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JUNE 28,2013: For the third consecutive day, AVEC was present at St. Mary's Convent Secondary School - Ajmeer, for a full day's Orientation program for Two Hundred and Seven students of the Junior College. All three streams - Science, Arts, Commerce were present. In spite of being the holiday period, all the students made it for the Orientation Program. The words of welcome were given by the Principal Sr. Jyotsna. 
The session was divided into three parts. the theme for the Orientation program was 'Living Your Life By a Value Compass'. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes thanked Sr. Jyotsna for the kind words of welcome and then played a Prayer Song 'Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu'  to implore God's blessings on each one. This was followed by a moment of silent relaxation, that was coupled with intense Rhythmic breathing and awareness of one's prime moments of life in school and home. The students took this fantasy meditation very seriously too. Fr. Glenford Lowe was then introduced to all and a brief of all our AVEC activities were also made known.
The next part of the session focused on the power of resetting one's Value compass. knowing Values on the level of the head is not enough; it has to be lived out in practice. Living a life without values is like trying to survive just another day. living our life by a Value compass enables one to get on the right track. 'In life, it is not how fast you run that matters, but whether you are on the right track that counts. A Value Compass in hand is what leads you on", he said. He challenged the students to start 'Making A Difference' (MAD) - using the examples of Ms. Kia Scherr, Ryan Well's Foundation and the Trident Hotel Staff as models of 'change-makers', he invited the students to become more aware of their contribution to life.
 He then used the 12 Diamond Values as the basis of starting afresh on a 'Valued Path in life'. He stressed on the key values that can enable one to life a significant life. He challenged the students to focus on: A Winner Attitude, being a Team player, the need to Communicate Effectively, Growing in Confidence, Nurturing Creativity, Learning from Criticisms, Motivating One's self and Leading others, Multitasking, Being Accountable, seeing the Bigger Picture, Living a Balanced Life and finally the Power of Abundant Living. With the help of a number of daily examples, personal testimonies and a PowerPoint that had powerful video clips, he was able to captivate the student attention for over four hours.
Floral tributes and gifts were presented by the students to both the resource personnel.
At the end of the session, a number of students came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
“It was not just an orientation program. But, it brought in ‘spiritual enlightenment’ too. It would be definitely help to lead a good life and become a better person” -  Manu Sharma XII – Sc

 “The Orientation program by Fr. Glenn gave me a new way of looking towards our life. The leadership qualities that a leader should have and the value skills he taught us will be with me for life. I can say now that I am optimistic” – Amreen Ayaz XII-Arts
 “The convocation program was really nice. I loved it. It motivated me and I’m sure that it had bought a MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE to all of us. Thank you so much father” – Khushboo Choudhary XII – Arts
 “It was a treat to have you here and good to see that someone is there to help us and guide us, someone is there who understands us and I wish that you may enlighten more and more minds. I wish you all the very best and may God help you to achieve your goal and strengthen you. Thanks for coming here, we really needed this at this moment of our life” – Anishi Gavg XII Sc

Congratulations at all the students for their keen attentiveness and active participation.
May God bless you educative journey. 

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