 
Mr. Rochwyn began the session, inviting the students, to participate in a 'prayer-meditation-fantasy' exercise and to slow down and relax too. The students participated in the spiritual part of the session very well. Through this spiritual exercise, the leaders were invited to trust in a God who is in control and who uses us an instruments for building a better valued- earth. Mr. Fernandes, then, introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe and used him as an example of 'selfless giving' - by his noble gesture of donating his kidney to a fellow Salesian priest.
Fr. Glenford Lowe, right from the word go, struck a chord with the young leaders. He challenged them, that as leaders, their role in school is much more than just maintaining discipline and walking in straight lines! The young leaders were invited to a 'Day of Leadershifts' - leading by a Value Compass. The entire Leadershift session involved a lot of group activity, personal reflections, group sharings and opportunities for deeper insights and enlightenment. In spite of the heavy rains, that keep pounding on the rooftop, the young leaders were really glued to the entire session.
Important themes were discussed all through the morning: The Wisdom of Self Awareness, the Clarity of Vision, the Power of Sharing the Vision through TEAM, the importance of SMART Planning, the force of Creative thinking, the nobility of Delegating Responsibility, the clarity of Proper Communication, the Importance of Time Management and finally the desire to leave behind a Lasting Legacy. Unfortunately, because of the heavy rains, the school had to be closed earlier, much to the disappointment of the young leaders. as a result, some points could not be completed.
 A number of students came forward to write their impressions in the AVEC log book:
"It was a very good session. A lot of inspiration too. An awesome experience as a leader!" - Nishita Singh IX-A
 "It was so nice to have Fr. Glenn in our school. Whatever you said was so inspiring and you are so nice too" - Lavina Das IX - C
 "It was fun in today's session. learnt so many points on Leadership or Leadershift which I will inculcate in my life. Thanks for coming to our school" - Joanna D'Souza X - C
 "It was an inspiring teaching and I enjoyed it very much" -  Patricia D'Souza VII - C
 "I enjoyed very much. I will never forget this day" - Abhirami Sunil VII-B
"Thank you father for giving us so much examples of life for a peaceful living. I will remember all the things you taught us and thank you for coming to our school. We are expecting you much more in our school" - Abishek Lotikar IX-A
 "I liked the session very much. Thank you for coming to our school and do come again" -  Cleophas Sampai VIII - C

Congratulations to all the students and well done! May God bless your efforts to make this world a better place through your leadership skills. thank you - Fr. Glenford Lowe