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July 12, 2012: AVEC organized a Value Education Orientation Program for the Students and a separate session for the Teachers of Regina Pacis, Byculla. One hundred and sixty students from STD VIII – X participated in the event. In the second session, for teachers, twelve teachers took part. The entire program began with a warm welcome by Sr. Beena, Principal of the school.

 The students session, “Living By Values: Life and Time” was an interactive session. The program took off with a prayer song ‘Dil Ke mandir Mei’ followed by a moment of silence and personal reflection with the awareness of one’s breath of life. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, coordinator for AVEC, then explained the objectives and activities of the AVEC.
 Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director AVEC began the session by inviting the students to “Lead your Life by Values: The Gift of Life and Time”. Using powerful video clips, lively songs, simple everyday experiences, moments of reflection and using ‘meaning questions’, the students were challenged to reset their life and invest their time into more significant and meaningful ways of living a value-based life. Taking 12 Diamond Values as skills for life, Fr. Lowe took the students through a new ‘value yatra’. The students were fully involved in the entire session and were very attentive and participative.
 After the break, the teachers of the Primary and secondary school took part in a Teachers’ Value Orientation Program “Managing By Values”. Ms. Ambika Menon. School Value Education Coordinator,  welcomed the guest speakers and also introduced them. Fr. Glenn took the occasion to invite the teachers for a change in perspective first before making any procedural changes. Through the use of various personal examples and experiences, he helped the teachers to clarify certain assumptions and to embrace the ‘vocational’ aspect as educators of the young. By helping the teachers to align their Personal Core Values with the Core values of the institution, he enabled the teachers to discover their value-alignment assessment of self with regards to the institution. Within a short period of time, much was covered and the teachers found the entire program very comprehensive, practical and highly motivational.
 The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Mrs. Lorna D’Souza. Floral bouquets were also presented to Mr. Fernandes and Fr. Lowe.

Below are some of the words of appreciation written in the AVEC log book:

“The session was wonderful. Fr. Glenford is very good and we hope his family is blessed too” ­­­- Zainab Qureshi IX 
 “It helped us to look inward and see what is really happening” – Zeba Shaikh IX

“Fr. Glenford is very understanding and affectionate person who donated his kidney. May God bless him” – Janahvi Gohil IX

“It was really a very amazing session. Fr. Glenford taught us how to live our life” – Anam Bilakhiya IX
 “The session was really good, we learned many things from it. The 12 points were understandable. The songs and video clips were also very good” – Umme Farwa Khateeb VIII

“Fr. Glenford is an inspiration for our young generation; He showed us the new way to live life meaningfully. His 12 points was inspiring to everyone” – Priyanka Ojha VIII

“The session was really very fantastic. We enjoyed it very much and thank you so much for coming here” – Aynal Farid IX
 “I felt it was amazing and very touching too. Thank you” – Rabiya Ansari IX

“Fr. Glenford is an optimistic person. He inspired us tremendously” – Shaili Gawde X

“The session was very motivational. It boosted us to live life in an optimistic manner. Fr. Glenn is an optimistic person. He is a source of inspiration for the young generation” – Misbah Sayyed X
 “Live and let live and be the change in whatever you do. Fr. Glenford inspired me through these words” Sharon Fernandes X

“He brought the world to us in a new way and showed us the way to live and to go the distance” – Syneca X

 “Values are taught and also caught. The idea appealed a great deal and was well brought out. We wish we could have had a longer session” – Ms. Sabena

“The point 4 on the Personal- Institutional Value alignment where we need to reach is a meaningful one and I hope our goal/target should be the same” – Ms. Ambika Menon

Thank you and God bless you all. It was wonderful to be with you all, to see the commitment to live a Value based life

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