Thursday, 5 August 2010


5th AUGUST, 2010
Through the kind invitation of Sr. Graceline, the Principal, the AVEC team conducted an orientation program for forty five teachers of St. Anne's, Borivili. Fr. Glenn Lowe sdb, challenged the teachers to look at their calling as Educators who journey along with the young everyday.
Using the song, 'India, I Cry' as a starter, the teachers were challenged to look at the bleak future that their students face in India. "What is it that you and I can do to put a Smile of the face of Mother India?" asked Fr. Glenn.
Earlier, at the start, Mr. Rochwyn took the teachers through a whole process of calming down and re energizing oneself. Through the song, 'Teacher, Teacher', the participants were asked to reflect on how they make a difference in the lives of the young students and how it was important first to 'reach them' in order 'to teach them'.
Teachers had time to clarify doubts and change their attitudes towards their teaching profession. "What you see, is what you get!!!" they were told.
Involving the students in the life of the school was no easy task. They are the centre of all that happens. To ignore them is to fail completely. To involve them results in a bigger paradigm and makes them more responsible to be agents of transformation in the world and society by being more valued based persons.
The teachers at the end of the Orientation program felt more motivated and committed to make a Valued difference in the lives of their students and to make St. Anne's a school that would indeed be a 'second home' for every student.

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