Friday, 28 September 2012


SEPTEMBER 28,2012: The final session for the students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga took place today for a little over a hundred students of STD X D & E. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe took the Value Orientation program. The theme for the day was 'Lead Your Life by a Value Compass'. The students were given a small orientation by Fr. Glenford at the start of the session to enable them to be more focused.
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session with a prayer song 'Sarveshvaam Swastir Bhavatu' and followed it with a brief fantasy meditation. In the course of the meditation, the students were  guided to focus on their 'breath of life' and to relax and calm down. The students really took this session very seriously. He then introduced Fr. Lowe to the students. He challenged the students to 'look at what is really loving in life and do it' just like Fr. Glenn had so lovingly donated his kidney to another to save a life.
 Fr. Glenn then took over the session with a PowerPoint presentation and through the use of very powerful video clips, true life stories of Kia Scherr, Ryan's Well Foundation and Jacquie Subarido, he invited the students to start living their life with a purpose and meaning. "Get MAD! Make A Difference", said Fr. Glenn. "Never say that your too young, or only just a fifteen year old... start resetting your life to make a significant contribution to the world and self", he affirmed. "Begin by loving yourself and be ready to live for what your stand in life, no matter what the cost", he added.
 In the final exercise, he enabled the students to take the courage to reset their life or their clock. "Love what you do and do what you love, When you follow doing what is important in your life, your life takes on a different meaning ", he said. Most of the students took the time to honestly take responsibility for their life and time. At the end of the session, one could notice a new sense of purpose and an new sparkle in their eyes. They were ready to leave the hall now with a difference.
Mrs. Beatrice, the Supervisor of the School, personally sat through the entire session and took the opportunity to personally thank Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn for the six valuable sessions conducted for all their students of standard IX - X. 
 A few students took the time to write their personal words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
"The era is changing... we are more sensitive than before. We need changers of masses to counsel not only the youth but also the leaders in general. Hence, I conclude with a sincere word of thanks!" -  Shraiyash Oniyal X-D
 "The session helped me discover the true Value of Myself. To reset my life based on what I love to do" -Abhijit S. Bhandarkar X

"After attending this session, I have been able to re-discover myself. The importance of studies was diminished from my life, but now, because of this session, I have again understood the importance of studies" - Saurabh Tawade X
 "This is the best seminar that I have been in my entire fourteen and half years!" -  Onassen D'Souza X-D

"Congratulations to all the students and my wish and prayer for all of you is that you become a 'Lighthouse' person, founded on solid Value based principles and ready to shed your light far and wide, beyond all horizons, and saving lives too. - Fr. Glenford Lowe

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


September 26,2012: At the invitation of the school Principal, Sr. Lovenia, the AVEC Team visited St. Joseph's High School, Agripada and animated a three and a half hour Value Education Orientation program for One Hundred and Sixty Five students of standard Ten. The theme for the program was 'Live Your Life by a Value Compass' and 'Reset your Life and Clock'. After a word of welcome by Sr. Lovenia, the session began with a prayer song 'Sarveshvaam Swastir Bhavatu'.

 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes took the time to introduce the students to a prayerful fantasy meditation that focused on one's breath and life. It really helped the students to relax and calm down too. He also introduced the activities of the AVEC and then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to the students. He also took the time to pick up a few quotes from Fr. Glenn's interview after he had donated his kidney to a fellow Salesian Priest.
Fr. Glenn Lowe divided the orientation in two sessions. The first session focused on the need to Reconstruct the Value Compass so as to give a new direction and purpose to one's life. Through a variety of  teaching aids and personal testimonies and true life stories, he challenged the students to make a positive contribution to life and to society. Twelve Diamond Values were presented through various video clips, PowerPoint presentations, songs and time for personal and group interactions. The students were invited to look at life not as a 'race for survival' but as a 'realization for greater significance'.
In the latter half of the session, the students were invited to honestly look at the way they live their lives and on how they really invest their time. Through a very practical exercise, the students were invited to look at what is really important in their life that they were ready to live for, die for, stand for and fight for in life.They were then asked to plot out their normal clock map. "People who live significant lives are those who have the courage to align their 'life and their time'. The two have to sync or else your life and time will be fragmented, defocused and without purpose", he affirmed. Once you have the courage to reset your life and clock, then, change will begin and you can make a difference!
 At the end of the session, two video songs 'Be the Best' and "go Light Your World' were played that brought the whole session to a climax. Student Prachi H. Kluthia X-B proposed the vote of thanks.

