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Twenty one Primary school teachers from St. Blaise High School, Amboli attended a two hour Value Orientation program that was organized by AVEC in the school auditorium. Sr. Cyrilla, headmistress of the Primary school welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe to the school. Fr. Glenford welcomed the teachers to the Value Education Orientation Program and challenged the teachers to be part of an Education system that inculcates Values. "Value Education is an 'Education to Becoming', and it is a life long process. Teachers play an important role in this process", he said.
The session began with a prayer song and a moment of personal silence. An important aspect of this session was the need to reset their  perception and assumptions as teachers. Using Jonathan Reed's U@50 poem as a starter, he challenged the teachers to reset their perception. "What you see is what you get, When you perceive differently, you act differently', he keep telling them. Going through a list of 28 Assumptions, he clarified a number of issues in the light of human values, Don Bosco's Educative method and present day youth situations and needs.  
 The use of creative PowerPoint presentations, powerful video clippings and testimonies from every day situations, Fr. Glenford was able to draw the attention of all the teachers to becoming more passionate in their role as educators of the Young. "You Values determine your Life's Priorities. They are conscious filters that help you make decisions and choices for good", he said.
At the end of the session, Ms. Correen proposed the Vote of Thanks. Sr. Cyrilla too thanked Fr. Lowe for the Value Orientation program and hope that there would be many more such sessions for the teachers and students. Good Teachers become Good Educators only when they move from merely teaching 'Facts and Concepts' and enable the students to personal and draw values form every lesson.
 A few of the Teachers wrote their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
""The presentation was excellent. You are a very good orator. It was very effective and a practical session too on Values. Thank you and keep up the good work" -  Ms. Correen
 "The session acted a s a motivational spirit to all the teachers. We are really grateful and thankful to you for such an inspirational session on Values" - Ms. Saba Naqui
"An excellent session. Keep it up. Great" - Sr. Cyrilla - Headmistress

Thanks to the Management, the Teachers and Staff of St. Blaise High school - Amboli for having invited us to your school for this Value Education Orientation Program.  I pray God's abundant blessings on you all. Thank you once again - Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, AVEC Director

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