Monday, 15 July 2013


July 15, 2013: Eighty young school leaders of St. Anne's High School - Orlem - Malad, had the fortune of attending a one day 'Leading By Values' Orientation program. Mrs. Annie Braganza, Principal of the school, welcomed the AVEC team to the school and wished the student leaders an opportune moment in their lives to grow in leadership skills. She introduced the guest speakers Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to the students.
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, Project Coordinator of AVEC introduced Fr. Glenford to the leaders. The Program was held in the school auditorium and the students took part in it whole heatedly. Fr. Glenford challenged the students, at the very outset, to make a LEADERSHIFT. "Your role in school is much more than mere maintaining discipline", he said. From the word go, the students were involved in a number of activities and moments of personal and group reflections.
He stressed on the following questions:  Who am I? (Self Awareness), Where do I want to go? (Vision), How do I get there? (Planning), Who goes with me? (Sharing the Vision: Team Work), Can I do it Differently? (Creativity), How do I face Obstacles and opposition? (Communication and Problem solving), Can I Delegate and share responsibility? (Common Sense and Responsible sharing), Can I work by the Clock? (Time Management), How do I Sharpen my Saw? (self renewal) and How would I like to be remembered? (Leaving a Legacy)
Through a number of activities, that were done in a playful way, the young leaders were able to see themselves, and really make the necessary 'Leadershift' stages in their personal lives. One could see the enthusiasm and attention with which these students took part in the four and a half hours session. 

 At the end of the session, a number of young leaders came forward to write their comments on the day's input in the AVEC logbook:
"It was a lot of fun and a wonderful experience learning with Fr. Glenn. We enjoyed it a lot. I am sure I'll definitely be better in life" - Leaders of Std VIII
 "It was a very enjoyable, as well as we had a great experience. Fr. Glenn it was great to learn from you. We would surely follow the values you gave us" - Rutwik Shah VIII
"We have learnt how to become good leaders. Fr. Glenn has taught us that sometimes we have to think outside the box and work as a TEAM that is united" - Megha G Sherigar IX-E
 "We loved Fr. Glenn's seminar. We learnt many things about leadership" -  Shawn Monteiro and Karan Shah IX-D
"I loved Fr. Glenn's session. Fr. Glenn taught us about how to be good leaders. he spoke very positively and we felt good" -  Daniel Miranda & Nikarika Yadav VIII -C
 "It was an excellent session. I had a lot of fun with the games. Even Fr. Glenn's words were excellent. I thank you a lot father" - Daniel D'Souza VIII-B
"It was an excellent session. We enjoyed the activities and learnt many qualities about leadership" - Lionel Castelino X C & Nikhil Punjabi X-E
 "It was an awesome program. Not seen a person like him! He is down to earth" - Ranjyot S Panesar X E
"It was an excellent session, changed the very concept of leadership to 'Leadershift'. Helped me to value time" - Clarence Johnson X-D
 "It was an excellent session. We all loved it. we understood the concept of 'Leadership'. We learnt Time management and new values" - Sangeeta S Dey X D
"It was a session which made us think differently. We had an awesome experience. The concepts were clear to us. I was blessed to attend here. Thank you very much Fr. Glenn and Mr Fernandes. We had a great time being here"  - Ms. Shulka S Chavan X-B

Congratulations to all the student leaders of St. Anne's High School Orlem. It was great to be here with you were fantaaaaaastic! Be blessed always!

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