Wednesday, 11 July 2012

July 11, 2012: Forty three young leaders from St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri attended a day’s Leaders’ Orientation Program organized by AVEC. Fr. Godfrey D’Souza, Rector of the school, welcomed the guest speakers Fr. Glenford Lowe, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Osborn Futardo and introduced them too. Thanks to the Value Education Coordinator, Mrs. Vaidya for planning the event for the students. Floral bouquets were presented by the students to all the animators.

 Mr. Rochwyn introduced the session by a Prayer song, a Story and a Fantasy Meditation that enabled the students to relax and get set for the sessions ahead. The student-leaders really took the meditation seriously. He then introduced Fr. Glenn to the leaders.
 The Leadership session “Leading By Values” focused on various relevant topics such as: The Need for Self Awareness, the Power of a Vision and clear Goals, the Strength in Planning, the Synergy in Team Building, the Purpose of Creativity, the Resilience in facing Obstacles, the Priority of Time Management, the Balance in Daily Renewal and the Difference in Leaving a Legacy. Through a variety of value based activities and interactive sessions, the student leaders were able to imbibe a lot of leadership qualities and attributes. Using paper, balloons, ropes, twisted hands, sweets, bouncing magic balls, scrabble coins, marbles and Mikado Sticks, the leaders were engaged in team work and personal reflections too.
 Four hours of Value based leadership were truly well spent! The session ended with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Vidhya.
The following comments were entered by the leaders in the AVEC log book:
“It was an inspiring session and it also created a positive environment” – Dhruvit Metha IX-A
 “Father Glenn is very interactive and always helps to foster Values in us” ­ Declan Rego IX-A
“A great program which really turned us ‘UP SIDE DOWN’… we surely shall be great leaders” ­– Shantanu Naik X A

“This was a great inspiration of Leadership. Father Glenn gave us Values of Leadership and how to succeed in a different and a happier way” – Shubham Rasam VIII A

“It was a motivation session, which actually inspired me about team work, time management. In future, I will always hope for the best and will be a good leader” – Abhishek Kini X B

“I’ve met Fr. Glenn before as well. He was in GRO MO 2010. He is just as cheerful now as he was then!” – Christopher Baretto X A

“Thank you Fr. Glenn for this wonderful experience with you. We got the Values of good Leadership and how to succeed in life too”  ­Brian D’Souza X B

“You are inspiring, fun-loving, and totally interactive Fr. Glenn. A great experience to be with you” ­– Delvin Fernandes IX A

Congrats to all the budding leaders of the school and I pray God's blessings on you all!!
Thank you, It was great being with you all....

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