Monday, 14 February 2011

ST. ANNE'S FORT - VIII - IX Students' Orientation

February 14, 2011: ST. ANNE'S GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL - FORT

The AVEC team today visited the St. Anne's High School, Fort and animated over 160 students from standard eight and nine on the importance of living a meaningful and valued life. The session began with a prayer song and a prayer invoking the blessing of God. Fr. Glenford then challenged the students through a number of interactive moments on the importance of moving from living a 'quantitative life' to a 'qualitative way of life'. "It is not how long you live but how one lives that matters", he stressed.

During the session the students had to face the reality of their life and the time spent daily. In a simple, yet powerful way, they were challenged to re-set the clock of their lives on to what is more important in their lives. This session was an eye-opener to many... the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Fr. Glenford took up the 12 point Value based skill for leading one's life more purposefully and meaningfully. With the use of motivating video clips, interactive sessions and time for sharing and reflection, the students discovered a new way of appreciating themselves as 'loved and valued'.

At the end of the two session. Nikita D'Silva proposed a vote of thanks. Later on, on behalf of the AVEC, Fr. Glenford Lowe presented a plaque as a sign of appreciation to Sr. Prudence, Principal of the school, for their active involvement in the promotion of AVEC activities. 24 schools affiliated to the ABE will be presented with these token of appreciation awards.

Given below are some of the comments by the students in the AVEC log book:
"I loved the session and I learnt how to move ahead in life after falls" Rukaiya VIII

"The session was very nice and it gave us a new motivation to our life" Nikita

"I found the session very enlightening and now I have an ambition in my life which I dream to achieve. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me" Samyuktha VIII

"I found that the real me was always locked inside me. The songs were truly inspiring. Thank you" Tanvi VIII

"The session really opened my heart and awakened me. It was really enriching. Something that should be inculcated in every child on earth." Prutha VIII

"The session today was incredibly enlightening. We thank you for the important values we were taught and the eternal homework given to us which will help us to be good human beings. It was a nice change and we wish you to come back again" Keesha Keshkamat IX- B

"The session today was very inspiring. We indeed had a very different experience today. Thank you for visiting our school and we hope that you come here again and enlighten our minds" Shraddha Mulky IX -B

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