Saturday, 28 July 2012


July 28, 2012: Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, from AVEC conducted a day's Value Orientation Program for the Teachers of Cardinal Gracias High School, Bandra. Seventy Seven Teachers from the Secondary and Primary section attended. The guest speakers were welcomed by Ms. Kusum Pramod on behalf of the Management and the Teachers.
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, Coordinator of AVEC, thanked the Management for the warm welcome. A Sanskrit Prayer Song set the prayerful mood. He then invited the Teachers to take a relaxed posture that would enable them to mediate and reflect on a fantasy meditation. The awareness of one's breathing and inner connection with self aided the moments for personal relaxation.
 Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of AVEC began the three part Orientation Program based on the theme "Managing By Values" (MBV). The first part of the program focused on the need for a new perspective and clarifications of some Teacher Assumptions. The second part of the program, after the short break, enabled the participants to align their Personal Values with the Values that the Institution stood for. The alignment of Personal with Institutional Values helped the teachers to see where they stand in relation to the four acts of life: Survival, Stability, Success or Significance,  
In the final part of the Value session, Fr. Glenn, using the Brian Hall - Benjamin Tonna Value Map, enabled the Teachers to once again discover where they stand in relation to their Values and the World View of one's life. The entire exercise was an eye opener to one and all to look at their lives a lot more honestly through the 'Value lens' and to respond with greater significance and meaning to their role as educators of the young.
The day's Orientation program ended with a brief about the 'Values for the Yatra' and their 'Education to Becoming' Competitions for this year. A number of teachers signed up for the 'Values for the Yatra'.

On behalf of the teachers and the Management, Ms. Rubina Franklin, proposed the Vote of Thanks.

The following comments were made in the AVEC Log Book:
 "The session given by Fr, Glenford Lowe was very helpful for us as teachers. It was very inspiring and it made us truly believe that teaching is a Vocation and not a Profession. We are now much more aware of our personal and institutional Values" -  Veronica P. Fernandes & Sharon Sharma
 "Well, the session was truly informative and heart stirring. Father spoke about a teacher and her heart to feel and and think positive and see good in every student. Thank you Father" - Francisca Barrow
 "The session was very informative and this session brought us the true meaning of teaching. It also helped us to deal with the young kids. Thank you Fr. Glenford for your kind visit" - Kusum Pramod

Friday, 27 July 2012


Holy Cross High School - Lower Parel: STD X Students' Value Orientation Program:
July 27, 2012: Two Hundred STD X students of Holy Cross High School, Lower Parel,participated in a three hour long Value Orientation program that was organized by AVEC. Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes were warmly welcomed by the Principal, Sr. Lali Sebastian. Mrs. Salome Hedge introduced the guest speakers to the students. Floral bouquets were presented to the speakers of the day.
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session with an all-faith Sanskrit prayer song. The students were then taken through a fantasy meditation along with a breathing exercise. The students participated very seriously in the meditation. Mr. Fernandes then welcomed Fr. Glenford to take over the session. He also introduced Fr. Glenn to the students and used a part of the interview that was given by Fr. Glenn after his kidney donation a year ago. "At the end of our lives we will be judged not on how right we were, but on how loving we were", he added from the interview.
Through powerful video clips, an interactive PowerPoint presentation and through the use of practical student everyday examples and real life stories, Fr. Glenn was able to draw the attention of the students to TWELVE DIAMOND VALUES as necessary Skills for the journey of life. He focused on moving from 'Survival Questions' to asking more 'Meaning Questions' in life. The points that were covered were: Having a Winners' Attitude, Being a Team Player,  Exude Confidence, Think Creatively, Receive Criticism, Multitask and Prioritize your Schedules, Motivate Yourself and Lead Others, Be Accountable with Money,  Live a Balanced Life and finally to live a Life of Abundance.
In the final session,. Fr. Glenn challenged the students to reset their life and reset their clock based on what is important in their lives rather than on what is urgent in life. It was a very effective session to see the students taking the time to reset their life and clock. The final song, "Go Light Your World" summed it all. On behalf of the students and the management, Master Amit Madas of Std X-C  proposed the vote to thanks.
 The following comments were entered in the AVEC Log book of appreciation:

"My experience was great since it was a great and valuable orientation program. It will surely benefit us in our lives and in our careers in the future" - Andrea Viegas X-A

 "Thank you Father for this wonderful Orientation.  We enjoyed a lot and always knew the importance of appreciating our self and life. The session on Resetting Life and Time was very good"  Amruta Mane X-A.

