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July 22, 2013: The AVEC resource team ventured early morning to animate sixty eight teachers of St. John the Evangelist High School - Marol, Andheri. The school Principal, Sr. Tara welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to the school. She introduced both the guests and invited the teachers to avail themselves of the opportunity set before them to 'Embrace Values and Enrich Lives'. The theme for the day's Value Orientation program was 'Management By Values' (MBV).
The session began with a Prayer Song 'Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu' -  an audiovisual presentation that included visuals from all-faiths and religious practices. Everyone could easily connect with the prayer that implored God's blessing of auspiciousness, health, peace, abundance and love for all.  An awareness breathing exercise followed, this helped the teachers to relax and slow down and to be open to the session that was to follow. Mr. Fernandes then briefed the teachers about the AVEC activities over the last year. He invited the teachers to go through the AVEC 'Values for the Yatra' and to sign up for the e-letter too. Fr. Glenford was also introduced a second time.
Fr. Glenford Lowe, then took the session in three parts. He invited the teachers to look at a new perspective in life. "What you see, is what you get!" The teachers were challenged more than ever to put their 'heart' back into their noble vocation as educators of the young. He defined Value Education as an 'education to becoming', and we 'BECOME' only to the extent that we embrace values. Education to becoming is a life-long process and cannot be achieved over night. Part of teh 'becoming process' is the ability to manage one's life by Values and to make the necessary Value Shifts needed to move from living a life of survival to one of deep meaning, significance and contribution.
Part two of the program revolved around 'aligning' one's personal values with that of the institution. Plotting one's level of personal attainment with that of the institutional's job satisfaction, the teachers were able to gauge themselves once again on the Value scale. Focusing on the WORD and the need to change one's word in order to change one's world was an insight given through 'Johnathan Reed's U@50' poem.
In the final part of the exercise, using the Brian Hall- Benjamin Tonna Value map, the teachers were able to honestly find themselves with reference to the 'four phases' of Value Consciousness. The need to make the necessary Value Shifts in order to move to a higher plane of Value consciousness was also explained. the teachers were very attentive all through the exercises and found an opportunity to really understand the dynamics of Value Shifts. Using everyday examples and enlightening the teachers on the world of the present day young people, the teachers were invited to make the change in themselves first, in order to find solutions with the young to make their world a better place to live and grow as 'Valued human beings'.
 On behalf of the school, Mrs. Lucy Saldanha proposed the vote of thanks. A number of teachers wrote their comments in the AVEC appreciation logbook:
"An excellent session, we enjoyed every bit f it. We will surely use the inputs in our daily teaching and lives. I hope to shift my values and hope to attain Phase IV. Thank you and God bless you with good health to carry on this noble work" - Mrs. Recca A. Pinto
 "I am a Marathi/ Hindi teacher, but I understood your session well and hope that we will be able to make a difference in the lives of our students. Thank you" - Shalini Buthello
 "Extremely well conducted session. Very valuable inputs given. Keep up the good work" -  Violet Menezes
 "You are a very loving messenger of God, you are inculcating good values in us to make the world a beautiful place" - Rakesh Dwivedi
 "The session was thought provoking. it made me think of my mission here on earth and what I could do as a teacher/educator.Thank you for this valuable insight. God bless you" -  Andrea Fernandes

Thanks to one and all for your attentiveness and active participation. God bless you all.

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