Thursday, 12 August 2010

St. Paul's Convent, DADAR - Teachers' Orientation

12th August, 2010

The management of St. Paul's Convent, Dadar set aside an entire morning on Thursday, 12th August, to enable thirty five teachers of their school to look at ways in which to set greater standards for themselves and for their students at large.

Mr. Rochwyn and Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb from the AVEC team were invited to felicitate the Teacher Orientation Program for this year. The Orientation program began with a nice prayer song, followed by the lighting of the lamp. Mr. Rochwyn then took the teachers through a session to look at themselves better and to live their lives with greater intensity. An interactive game followed in which the teachers were challenged to broaden their 'paradigm of School' and to give the students their rightful place.

In the next two sessions that followed, Fr. Glenford Lowe invited to teachers to look at their basic attitudes and assumptions as teachers and to develop greater Teacher-Student relationships. One had to first 'Reach' in order to 'teach'. Through a number of small, yet creative exercises, the teachers were able to understand the importance of 'seeing things differently' in order to start 'living and being different'.

Floral bouquets and words of appreciation flowed abundantly. "Four hours this morning would seem like just a small moment in time, but surely they will enable us to be better Educators for life long", commented a teacher.

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