Many students came forward to write their appreciation in the AVEC Log book:

"He really made me M.A.D... Make A Difference!. The best guide I have met" Ansari Fazila X-A
 "STD X is only a comma, not a full stop in the sentence of life. Fr. Glenn, you took away our burdens. We felt very happy when we heard that you were coming to our school once again. You have taught us something very valuable and we will never forget it even if we want too" - Rizpah R. Cardoza X-A Head Girl
 "The session was really very rocking and valuable. Now, we can reset out life and life for others.. this is what Fr. Glenn taught us today. He really made us MAD - Make A Difference. Thanks a lot Father Glenn on behalf of std X-B" - Chowki Tejashwini X-B
 "It really made us think of myself. I had really never thought of whats so important in my life and had never really spent time on it. Thanks a lot" - Aafreen Khan X-B
 "I loved you session. I always wanted to attend such a session. Your session mane me think. It made a to change my thoughts, which would change my actions and life later, The message was great. I'd love to mention it to my friends and even on my blog. You inspired me a lot. Thanks for this session" - Hania Merchant X-C
 "I already attended the last session for the Leaders. But this session really inspired me. After I came from my last session,  I informed my friends about your session and they wanted to attend it too. Fr. Glenn really inspired us and is like a candle to light our life and give us a light for our path. We were informed about this session two months ago and we were looking forward to this day. Thanks for coming" - Afroz Partawala - Blue House Prefect X-C
 "We are really thankful to you father Glenn, because you are the one who really helped us to find and give a direction to our life. Don't live because you are born, but be born to live anew, a message to be valued. You really made us MAD - To Make a Difference and Value Life. You have been a candle in our life to light the right path for us" -  Prachi H.Kluthia X-B (Vote of Thanks)

"Congratulations to all the students of St. Joseph's High School, Agripada for your whole hearted cooperation all through this session and for the attentiveness and seriousness you took every point that was given this day. I pray God's blessings on you and on your future too. May the Lord bless your institution and its managements too. Live you life with passion, purpose and let your Value- Compass continue to direct you in life" - Fr. Glenford Lowe

Monday, 24 September 2012

Don Bosco High School, Matunga - Mumbai

September 24, 2012: AVEC conducted another session for the students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga. Eighty four students from std X B & E participated in a two hour session that was conducted by Fr. Glenford Lowe. The theme for the day was: "Living Your Life by a Value Compass". 
The session began with a Prayer Song "Saveshaam Swastir Bhavatu" that prayed for health, happiness, peace, abundance, and a host of other blessings for our daily journey. Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of AVEC invited the students to focus on the way in which they respond to life's situations. "It is your 'Value Compass' that determines your direction in life. Without it, you may merely survive just another day with no real contribution to self, the world and God", he affirmed.
Through a lot of real life testimonies that included a video clip from a talk by Wayne Dyer on the inspiration of young 'Ryan's Well Foundation', an interview by Winfrey Oprah with Jacqui Subarido, the influence of Ms. Kia Scherr in promoting a 'Sacredness of Life' and the personal life testimony of Fr. Glenn's Kidney donation a little over a year ago, the students were challenged to look at their life and the Difference they make. No doubt, the video clips and testimonies were powerful enough to set the young minds thinking. "See things differently with a Value filter and then you will act differently too", said Fr. Glenn..
In the last part of the exercise, the students were invited to reflect on the way they Live their Life and on how they invest their time. Through various insights and reflections on their everyday life, the students were made to realize the importance of a sync with life and time. "Unless you invest your life on what is important, your life will always be shallow and insignificant'" he said. Change begins with self and resetting one's life or clock is the first step in the process of Making A Difference.
The session ended with a song "Go Light Your World".

