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July 12, 2013: The students of standard IX & X at St. Anthony's High School - Versona, very fortunate to participate in a Value Education Orientation program. St. Thresia Sini, principal of the school warmly welcomed us to the school. One hundred and fifty five students participated in the two sessions conducted by the AVEC Team. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe conducted the program titled 'Living By A Value Compass". "This is an opportunity to reset your Value Compass", Fr. Glenn challenged them.
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, began the session with a brief word of introduction and then started off with a prayer song 'Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu'. It added the spiritual dimension to the whole program right from the start.The studetns were then invited to take part in a few moments of fantasy meditation, that involved getting in touch with one's rhythmic breathing and slowing down in the process. The students were able to detox themselves of all that was negative and purify themselves with everything that was wholesome and good.
 The two sessions that followed by animated by Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of AVEC. Through a lot of inspiring video clips, songs and a colourful PowerPoint presentation, he was able to capture the hearts and minds of the young students for over two hours each. Guiding them through the Twelve Diamond Values, he challenged them to get MAD - Make A Difference. He instilled in them the importance of setting on the right direction in life, rather than merely running fast through it. "In life, Direction is more important than Velocity", he said.
Citing examples of Kia Scheer and Ryan Hreljac, he invited the students to lead their lives by a Value compass that make a Difference in their lives too, by make a meaningful contribution to society. The students took part in the entire program with spell bound attention and active participation. Many students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book. teachers Shilpa proposed the vote of thanks.
 The following were comments made in the AVEC log book:
"This session was very inspiring to me and I hope to live them all in my live" - Neha Kosta IX-B
"Father, you are really a generous man. Your thoughts are brilliant that will really make a good difference in every person" - Shabnam Kalyani IX-A
 "I loved this session very much and would like to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in me and become M.A.D" - Mushaan Lakdawala IX-A
"Father thank you, You are really a good man to make a difference in my life. I like the session very much and I hope that I will make changes in my life and I'll make the changes in their lives too. Thank you father" - Yash Panchal IX - A
 "This session was very good and inspiring, given by Fr. Glenn. It will make a good difference in my life" - Lloyd L. Lymon  IX -A
"This program was very good and it was very valuable for me and it  will change me and thank you father" - Chirag IX-B
 "Father Glenn,I hope that you will read this... i am very happy that you gave us this thought provoking will change my mind and make me a better person in my life" - Fardeen Khan IX-B
"I thought it was very inspiring. Also, I will take down these points in my life" - Nikkolai fernandes X
 "I thought it was the truth... we forgot it in our daily lives. Fr. Glenn showed us the right path and we faced the truth of life" - Rehan Syed X
"It was really amazing. had a wonderful time. Hope we have many more other sessions like these. thank you Fr. Glenn and your team!" -  Niva Miranda X
 "It was really an amazing session, inspiring and wonderful. Fr. Glenn was really good. I hope to have much more sessions ahead. I will have repaired my compass and now on the right direction. thank you Fr. Glenn" -  Asted D'Silva X
"We had an awesome session. it was very relaxing and better for our future. We felt we are now going to have a good future ahead!" -  Disha Sawant X
Congratulations to all the students and wish you all the best. May God's abundant blessings be showered on you all.

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