Monday, 8 July 2013


JULY 8, 2013: Over Seven hundred and fifty students (STD VIII - X) from St. Louis Convent High School - Andheri, took part in a Value Orientation Program in the school auditorium. Three sessions were conducted by Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. The guest speakers were welcomed by Sr. Ansela D'Mello, Principal of the school. The words of welcome were given by Teacher Tracy Germarth.
After an initial prayer song, 'Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu', the students were invited by Mr. Fernandes to be actively involved in a relaxation exercise that blended with a fantasy meditation. Important life situations in school and home were reflected upon during the process of rhythmic breathing. The students had an opportunity to spend time in silence and reflect on their journey so far. After the introduction, Mr. Fernandes introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to the students.
Fr. Lowe challenged the students on two different topics. The students of standard Eight and Nine discussed the Topic on "Resetting Your Life and Time", while the students of Standard Ten focused on the theme "Living Your Life By a Value Compass". The students were invited, at the very outset, to look at life through a 'MAD' perspective: Make A Difference! The world does not need average people, indifferent people. Each one is called to contribute to Make A Difference... like Kia Scherr, Ryan Well's Foundation etc. Through a lot of personal examples and daily life's choices, the students were able to focus on the Value of Resetting one's life, based on a Value Compass.
 The students of standard Ten, had a longer time for the session. Fr. Glenford Lowe, presented 12 Diamond Values that are essential to live one's life to the full. Living just on the level of survival is really not worth the effort. People who are ready to ask 'Meaning Questions in life' are those who will find better answers to living more meaningfully. He then focused on the need to have a 'Winner Attitude', to form TEAMS of Synergy, to Communicate Effectively, Grow in Confidence, Be Creative in Expression, Motivate and Lead Others, to Learn from Criticisms, to Multitask and Prioritize One's Schedule, to Tell the Truth about Money, to Live a Balanced Life and to finally Live a Life of Abundance. In the end the students were challenged to be climbers, rather than quitters or campers.
 In the end, on behalf of the students, Kanika Rodrigues proposed the vote of thanks. A number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation log Book:
Aayesha S. Patel (VII A) - I learned values and enjoyed it.
Afran Shaikh (VII A) - I have become MAD and I really enjoyed it!
Sara Dobani (VII A) – I learned about faith, religion and I enjoyed.
Kinjal Nagda (VII A) – I am glad that I got an opportunity to learn more values.

Stephen Pereira (VII A) – I became MAD after this session and I enjoyed it.
Urvi Sandha (VII D) – Listening to this seminar, I have learned more values and also about respecting time.
Muskaan Khunt (VII D) – An awesome lecture. Really I’ve gone MAD!

Ashwini Jadhav (VII D) – I became MAD, I would like to enjoy it more.
Simone Salvis (IX B) - Really felt very good after this session. Learnt many things that I will take back home.
Rhea Aju (IX C) - I would like to change myself, would like to make a difference to everyone.
Kashish Shaikh (IX B) – I am a changed person and try to make a difference in others life too. And give my own experience.

Abhilasha Bakshi (IX D) – After this session I felt really very nice. I wish I could change my life after this session. I will try my best to change my life for myself as well as for others.
Schenelle Sheehan (IX D) – Really amazing session. I’m sure our lives will change after this. We will all Make A Difference sometime or the other. And this session has taught us to value ourselves and our life.
Trisha Shetty (IX D) – The lecture was really awesome. I wish it was longer. Have learnt many things and will surely try to change. Hope we have more such lectures.
Rhea Shenoy (IX D) – It was really lovely to have Fr. Glenn to give us such an inspiring talk on how to live our lives and making the right choices. I’m sure by the time we step out today from school, we will all be MAD- Making A Difference. We learnt that we have just one life to live, going in the right direction. The most important lesson is that we should value and give utmost importance to OURSELVES first, because only with this, we can value everything else. THANK YOU Fr. GLENN!! WE REALLY LOVED IT!!
Trisha N. Shetty (IX A) – The seminar was very good. We learned a lot today. I hope next time when we meet we will be MAD- Making A Difference in ourselves and in our lives. I hope next time if we meet, we’ll get more information on succeeding in our lives and also in ourselves. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Fr. GLENN!
Nikita Khot (X C) – This seminar is indeed great. It has given us many keys to be a successful and a good human being. I hope that this seminar will be held again. This seminar has really shaped our minds. Thank You! Thank You Very Much!! J
Tahoora Hashmi (X D) – This seminar was amazing. There was a lot to learn. One thing is sure after leaving from here I’m going to take life and see it and feel it in a different way.

Kritika Das (X D) – First of all I would like to thank you Fr. Glenn.It was one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. You have motivated many of us to look upon our lives from another point of view. You actually made us feel our values in our lives. Thank You.
Sara Qureshi (X B) – Thank you so much Fr. Glenn for the wonderful seminar. It truly made an impact and I will surely try to make a difference.
Kanika Rodrigues (X D) – We have attended so many seminars but this is one that had an impact on almost everyone. Fr. Glenn had touched our hearts truly. I will look at life with more focus. THANK YOU!

Minoshka G Noronha (X D) – Today’s seminar was truly inspirational and it totally enlightened our lives. We will always cherish the wonderful moments we shared with you Fr. Glenn! So, on behalf of all the students in Std. 10th, I would love to thank you’ll, so so so much!
Lisa Fernandes (X D) – Thank you Fr. Glenn for your amazing inspirational seminar. We have learned a lot from you today. You have shown us a new direction to view our life.You have encouraged us. Thank You!!!
Shraddha Kanojia (X D) – Thanks a lot for encouraging me. My life was stuck in a miserable conditioned during the month of Feb and March in 2013. Now I know life is much more than a problem. I am in my life back again. Thank You!!! 

Thank you and congratulations to all the students for your whole hearted cooperative and attentive listening. may the world, your school and home be better BECAUSE YOU CHOSE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!
May God's blessings be showered on you all


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  2. Please provide me the detailed information of admission in 6th Please provide me proper guideline, fee structure.My email is javephoolwala@gmailcom Please provide me all the information about admission as soon as possible