Thursday, 11 July 2013


July 11, 2013: Thanks to an early booking made by Sister Thresia Sini, Principal of St. Anthony's High School, that thirty three teachers were able to participate in a full day's Value Education orientation program. The program 'Management By Values' (MBV) was conducted by AVEC. Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes were the two resource personnel.
The session began with a Prayer song, in Sanskrit, 'Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu'. The prayer song truly invoked God's blessings of Auspiciousness, Peace, Health, Fullness and Health on all. The video presentation was very apt as it involved an interplay of inter faith beliefs and practices. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, then took the participants through a meditative moment that involved personal bodily awareness, rhythmic breathing and connecting with everyday life's situations. After the brief moment of meditation, Mr. Fernandes informed the participants about the AVEC activities and report for 2012-13. He then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to them.
 The session 'Management By Values' (MBV) was conducted in three parts. The first part of the session focused on the 'World of the Young' and the six major pain points that affect their lives. Through a Point Point Presentation and a a lot of interactive moments, the teachers were able to connect with the world of the young and to understand their role as 'value gurus' in their lives.
 The second part of the session, began with the poem by Jonathan Reed, 'Lost Generation' at the U@50 Competition. "Change your WORDS and change your WORLD. Once we make a Value shift, our personality also transforms and it is expressed by the words we communicate. Focusing on our everyday conversations, the four personality types were discovered. Moving from Survival to Significance is vital in our life. 
 In the final part of the four hour long program, the teachers evaluated their own Values and plotted them on the 'Hall-Tonna Value Map'. The four phases of Value Consciousness was then explained to the teachers. With the help of a few everyday practical examples, he was able to help the teachers discover their lifestyle patterns and to make the necessary Value Shifts in their lives. The value of WORD and the power of a teacher in communicating the word was stressed.
At the end of the session, a Mrs. Apulina Michael, Mr. Vijay Yadav, Mr. Ashley Tauro and Sr. Thresia Sini - Principal, came forward to say a few words of appreciation. The following comments were made in the AVEC log book:
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for the wonderful session, this is my second session with you and your team. I achieved a lot. It will make me a better person, keep my WORD and make the necessary Value Shifts for myself and for others" - Mrs. Geraldine D'Moore 
 "My heartfelt thanks to Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes for this inspiring session for the staff of S.A.S I've learnt a lot and will carry out the word, and Value shift for myself and for my students too" - Mrs. Appolina Michael
 "Thank you Father Glenn for teaching us nice values, which I will always remember and use also" - Chandrakala
"Thank you Fr/. Glenn for giving us such a wonderful session on values which are really so necessary for our society today" - Mr. Vijay Yadav
 "Praise the Lord. Thank you Lord!. Thank you Fr. Glenn for such an inspiring message. it surely will 'Make A Difference' in our Life" - Ashley Tauro
 "Dear Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn, you have really 'disturbed' us to Make a Difference in our life and in the life of our students" - Sr. Thresia Sini

God bless you and thanks for your attentive listening and active participation. Be blessed always

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