Wednesday, 18 July 2012


July 18: Seventy Student Leaders from Carmel Convent High School, Kalamboli, today participated in a three hour long Leader-shift Program titled ‘Leading By Values”. The students were taken through a few moments of fantasy meditation and a relaxation therapy by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. 

 He then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to the young Leaders. From the outset, the Leaders were invited and challenged to make a ‘Leadershift’ in their ‘Leadership Style’.” Unless you have the courage to change your words and your thought patterns, ‘Leadershift’ will be impossible to attain”, Fr. Glenn said.
 Through a number of dynamic group exercises, practical examples, one on one sharing, deep personal reflections and creative insights into new ways of being Leaders today, the young Leaders found an interactive way of learning new skills in Leadership. The points that were touched upon were: The Depth in Self Awareness, the Power of Personal and Group Vision, the Fruitfulness in SMART Planning, the Strength in TEAM building, the Energy in Innovation and Creativity, the Sharing of Responsible Delegation, The Clarity in Conflict Management and Seeking Solutions, the Value in Managing One’s Time, the Nourishment in Daily Self-Renewal and the Difference in Leaving a Sacred Legacy.  
 Three hours spent in useful discovery and knowledge of Leadership for today. You don’t have to be a LOST GENERATION, start afresh and move on with courage, passion and purpose to make a ‘Leadershift’. This was a leadership program with a difference
 The Vote of thanks was given by Rebecca. The following comments were made in the AVEC log book:

“We were very happy and challenged by this leadership seminar. It was very much appreciated by my group and we will take much from it” – Harshali IX
 “We were very happy that you have given us valuable information on Leadership”  - Senjuti VIII

“We were inspired from you a lot. We thank you for whatever knowledge you have shared with us today” – Aqsa
 “Learning, enjoying ourselves and had a wonderful session. Thanks” – Pallavi

“Thank you father Glenn for your inspiring words and all your Leadership sessions will always be remembered by me” – Reema
 “Thanks Father for spending your valuable time with us. We really enjoyed ourselves and got to learn many things” – Pratika

“We are thankful for your leadership training. My view of life and seeing it is totally changed now” – Sanyuja IX
 “We learned many good things today. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge. We will use it in our lives always” – Bhagyesha IX

Congratulations to all the young leaders for your active participation and attentive listening all through. Am sure that your school will be better because you had the courage to make a LEADER-SHIFT in your Leadership style.
God bless you all and looking forward to being with you again.

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  1. hi sir iam one of the student who attainded the seminar and and the message you gave helped me ONCE AGAIN THANKING YOU -Tushmesh patil