Tuesday, 9 July 2013


July 9, 2013: Once again the AVEC team were in St. Louis Convent High School - Andheri, this time for a Teachers' Value Education Orientation Program. Sixty four teachers participated in the full day's program. On behalf of the school Management and Staff, Ms. Femida Rangwalla welcomed the guest speakers. After a brief prayer Song 'Sarweshaam Swastir Bhavatu', that set the spiritual tone to the program, the teachers were invited to participate in a fantasy meditation that was conducted by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes.
After the moment for calm and silence, Mr. Fernandes briefed the teachers about the AVEC programs and report for 2012-13. He then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe. The theme for the day's program - "Management By Values"- was divided into three parts. The first part focused on the value of developing a 'new perspective'. "Somehow, in school, all of us become victims of routine. In the bargain, our lives become static and rhythm-less. Old mindsets and assumptions blur our vision", he said. When we perceive differently, we also achieve differently! 
Part two of the program focused on the 'world of the young today'. Highlighting six main 'pain touch points' of the young, he challenged the teachers to feel and identify with them. School is second home and teacher is second parent. The educator of today is invited to enter the world of the young and to enable them to make Valued choices in all that they do. In order to do that, the teachers themselves were challenged to set their own value system right and to align themselves with the Values of the institution.
In the final part of the program, using the Brian hall- Benjamin Tonna Value map as an indicator, the teachers were invited to plot their own Value Map and to make the necessary value shifts that are needed to move from 'mere living a life of survival' to that of 'deeper significance'. Using a PowerPoint presentation and taking a clue from everyday life situations, he was able to help the teachers to make the necessary value shifts in their own personal lives. One could sense a new leash of life and passion among the teachers.
 In the end, Mrs. Judy Pinto proposed the vote of thanks.
The following entries were made in the AVEC log book of appreciation:
"A wonderful change from our normal schedule. Fr. Glenford's seminar was fun and very enriching. The students and teachers benefited a lot personally and professionally. The simple ways in which we teachers were asked to make our teachings more rich and effective with value inculcation was very effective! Love to have more such sessions. Thanks"  - Mrs. Sobha Ramakrishnan
 "A truly enlightening session. It also reiterated the fact that as educators we can make a lot of difference in the children's lives by instilling the right values in them. Also, by shifting from phase II to Phase IV, we will be able to have a better and beautiful world to live in. thanks a lot" -  Mrs. Jaya Kewsani

Thanks and congrats to one and all for making the time and for participating attentively in the program, may God bless your scholastic year 2013-14 with much fruit!

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