Friday, 26 November 2010


November 26, 2010: St. Jude's High School - STD X Orientation

The AVEC team found themselves in a difficult situation right from the start they entered the school. In spite of all the prior communications, little seems to have been prepared. Finally, we were given the students from Standard Ten at the last moment. 'Proper preparation prevents poor performance'... the session began on a very very noisy note.....couldn't blame them... they never even knew why they were there!!! Finally, some sort of silence was attained and the sessions could begin. With no one to officially introduce us to the students, we took the task upon ourselves.

The students were invited to listen to a prayer song and to reflect on the presence of God in creation. Mr. Rochwyn introduced the days program and took the students on a fantasy flight... making them aware of the Divine space within each one and the need to be connected with that space. The students took this part of the session very seriously. They now seemed ready for the remaining part of the program.

Fr. Glenford Lowe began his part of the session with a story that helped the young minds to focus on what is really important in life. "You cannot cheat all the people all the time, and you cannot cheat yourself anytime," he said. Working through a reflective session the students were able to look at their personal lives a lot more honestly and to see what is important to them and to reset the clock of their lives to spend more time on areas that are important to them. One ought to place greater importance on self and spend more time in caring for self...

Spending a brief period of time on each of the Twelve points that are essential to living a life with a purpose, Fr. Glenford was able to capture the hearts and minds of the young students to make something worthwhile of their lives and to be Value-based in all that they do and are. Using various means of animation through PowerPoint presentations, use of video clips and youthful songs and interactive moments, the young students challenged themselves to start living the Twelve point program in right earnest. The head girl, Nehal Dwivedi then proposed the vote of thanks at the end of the session.

Swathy, a student of Std X, expressed her appreciation in the AVEC logbook in these words: 'It was a very beautiful presentation. It enriched my mind and it gave me a new perspective on how to be more successful and to value our lives better. It challenged me to make a positive contribution in our world."

"It was a very eloquent session for us. It inspired and motivated us to become better people in the future." : Students of Std X - Ashwini, Nehal, Lavina, Shweta, Lovina, Nihal

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