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Over Two hundred students of Canossa Convent, Mahim participated in a Two-day retreat which was animated by Fr. Glenford Lowe from September 17-18. The core of the retreat was to enbale the students to make a two fold journey: one an inner journey and an outer journey. Through various reflective moments, personal testimonies, inspiring video clips and challenging questions the students were guided through the daily journey of their lives and to start living more meaningfully.

Given below are some of the comments made by the students:
"The Retreat taught us to live life in a better way. You helped us to discover ourselves and appreciate the beautiful life gifted to us by God. You taught us skills to face life better" - Aiswarya Prabhu X-B

"Thank you Father. You have made us realize how valuable we are. You have guided me towards my goal. I learnt a lot" Juee Mudras X -D

"Thank you fro spending time with us and helping us to appreciate ourselves better. I was challenged by the inspirational movies" Chahat. S. Chavan X-B

"You challenged us to look at our lives through the RIVER MEE and to make a meaningful OUTER JOURNEY. You challenged us to love ourselves too." Saranyaa Shankar X-B

"Father, I cannot my express my feelings in words. Sometimes, we cannot express it sufficiently through words.I can only say a 'Thank you'." Urooj Sayed X-C

"It was inspiring session. Thank you for spending your precious time with us." Kejal Jain X-E

'Thank you Father for such a wonderful session you conducted for us" Shreya Raka X-E

""Thank you father for making us understand more about ourselves and to give more time to spend with ourselves" Akansha Singh X-D

"Thanks to Fr. Glenn from X-B. You made a difference in our lives through the movies, inspirational talks and spending your precious time with us."Smtuhi, Sana, Chandini and Sonam

"Your precious advice to us students will help us a lot. This is the BEST thing a being can do"Kashmira Doctor and Shweta Temkar

"You made us bring out the 'chiefguest in my personality' in each one of us. Thank you.My prayers accompany you."Mahba Shaikh X-A

"Thanks Father for helping us through our INNER JOURNEY and for all the advice" Pravali Shah X-A

"The two days have taught me alot. We, the youth need more of it" Prachi Wankhade X-C

"Extremely thankful for these two days in Value education.I will treasure these value and the Twelve points for life." Krutik a. J .Kotkar X-A

""Thank you Father for these values and teaching us those twelve points. The movies helped me to see life in a better way." Manali C. Vaidya X-A

"Thank you. You have guided me towards my goal. I was inspired by the movies and you taught me to live my life in a better way." Ritika Wankhade X-D

"Your creative sessions will help us to be better and be responsible citizens in the future" Umri Shah X-A

"Thankyou for the enriching session on the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL JOURNEY we need to make. i learnt a lot and will always keep remembering it throughout our lives." Sujata, Manali and Naghma

"Thank you for everything and for this wonderful program. It was a good experience for me and I feel inspired by it."Heena X-E, Nujhat X-C, Farheen X-B

"Thank you for this session. It was very informative and we feel inspired to be better and responsible citizens of India" Kajol, Madhura, Fatima, Safwardh

"Your great efforts to come and give us such valuable knowledge will help us to be more perfect in future" Bhakti Mistry X-C

"The work you do is a difficult one. You did it very well, more than I had expected. There was a lot of 'meaning' in your sessions and they were excellent too. Thanks to you too and continue in this service. It helps us students a lot. God bless you." Sherya X- C

"The whole session was very enthusiastic" Kajal X-D

"Your Retreat that was Value based has helped us teenagers to focus on our lives better. Thank you for the precious time you spent with us" Manasi Todankar X-C

"You enlightened us and given us wonderful tips to lead our lives. The movies and clips were very meaningful too. Thank you" Nazneen and Iqra

"Thank you for the precious time spent with us these two days and for teaching us. Your sessions have helped us to respect ourselves and helped us too." Anam Kapadia X-E

"You challenged us to live life without stress.You have been a guide to us... challenging us through the inspirational movies, songs, etc. Thank you fro teaching us to love and appreciate ourselves." Zara Khan X-E

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