Tuesday, 30 November 2010



The AVEC team was welcomed again today at St. Francis D'Assisi High School, Borivali by Mrs. Leela Valley on behalf of the school management. Over three hundred and twenty students of standard nine participated in a Value based orientaion program. The students were divided into two batches. Overall, the students were very cooperative and participated in all the activities that were offered this morning.

Through a variety of activities the AVEC team was able to draw the attention of the young students to look at their lives and to spend quality time on themselves in order to live life more meaningfully and to take responsibility for the choices they make. The young minds were invited to stretch their imagination and to focus on self - "You are loved and valued," said Fr. Glenn Lowe. Using a lot of visual aids and small interactive moments the students were able to get a better picture of themselves and to recreate a life of meaning and purpose.

Through these reflective moments coupled with a lot of challenging insights, the students took upon themselves the task of becoming 'light-house' students. You don't need to live as 'wheel-barrow' students who are constantly being pushed around. 'Light -house' students are able to shine their light and make a difference in the lives of others by standing tall and firm as beacons of hope and inspiration.

Over the last two days, through four two-hour sessions, the AVEC team was able to reach the hearts and minds of six hundred and forty students of standard nine. It is our wish and prayer that the seeds of inspiration and values may grow and bear much fruit. Sr. Mary Dhabi proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the school management and students. Thanks to the Value Education coordinators, Mrs. Jacinta Lobo and Mrs. Leela Valley for the initiative they took to invite the AVEC team to address their young students. Thanks to all the students too for their very active participation and eagerness to make of their lives more meaningful and value-based.

Find below some of the comments made by the students in the AVEC log book:

"Father Glenn's teachings were very good. He is excellent and he taught us important values and more" Lenin Rodrigues, IX

"With the help of Fr. Glenn and the AVEC team we can use the teachings on different values and become good persons in life" Gavin Tauro IX

"Fr. Glenn's teachings were very good and it helped me to understand the real work I need to do on myself to be a special person in my life" Jiten Godhania IX

"Thanks Fr. Glenn for your teaching today. The one point I will always put into practice is 'Always tell the truth about money', that was very good" Akash Boradiya IX

"It really increased my love for Values and the whole session was fun. Thanks" Praveen IX

"Superb!!! Heart touching."Avshen IX

"It was very interesting and I feel deeply touched" Joshua IX

"It was truly inspiring and I hope that we all will learn something from it:" Tanay IX

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