Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Don Bosco - NERUL, Students' Orientation


This morning, over hundred and ten students belonging to standards seven to nine were given a road map to living life based on essential Values. At the request of Fr. Vivian D'Souza, the Rector of the Don Bosco institution, the AVEC team visited the school and took a two hour session on Values. The school Principal, Fr. Anthony Fonseca welcomed the guest speakers and ensured that all was well prepared for the session. The students were in for a total surprise....

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes introduced the program for the day and invited the student,through a fantasy meditation, to focus on a 'rhythmic breathing' exercise and to relax in the process. A devotional video clip ushered in the relaxing atmosphere. The students took part in the exercise in a very serious and serene manner. Fr. Glenford Lowe then challenged the students to look at their own life and the way they invest their time in life. "Life has to be lived qualitatively, not just quantitatively. It is not 'how long' but 'how and why' does one live that matters," he added.

Through a battery of small anecdotes, reflective exercises and practical experiences, the students were able to pick up the important points of the session; Focus and care for your self, be the master of your own change, and invest your time fruitfully on what is important in your life. Fr. Glenn challenged the students to have the courage to 're-set' the clock of their life and to really set priorities to what is important in one's life. Taking the Twelve point program of 'Values for the Yatra' he enable the young minds to care for their lives on the level of the 'Body-Mind-Heart-Soul' dimensions.

The students were very cooperative, intuitive and displayed a quality sense of purpose to all that was being spoken to them. Congratulations to the school management and the teachers of the school for the high standards of participation and involvement displayed by the students. Very few schools have displayed such keen interest.

Finally, teacher Daphene proposed the vote of thanks. Two representatives from each class took time to write their observations of the orientation program in the AVEC log book.

Some the comments are given here below:
"Fr. Glenn... the most amazing person I've ever met with" Atharva Saney VII.

"Gets to the heart of all" Divyansh Gautam VII

"The session was not only educative and valuable but also very interesting and full of fun" Nikhita Murdeshwar VIII

"Very educative and fun making. I know myself and life a lot more better" Pooja Sharma VIII

"The session was full of life and Fr. Glenn was like a friend to us. We got a new meaning to our life and learnt to live it worthily" Merin Regi IX

"The session was a wonderful one with lots of ideas and inspiring thoughts and a lot of meaningful activities" Yash Bajaj IX

Fr. Vivian D'Souza, the Director expressed his thanks to the AVEC team in these words: "Thank you for taking the time to animate our students in Value Education. The first of its kind in our school."


  1. i liked the system a lot .i lll be thankful if i get more details on it

  2. hi! Anita.i am alifiya khan from Don Bosco,Nerul.i totally agree with you.this was one of the most amazing session on values.our school is very concerned about value education and all the boscoites are filled with these values. our teachers and Fr.Anthony, our principal try their best to do so. we are lucky to be a part of the Bosco family.