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Holy Cross High School - Lower Parel: STD X Students' Value Orientation Program:
July 27, 2012: Two Hundred STD X students of Holy Cross High School, Lower Parel,participated in a three hour long Value Orientation program that was organized by AVEC. Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes were warmly welcomed by the Principal, Sr. Lali Sebastian. Mrs. Salome Hedge introduced the guest speakers to the students. Floral bouquets were presented to the speakers of the day.
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session with an all-faith Sanskrit prayer song. The students were then taken through a fantasy meditation along with a breathing exercise. The students participated very seriously in the meditation. Mr. Fernandes then welcomed Fr. Glenford to take over the session. He also introduced Fr. Glenn to the students and used a part of the interview that was given by Fr. Glenn after his kidney donation a year ago. "At the end of our lives we will be judged not on how right we were, but on how loving we were", he added from the interview.
Through powerful video clips, an interactive PowerPoint presentation and through the use of practical student everyday examples and real life stories, Fr. Glenn was able to draw the attention of the students to TWELVE DIAMOND VALUES as necessary Skills for the journey of life. He focused on moving from 'Survival Questions' to asking more 'Meaning Questions' in life. The points that were covered were: Having a Winners' Attitude, Being a Team Player,  Exude Confidence, Think Creatively, Receive Criticism, Multitask and Prioritize your Schedules, Motivate Yourself and Lead Others, Be Accountable with Money,  Live a Balanced Life and finally to live a Life of Abundance.
In the final session,. Fr. Glenn challenged the students to reset their life and reset their clock based on what is important in their lives rather than on what is urgent in life. It was a very effective session to see the students taking the time to reset their life and clock. The final song, "Go Light Your World" summed it all. On behalf of the students and the management, Master Amit Madas of Std X-C  proposed the vote to thanks.
 The following comments were entered in the AVEC Log book of appreciation:

"My experience was great since it was a great and valuable orientation program. It will surely benefit us in our lives and in our careers in the future" - Andrea Viegas X-A

 "Thank you Father for this wonderful Orientation.  We enjoyed a lot and always knew the importance of appreciating our self and life. The session on Resetting Life and Time was very good"  Amruta Mane X-A.

"Thank you Father, you have told us that life is precious and we must use it and love it with joy. We should also live and love it for others too" - Rasika J. Bhogale X-C
 "It made us know that we are first important to our self and then to teh world. Very good experience and thank you father" Purwa Rane X-B

"Thank you father. You have made me to be serious about my life from now on" - Rashmi R. Jaiswal X-C
 "Father Glen, I  was highly impressed by your words especially your idea to motivate yourself. I enjoyed this orientation program to the full" - Rishabh K X-A

"Father it helped me to be positive in my life and not to be negative in life" - Rampeli Vyas X-A
 "Thank you Father. You gave us a great confidence and I will be able to manage my time preciously in all activities and bot waste my time." -  Pendem Ankita X-A

"Thank you father for this orientation program. We shall be ever grateful to you" - Shruti Pinnamshetty X-B

 "It was a nice experience with both the AVEC team. They motivated us to think about our self, family and give more importance and time to study and the  other important things in our life" - Rahul Shetty X-B

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