Many students then came forward to write their impressions of the program in the AVEC Log Book:

"A really amazing experience. We all learned new Values. It enhanced our life" Sanidhya Mathur

 "This session helped us to rethink our life and time and how we invest in it. It really helps us" Vijay Sawardekar X E

"A too good experience. We learnt a lot about our lives and the importance of Values and respect in our life" Jijo Cherian X-B
 "A really good awakening seminar. Got to learn a lot" - Kartik Jain

"It was really good. I am not lying!. I think from now I will change my life and become a better person" - Darren Nunes X-B

 "I really had a good experience regarding values and life" - Vinay Shah X-E

"Let's become MAD. Fr. Glenn it was an amazing session. You have brought about a lot of difference in our minds" Sahil Vasan X-E
 "It was really a great experience. You have enlightened us deeply and made a BIG difference in our lives" - Neeil Jain X - E

"It was a great experience and it tells us how to fight our life and fulfill our dreams. Thank you Fr. Glenford for your remarkable teaching to us"- Pranay Panday X-B
 "The session taught us the importance of 'ME' in my life. The session was refreshing and unique" - Wilson Willy 

"Provided w\us with a new perspective. Helped us reset our clock and life. Made us realize going MAD does make sense" - Jose J. Chiramel X- E
 "This seminar shows us the importance of Values in our life and to reset our life too. It made our life more easy to handle and I have reset the clock of my life too" - Marc S. Morris X-E

"Congrats to all the Std X B&E students of Don Bosco High School - Matunga for your active participation in the Value Education Program and my wish and prayer for each one of you is to make a significant contribution to the world, starting with a 'Better and Valued Self'. God bless you all as your draw closer to your National Board examinations" -  Fr. Glenford Lowe 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


September 18, 2012: AVEC once again animated the students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga. Ninety seven students from STD X A & C participated in the Value Orientation Program. After a brief introduction by Fr. Glenford Lowe, the students were invited to focus their attention on the theme for the day: 'Living Your Life Guided by a Value Compass'. The students took part in the entire session with a lot of enthusiasm, active participation and attentive listening too.
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, AVEC Project Coordinator, began his part of the session with a prayer song 'Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu' praying for blessing of fullness, peace, prosperity, health, joy and love. The students joined in the second half of the prayer song. He also invited the students to focus and relax through a fantasy meditation. Focusing on 'Breath' as the medium for life and living, he enabled the students to look at the precious gift of life with a deep sense of gratitude to God. Fr. Glenford Lowe, AVEC Director, was then introduced to the students. His noble act of donating a kidney to a fellow Salesian priest impressed the students from the start.
 The session by Fr. Glenford lowe began with a call to get MAD. "Make A Difference like Ryan, Kia Sherr, Jacquie Subarido and many others", challenged Fr. Glenford. "What you see is what you get", he kept repeating. Using everyday moments for Value based choices, he invited the students to reset their 'Broken Value Compass'. "No matter how broken your life is, or soiled, or hurt, or abused, or defocused, you can decide today to add Value and Meaning by focusing on a better me", he said. Through the use of simple everyday examples, powerful video clippings, motivational and insightful discussions, the students were able to get the message clearly.
The last part of the session was on 'Resetting Your Life and Your Clock'. To start afresh, the students were challenged to look at what was really important in their lives and to invest their time meaningfully in it. The video clip on the tragic, yet meaningful life, of Jacquie Subarido really touched the students. The simple life of Oseola Mcarthy, a daughter of a washer woman, added a touch of deep meaning too. "If they could make a difference, why not you?", Fr. Glenn asked. The silence that followed was a sign that a personal commitment would soon follow.
At the end of the session, many students took the time to write their impressions in the AVEC Log Book:

"Brought back the rays of dawn in my life haunted by dusk" - Prateek Mohapatra X -C

"It was an honour to receive guidance from Fr. Glenn. We could see a new hope in life and our view of looking towards it has really changed" - Shardal Patil X -C
"Was a great session. Got a new way of living life. Really inspired" -  Pawan Jethwani X 

"I am really fortunate for getting a chance to attend this session, helping me to know and develop my personality" - Joel Jose X
"After the wonderful session, I have realized the precious gift of life and how to be focused on your goals" - Debarshi Pal X

"What an experience! Wow! Was really filled with inspiring tit-bits. I have found a new outlook on life" - Rahul Jayavant x

"Congratulations to all the students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga from Standards X A & C for your whole hearted participation and eagerness to make of your life a Big Diffidence. God bless you all and enable you always to be 'Light House' students everyday of your lives. My prayers and blessing accompany you all as you prepare yourself for your Exams ahead" Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes