Wednesday, 24 November 2010



The AVEC team was today welcomed at Convent of Jesus and Mary, FORT to conduct a two hour Value Orientation Program for ninety seven students of Standard VIII. After a brief welcome by the Principal, Sr. Arian, the students had an experience that was different from all the other seminars that they had attended.

The Value Orientation Program began with a prayer song that guided the young students to experience God in the beauty of Creation. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, guided the students through a short meditation that helped them to relax and focus on themselves. The students immediately immersed themselves into the fantasy meditation with all seriousness.

Fr. Glenford Lowe began his session with a famous African proverb, "I pointed my finger to the stars, and all you saw was the tip of my finger," he said. He challenged the students to stretch their minds and look at life differently. Using a short story of a boy with a problem, the youngsters were invited to find a solution to his problem. The students were able to start off on the right note.. it is important to perceive correctly in order to achieve the right results.

Using a TWELVE POINT Value based insights, Fr. Glenford was able to draw the attention of the students to have a 'Winner Attitude', to be a TEAM player, to Communicate Effectively, to exude confidence, to hone creativity, to learn from criticism, to multi task and prioritize one's schedule, to see the 'Big Picture', to tell the truth about money, to live a balanced life and to Live a life of Abundance.

Time flew quickly. Through the various interactive sessions, discussions, the various insights and the Twelve point value based program the students felt that they were sufficiently nourished for a life time. Speaking of behalf of the students, Zaynah Siddique expressed her thanks and mention that they had attended a lot of programs in the past but this one really made an impact on them.

A group of students then expressed their sentiment in the book of appreciation. On record we read: The message conveyed by Father Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn made us think about the brighter side of life. It was very inspiring for all of us students of the Fort. We know and are sure that it will help us to be better and successful citizens of tomorrow. (Sangeetika Sinha, Fatema Patrawala, Zaynah Siddique and Almina Tapal)

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