Tuesday, 21 February 2012


February 21, 2012:
The AVEC team today travelled far, all the way to Fatima High School – Badlapur, to conduct two Value- based sessions for the students of standard Nine and Eight. Over two hundred and fifty students attended the session with a lot of attention and openness. Fr. Dominic Gonsalves, the Principal welcomed the guestspeakers and spoke of the importance of Value Education in the life of every student.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, after an initial introduction to the work being done by the AVEC, invited the students to reflect of their personal journey to self discovery. He also skillfully took the students through a breathing exercise to focus on their breath and to calm themselves down.

Fr. Glenford Lowe, through a variety of practical examples, catchy anecdotes and a Powerpoint presentation, invited the students to ‘See Farther’ and to stretch their minds and hearts to think, feel and act better in one’s life. “Let your Values determine the way you live your life and invest in your time”, he said. Taking the courage to reset their lifestyle or their time schedules was another opportunity for the students to live their life more meaningfully.

One really felt that the students today were eager to learn something new and to be challenged to make a meaningful contribution to self, to others and to the world around. “Today is the start of a new day for me,” whispered a very satisfied student.
Floral bouquets were given to the guest speakers as a sign of appreciation. 

Below are a number of impressions by the students as written in the AVEC Appreciation Log Book: 

“This morning’s session was very valuable for all the students present here. I got a lot of knowledge. I got to learn that self-worth is very important in my life for today and in the future too.” Sharvari Dilip Jadhav IX-A Cultural Minister 

“This session was very precious as it gave us the much needed values for our daily lives to improve ourselves.” Aishwarya Vinayak Raja- IX A Vice CaptainYellow
“We got an actual insight on how we should lead our life and value ourselves as a sacred person.” Pradnya Salian (Head Girl)

“The session was mind changing and my words really cannot express the feelings in words to describe this Value session.” Sandesh Satish Singh IX – B

“We we really enlightened by your session. You were a ray of sunshine to come into our hearts. I am definitely sure that I will change within myself. Thanks a lot Fr. Glenn for this inspirational session.” Deepika D Sharma IX – B


“This Value session was really wonderful; and it cannot be described. We can change ourselves in our coming future and it will help us in our morals and values towards ourselves.” Shivram Sanjay Singh IX-B

“By participating in this session, I feel the presence of God in everything. The session was very nice and I also understood the value of my life and to love it.” Jatin N. Jain VIII – A

“I feel that after listening to his session, the values of my life have been changed and have become more dynamic. I will spread this message to all my friends and feel better as I become an enlightened person.” Ankita Ajay Biswas VIII – A

“What I feel is that the beautiful message I received and the new values that I learnt were too good. This has changed not only my life; but everyone else’s. May God always bless you and hope we get a change to become better persons.” Vaishnari Poojari VIII-B

“I feel that after this session, I will work towards my goals in sincerity.” Zaid Shaikh VIII –B

Thank you to the Management, the Staff and Students of Fatima High School, Badlapur for offering us this chance to speak to you. God bless you all and keep you fruitful in all that you strive for.

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