Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Value Orientation for Students of St. Elias, Bandra:
February 6, 2012:
At the invitation of Sr. Philomena, the AVEC Team visited St. Elias High School, Bandra for a Value Education Seminar for the nearly 160 students of standard eight. The session began with the Principal, Sr. Philomena giving the words of introduction and welcoming the guest speakers.

 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session with a prayer song followed by a short meditation that invited the students to moments of personal silence and awareness of one's own breath of life. Silence at times can be most disturbing, especially when one is not used to it. The students did take time to get into this session.              
 Fr. Glenford Lowe then took the session on defining self and creating space in one’s life to appreciate and value self. The focus was on looking at one’s life and one’s time and trying to create sync between the two. Once we value self, then we begin to value everything around us too. 

For the young students today, who are caught up in so much of turmoil, noise and insecurity, the need to dwell on higher values is difficult and not easy to imbibe. Value Education is basically an ‘Education to Becoming’ and greater need is felt to make this education available to the young today in all our schools.

Some of the students took time to write their impressions in the AVEC log book of appreciation:

"I liked the program very much. It helps me to change my life" Sharan VIII A

"I liked the session and from this I have learnt many values. From the song I have learnt that God is everywhere and in my heart too." Aniket VIII -A

"I liked this Value Education session and I will try to change my life and also try to tell others about this" Jeetal VIII - A

"By attending this program I felt refreshed and observed that we must have value in our life. We mus recognize that we are Valued and I must spread the message of peace" Kashmira Anil Dubey

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