"Thank you Father, you have told us that life is precious and we must use it and love it with joy. We should also live and love it for others too" - Rasika J. Bhogale X-C
 "It made us know that we are first important to our self and then to teh world. Very good experience and thank you father" Purwa Rane X-B

"Thank you father. You have made me to be serious about my life from now on" - Rashmi R. Jaiswal X-C
 "Father Glen, I  was highly impressed by your words especially your idea to motivate yourself. I enjoyed this orientation program to the full" - Rishabh K X-A

"Father it helped me to be positive in my life and not to be negative in life" - Rampeli Vyas X-A
 "Thank you Father. You gave us a great confidence and I will be able to manage my time preciously in all activities and bot waste my time." -  Pendem Ankita X-A

"Thank you father for this orientation program. We shall be ever grateful to you" - Shruti Pinnamshetty X-B

 "It was a nice experience with both the AVEC team. They motivated us to think about our self, family and give more importance and time to study and the  other important things in our life" - Rahul Shetty X-B

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Khargar: RETREAT at Khandala

July 20-12, 2012: Thirty Three Catholic Students from Convent of Jesus and Mary - Khargar took part in a two day retreat at the Prayer House, Khandala. Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, Director of AVEC preached the Retreat. The theme for the retreat was 'Retreat: A Vacation with God, Self and Others and World', The Biblical Quote for the Retreat was based on 1Tim4:12. The peaceful surroundings and the prayerful atmosphere helped one and all to a fruitful retreat.
 Fr. Glenn began the retreat with a Prayer song and a PowerPoint presentation on the theme. He highlighted certain Christian principles such as: Appreciating the Self created by God, the Power of Faith in One's Journey from everyday 'Points of Departure' to newer  'Points of Arrival', the Strength of Prayer along this Journey, the Graced Mess of our Lives and the Call to Daily Conversion, the Generosity of One's Response to God's Call.
The session on 'RIVER ME' was a wonderful opportunity for the students to look at their life's journey form a new perspective of Gratitude and Repentance. "All healing takes place through an attitude of Gratitude and Forgiveness", said the preacher. Going though the various stages of one's River Flow was an experience worth dwelling into. The silence and the seriousness with which the students took part in the personal reflection was truly inspiring. The Eucharistic Celebration that took place before the lunch was well animated by the students.
In the evening, the students were taken through a new form of Prayer. The TAIZE prayer experience with its prayerful chants, moments of silence and prayer at the foot of the cross added to the seriousness of the Retreat. "This is the first time I have truly prayed in with such sincerity and silence", said one of the retreatants. After supper, the students watched a video 'SOUL SURFER'  based on a true story.
 The following morning, due to the wet weather outside, the morning meditation was held indoors. Fr. Glenn enabled the students to reflect on the 'Gift of their Hands'. The next session that followed was on Gospel Values that are needed for any young Catholic to put a Gospel footprint on the earth. Through a use of a lot of video clips and true life stories, the stories were able to see the relevance of living the gospel message. The retreat was an occasion for the students to meditate on their Personal Life and on the 'Jesus Difference' in their lives.
 Before Mass, an opportunity was given to the students to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Many of the students took the opportunity to make peace with self, others and God. During the Mass, Fr. Glenn focused on the Vocation story of the Biblical personalities and invited the students to reflect on their response to God's invitation in their lives. In the afternoon, the students were given another opportunity to receive the Sacrament of reconciliation. Most of the students took this unique opportunity to make a good confession. 
 At the end, all the students gathered together to evaluate the retreat experience. Nimi Nelson proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the students.
The following comments were made by the students in the AVEC log book:

