Monday, 13 February 2012

February 13, 2012: At the invitation of Fr. Philip D’Souza, the AVEC team today visited Padua High School, Mankhurd for an Orientation Program for the students of standard nine. In all, one hundred and forty three students attended the three sessions that were conducted in the school audio visual hall. 

 After a brief introduction by the deputy Principal, Mrs. Prudence Green, the students were initiated into the purpose and importance of Value Education in one’s academic journey. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes very ably invited to students to get into the right ambient by an awareness session; that also included a fantasy meditation. The students of all the three divisions, very attentively, participated whole-heartedly in the entire program.

 Fr. Glenford Lowe, then, took the students on a journey of self discovery and self worth through a few exercises and a PowerPoint presentation. The students were challenged to take an honest look at their personal life and the way they invest their time on what is important in their life. “Take the time to focus on a better self, and you will have a better world too,” said Fr. Lowe.
 Though the time was extremely short, the students did benefit a lot from today’s session. Mrs. Green summed up the day’s program with a word of appreciation. After the session, the AVEC team spent a few minutes with the manager, Fr. Patrick D’Mello. The students were extremely well behaved and receptive. We congratulate the school management for this.
 Below are a few comments by the students of standard nine:

“We learnt a lot today and the need to focus on Self first and then on others. When we value ourselves first, we are also able to value family and friends. We are very thankful to Fr. Glenn who inspired us with the importance of values in our life.” Pallavi Rai IX – A

 “I am a Catholic boy and I have attended many seminars, but this one was different and heart-touching than any other seminar I have attended. I was taught the importance of Self and that I am loved and valued. Thank you Fr. Glenn, for instilling these important values to us in a very friendly and understandable way. Thank you and God bless you” Joe Thomas IX – A

 “It feels better to improve our values, to be a better person and to be important in the whole world” Hrishikesh Patekar IX-B

 “After this session, Self respect will increase. I will be a better person in my life and in the lives of others too.´Shumayla Baig  IX – B

 “We learnt that we must first give the due importance to ourselves and then the rest will follow for our parents as well. We are invited to improve our attitudes and be a better person.” Priti Gohil IX – C
 “My fellow companions and I learnt a lot today. We need to respect ourselves and then the rest will come too others also. We will try our best to be Valued always.” Maroof Mapari IX - C 

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