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February 12, 2011: The AVEC team today spent time at Convent of Jesus and Mary, Khargar to animate a students Value Orientation program for a hundred and ninety students from VIII -IX. Though being a school holiday, the students took time to participate in the program whole heartedly. There was never a dull moment at any time. After a brief introduction by one of the teachers, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes than took over the animation program with a hymn on creation followed by a fantasy meditation.

The students then took time to look at the lives in a more meaningful way. Through various interactive sessions, moments of personal reflection and adding humor to deep insights, Fr. Glenford Lowe was able to guide the students to live lives more meaningfully. "You need to spend your time focusing on what is important in your lives", he emphasized.

After a short break, Fr. Glenford presented the Twelve Values that needed to be cultivated in one's life. Using a PowerPoint presentation, coupled with powerful motivating video clips and songs, the message was loud and clear. The students took time to look at their lives through a new lens. They began to believe in themselves and realized the importance of being loved and valued. At the end of the session, Head girl Laura Miranda proposed the vote of thanks.

Given below are a few impressions by the students in the AVEC appreciation logbook:
"It was a great time to listen to this session. may this encourage all of us the youth and make success follow you. The key to it lies within us..."Roshan std IX

"Value yourself and your life... this is the main theme I learnt today. The re-setting of my life's clock is surely the stepping stone to my success. it was an awesome experience.I was truly encouraged. i have learnt most of the important values of my life.. thank you". Simran Aulakh IX

"I this this seminar surely has made a difference in my life and I am sure that through your 12- point program I will make a difference in my life as well as in others too." Sahana Joshi - X

"I think today we surely found a difference in our life. We will keep each and every word in mind and follow them. We will surely re-set our clock and make a change in our lives. The 12- points motivated us completely. We will keep them in mind. Thanks a lot". Chahana Hedge and Andrea Fernandes - VIII

Some of the class representatives sharing their insights with the group...

Students actively participating in the activities...

Mr. Rochwyn concluding the session by wishing the standard Ten students the very best in their examinations

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