"It was a wonderful retreat. It increased my faith in God and to take life in a positive way. Thank you father for this wonderful time" Nimi Nelson IX-A
 "This retreat taught me to see life in a positive way. Ambition is not only the thing in life but 'Love' is the most powerful of all. I enjoyed it" - Shizan Anthony X-A

"This Retreat helped me to Re-TREAT myself and always be happy in life and to thanks God for it" - Chanelle Sajnani X-A
 "It was a good experience and we learnt alot and also learnt a new prayer form called TAIZE. I enjoyed it" - Edmund Noronha VIII-A

"We learnt a lot from Fr. Glenn and our sisters. We have learnt how to make live a life in a positive way" - Gloria Rego - VIII - A
 "From this retreat we have learnt a lot. Through this we came to realize how to live life in a positive way and to face all the challenges of life. We have learnt to always walk forward with God and not backwards. I enjoyed it a lot" - Melissa Rego IX-A
 "Through this retreat we came to know the different challenges of life and we learnt how to be MAD  (Make A Difference) for ourselves and to God. How to face the challenges of life in a positive way and be blessed with what we are gifted with from God" Andrea Fernandes X-A
 "It was a very wonderful and refreshing retreat. This Retreat taught me to see life in a positive was and in what ever happens we must not give up hope but trust in God" - Reuben Michael XI
 "This was a new experience for me that I enjoyed and it was real fun to have my friends around me to experience Jesus along with me" - Jerry Varghese XII

 Thanks to Sr. Antonette and Sr. Nancy for making all the arrangements and for organizing this retreat at such a beautiful and heavenly Prayer House. God bless you all.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


July 18: Seventy Student Leaders from Carmel Convent High School, Kalamboli, today participated in a three hour long Leader-shift Program titled ‘Leading By Values”. The students were taken through a few moments of fantasy meditation and a relaxation therapy by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. 

 He then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to the young Leaders. From the outset, the Leaders were invited and challenged to make a ‘Leadershift’ in their ‘Leadership Style’.” Unless you have the courage to change your words and your thought patterns, ‘Leadershift’ will be impossible to attain”, Fr. Glenn said.
 Through a number of dynamic group exercises, practical examples, one on one sharing, deep personal reflections and creative insights into new ways of being Leaders today, the young Leaders found an interactive way of learning new skills in Leadership. The points that were touched upon were: The Depth in Self Awareness, the Power of Personal and Group Vision, the Fruitfulness in SMART Planning, the Strength in TEAM building, the Energy in Innovation and Creativity, the Sharing of Responsible Delegation, The Clarity in Conflict Management and Seeking Solutions, the Value in Managing One’s Time, the Nourishment in Daily Self-Renewal and the Difference in Leaving a Sacred Legacy.  
 Three hours spent in useful discovery and knowledge of Leadership for today. You don’t have to be a LOST GENERATION, start afresh and move on with courage, passion and purpose to make a ‘Leadershift’. This was a leadership program with a difference
 The Vote of thanks was given by Rebecca. The following comments were made in the AVEC log book:

“We were very happy and challenged by this leadership seminar. It was very much appreciated by my group and we will take much from it” – Harshali IX
 “We were very happy that you have given us valuable information on Leadership”  - Senjuti VIII

“We were inspired from you a lot. We thank you for whatever knowledge you have shared with us today” – Aqsa
 “Learning, enjoying ourselves and had a wonderful session. Thanks” – Pallavi

“Thank you father Glenn for your inspiring words and all your Leadership sessions will always be remembered by me” – Reema
 “Thanks Father for spending your valuable time with us. We really enjoyed ourselves and got to learn many things” – Pratika

“We are thankful for your leadership training. My view of life and seeing it is totally changed now” – Sanyuja IX
 “We learned many good things today. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge. We will use it in our lives always” – Bhagyesha IX

Congratulations to all the young leaders for your active participation and attentive listening all through. Am sure that your school will be better because you had the courage to make a LEADER-SHIFT in your Leadership style.
God bless you all and looking forward to being with you again.