Thursday, 7 October 2010

Our Lady of Fatima - Vidyavihar

October 7, 2010: OUR LADY OF FATIMA - Teachers' Orientation Program

In spite of being a holiday, over a hundred teachers of Our Lady of Fatima, Vidyavihar took time out to look into their lives and profession from a new perspective. At the request of the Principal, Fr. Joseph D'Souza,the AVEC team took the opportunity to animate the Teachers on the importance of having a Value based environment to enhance greater learning.

Although quite some time was lost in starting the session, the teachers were engrossed fully into the program. Fr. Joseph D'Souza welcomed the guest speakers and assured them of their total support in the AVEC activities. Mr. Rochwyn began by inviting the teachers to calm down and focus on the present moment through a breathing exercise. Initially, a prayer song added to creating a peaceful environment.

Fr. Glenford Lowe invited the teachers to look at their vocation as Educators who nourish the students holistically. Education is a matter of the Body-Head-Heart- Soul and not just mere academic excellence. Through a lot of life experiences, Fr. Glenn was able to challenge the teachers to be 'mentors' in the lives of their young students. The young students of today need to be guided to make the right choices in life and to be responsible for the consequences of their choices.

Time ran out... leaving little time for discussion and clarification. However, the teachers felt that the session was inspirational enough to set a new passion and commitment to: the Goals and Vision of the school, the teaching profession, the students development and to team work and fruitfulness. many teachers took time to express their appreciation.

Given below are some of their responses to the day's program:

"It was truly inspirational" - Navita Divakar

"It has given me an opportunity to move from routine to more rhythm in my life" - Soniya Abraham

"It has given me many new insights... 'See what all see, but think what no one else thinks" - Cinderella D'Souza

"It was excellent session on Values and how we change our lives. Issues discussed were good. We look forward to such seminars to educate and change ourselves." - Sylvia Nazareth

" Thanks for coming up and giving us this valuable session. My goal, vision and outlook has changed. Now my 'root' and 'route' will be different since I know I will move from Routine to a more Rhythmic lifestyle." Lynnette Vaz

"It was a wonderful session. It triggered our thoughts, freshened our minds and awakened our souls. I really commit myself to follow the many insights and be driven more by rhythm" - Pushpa K. Pandey

"It was a refreshing session and make me aware about how we can make ourselves better first and then to make a difference in others too." Cicilyn Moraes

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